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First Trip Report (Includes Nemo and Rehab issues)


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  • First Trip Report (Includes Nemo and Rehab issues)

    OK, this is my first trip report (I think). Unfortunately, there will be no pictures. My mom's digital camera is the worst piece of junk (she's really mad) and my grandmother gave me a really little one, but it can't take pictures worth crud either (poor woman, she was so happy to give it to me, too).

    I haven't done a trip report before, 'cuz i jsut never saw the point, no offense to those that do. I just didn't think I ever particularly needed to since so many do already. However, I didn't see these things mentioned, so I think I have a few things that need to be called to attention.

    Well, my friend and I went and got to the park in time for the lunch rush. We grabbed burgers at the Tommorrowland Terrace. I didn't know they were doing burgers again. Don't even get me started. They're trying to get too fancy with the entres. I don't want to go all the way to the Village Haus again. We sat under the Observatron and ate.

    When we checked the Main Street board, it gave 120 minutes for the Nemo line. We were determined to do it. After we ate we got in line, and at that point it was down (yes, down!) to an hour and 4 minutes. I had 'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince' and my friend grabbed one of those activity sheets they gave to people waiting in line. Really nice idea. Loved the little hidden Nemo's in line, and while we waited a while, it was totally worth the weight. I must say I behved myself well, considering my great-grandfather, whom I loved very much, helped build those original subs in the San Pedro shipyards. I was so glad to be in them again. I loved that the narration was similar. I wish Ellen DeGeneres could have reprised her role, though. And There should have been more AA fish early on. Overall, TOTALLY wonderful.

    Now, I will just list what happened next, most of my big issues came later in the night. Thunder Mt., Sp. Mt. fastpasses, Pooh, HM, TOT, Muppets, Monsters, Inc., TOT w/ Fastpasses, tortilla and sourdough factory, back to disneyland for space mountain.

    Let's start with the Matterhorn, Fantasyland side. In the section where you see Harold the Yeti's eyes, only his eyes, the ceiling was COMPLETELY OPEN! It was pretty well lit in there and it looked like the ceiling had been stripped down to its rafters! Aat first, my friend and I wondered if we had imagined it, so she asked me, and I said yeah, I saw it. Anyone else see this? What is up with that?!?!?!?!?:rant:

    Storybook Land (love it, as always) Tea Cups. CM made the people scream at once (it was about 10:30, maybe a little later)-- bad idea.

    Headed over to Splash Mt. Didn't need our Fastpasses. OK, when we got to the portion with B'rer Rabbit's mother and the (what is it?) mole mother (i think she's a mole, or something of that sort) the sound went funny for a minute. It sounded like a hip-hop beat for a split second. As we passed her, she was talking but not a sound, but Mother Rabbit was working fine. Don't know, not sure. Creeped me out. Like I need that in there, the ride already creeps me out a bit. Too much movement, too many dark spaces. Although, I didn't realize all the "Pop Goes the Weasel" weasels were in the Launghing Place. Got stuck at the bottom and top of the last lift to the drop. The sound in the final scene was GREAT. It was so late, the CM asked us if we wanted to go again, we said no, but thanks.

    We rushed to Indiana Jones. Maybe a 5 minute wait. I HATE being on the ends of the row though. On either side, I was on the left. *shudder*. In the little hallway after you look into Mara's eyes, I looked down at my side because something was glowing on the ground, below the track. IT WAS A LADDER!!!!!! IN PLAIN SIGHT!!!! I was shocked and totally not happy. In the ball room (as opposed to a ballroom, where one dances. Or even one that the ball room at Check E. Cheese. But I digress) we got stuck under Indy. He said his line, and sat there for a few minutes. It's official, I don't want a walk-off on Indy. Didn't get one, came close, too creeped out waiting.

    We ran to Pirates to try to get there before the park closed. Made it with two minutes to spare. We were the last people on the ride that day. It was great to be able to be on the ride without people using their flash or talking loud and being annoying. Again, though, creepy to be in there all by ourselves. The front doors were closed as we came around, and Adventureland was so nice and quiet as we walked through it to get back to Main Street. It was so nice to see the park so quiet. Made me wish it was that quiet during the day more often.

    THere you go. Discuss!
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