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Favorite time to visit Disneyland?

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  • Favorite time to visit Disneyland?

    When I was growing up, my family and I would make the long 9 hour trek to Disneyland during the spring or fall seasons nearly once per year. We never went there during the summer due to the fact that standing in line for a ride is not quite as much fun as the ride itself.

    Now that I am married (no younglings of my own) I haven't been to the Magic Kingdom in several years. I read Mice Age and Mice Chat quite frequently and every time I see something new, it gets me excited to see it in person.

    I'm planning on taking my wife on our anniversary in late September (the 25th to be precise). I'm hoping that this will be a good time to go due to it being less crowded, but I'll miss out on some of the activities that are only around during the busier summer months.

    What is your favorite time to visit the parks and why?

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    Re: Favorite time to visit Disneyland?

    How sweet! September is one of the perfect times to go. Most of the kids are in school, and it's before the hype to go to Disneyland for the Christmas season begins.

    Welcome to the boards!

    Disney has ruined my love life


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      Re: Favorite time to visit Disneyland?

      if you like all the christmas stuff the middle of oct. is when I like to go not busy at all!


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        Re: Favorite time to visit Disneyland?

        I love to go the last full Sept weekend. This year we are going the 26th-30th.

        The weekdays are usually very slow, the weekends are busy as always, but you usually only get the fireworks and Fantasmic! on the weekends in the fall. Plus the Halloween decorations are great!

        We like to spend Wednesday afternoon - Friday afternoon running on rides and then we just hang out during the weekend and ride a few rides and check out the shows. That way we have a lot of rides under our belt already so the weekend lines are not as bothersome.