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If I could improve DL...


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  • If I could improve DL...

    Okay. Here are many of my own ideas to improve the whole Disneyland resort. While it is definately most improved from the Cynthia Harrissssssss days, there are still a few bugs to work out. So, pretend that I'm the head of Disney theme park developement working with an unlimited budget, and here's what I'd do to the Disneyland resort. Pretend this will all happen after the 50th celebration. I will also have some neat drawings and concept art along the way. Well, once I learn to post pics of corse. But I'll try. Let's start with the bus stops:

    Let's face it, the bus stop station is UGLY. First, organize an efficent Disney bus transportation unit that travels to the Disneyland resorts and the good neighbor resorts. I stayed at a good neighbor resort once, and it was impossible to find out where the busses would pick you up at, so, add better bus stops, and have official Disney busses take you to and from the parks and hotels. The bus station, will have covered canopies over the waiting areas themed to the victorian main street look. The ugly cones and wires? GONE!

    Enchanted Fountain: This will be located in the center of the plaza between DCA and DL. There will be golden statues of disney characters located all around the fountain with mickey directing the water at the top in Scorcerer's Aprentice attire. Water cannons, leape frog fountains, and waterfalls come to life every fifteen minuites syncronized to music for a spectacular show. At night, its even more spectacular with colorful lights, and fiber optics.

    Disneyland parking garage Since its in such bad condition, the Disneyland parking garage will be destroyed and rebuilt. It will be far less ugly with disney character designs in the architecture and alot more color. The monorail will be extended to have a station here. The tram will still operate though.

    Now, on to the Magic Kingdom of Disneyland!

    The Disneyland railroad: All the trains will be changed so that they all will face forward. Alot of the track will have alot more themeing around it. In Adventureland, that dumb Panther manakin will be replaced by realistic AA animals. Before entering the POTC ride building tunnel, the outside will be themed more to an ancient temple and achialogist ( sp? ) dig sight with artifacts and more. The grand canyon diorama will be moved to the area behind big thunder ranch because it would make a good transition from frontierland. It will mostly be the same, except maybe longer, and all the animals will be AAs. The the primevil world scenes will be longer because of the absence of the grand canyon. There will be show scenes on both sides of the track will bigger and better looking animatronics. The music will be alot more different from that dated sounding score to something more dramatic.

    I'm gonna stop here for now and continue tomorrow. Its late, and my butt hurts. Sure, some of these ideas aren't that great sounding, but these are just the beginning, there are many more fantastic ideas on the horizon, so stay tuned.
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    - I'd put some sort of People Mover type thing that went to EVERY SINGLE HOTEL in the area. There would be a constant chain of cars so you never had to wait for it (sort of like how they load you onto the Haunted Mansion, only faster).

    - I would make the wearing of eyepatches mandatory on POTC. Arr. :captain:

    - Whatever the hell they are doing to "route" traffic after the fireworks by using benches to block entire paths, STOP IT IMMEDIATELY.

    - Put mist sprayers (like the one outside Soarin over California) on every queue that is located outside. They do this at Universal Studios and it's very nice.


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      If I had the budget I would tear down DCA and build DisneySea.

      I would also rip out fastpass and use that money to build new attractions in Disneyland.


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        1: Raise the cost of the AP to at least $400.00

        2: Eliminate all but a small handfull of odv carts.

        3: Open all shuttered restaurants including Tahitian Terrace, Plaza Pavillion, and American Egg House.

        4: Bring back the Country Bears and install them at the Hungry Bear Restaurant turning that place into a kinda sizzler meets chuckeecheese.

        5: Set new hours for DCA, something like 11am to 11pm or later........this park doesn't look half bad at night, why not take advantage of that.

        6: New Monorail stops to include DCA/Grand Californian, Convention Center Way near the Clarion, and the bus depot near the Howard Johnson.

        7: Every year a new attraction to open at the resort.....and at least one of those an E-ticket every 4 or 5 years.

        8: Fast Pass nixed.

        9: Durring the months of Jan, Feb, and October DCA will close every Monday and Disneyland every Tuesday for mini-refurbs and touch-ups, etc.

        10: Skyway to link Disneyland to DCA.

        11: Return to the old ticket system with an option(at a increased price) to still buy the pay one price admission ticket.
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          Why would Disney want to encourage people to stay at non_Disney hotels and motels?

          sleepyj has good ideas, but I'd go one step further and eliminate the PAP option. There's no need to encourage guests to enter the park virtually for free on the busiest days of the year. "Off-season" needs discounted guests (and I expect to see a 50% discount in September, after that latest price increase).

          Heck, I'd eliminate all AP options, and create instead an expanded array of x-Day Parkhoppers, good for a year or two (none of this use-within-15-days crapola).
          For example, a 10-day Premium parkhopper for $350 no blockout days, and a 10-day SoCal parkhopper for $250 (no summers or holidays or Spring Break).


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            Okay, moving right along, here's a new cavalcade show parade:

            Mickey's Magic Kingdom Carnival: This is a brand new parade cavalcade show similar to the block party bash. There will be eight floats. Each themed to all the different lands of the magic kingdom. There are several ten minuite show stops along the way. It starts in the Main Street town square where the floats circle the plaza and and put on a show with dancers, and audience participation, and a confetti filled finales. The next show stop is in the middle of Main Street, then, a grand finale stop at the hub in front of the castle and back down main street again into the back stage areas. Set to premier in May of 2007 every day at 11:00 AM.

            Sleeping Beauty Princess pagent: Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip's royal correnation ceremony. All Disney characters appear in their royal apparrel for the ball including: Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, Daisy, the three good faries ( Flora Fauna and Merrywether ), King Stephen, King Hubert, Queen of Hearts, White Rabbit, Aladdin and Jasmine, Cinderella and Prince Charming, Snow White and Prince Charming, Ariel and Prince Eric, Belle and the Beast, and several other dancers. As Princess Aurora is crowned, there is a firework finale. Takes place in front of the castle every day at sunset.

            Now, let's see what improvements are going on in Adventureland:

            Idiana Jones Adventure Version 2.0: What improvements are going on here? Well, all the broken effects ( bamboo pole, ice box effects, ect. ). And new effects will be added. When you look into mara's eyes, fire errupts on both sides of the idol. The giant Mara face in the main chamber will shoot lasers from its eyes instead of the light effects. The skeleton scenes will have alot more pop ups that will scare the crap out of you. There will also be more falling statues that nearly crush you. There will be more animatronic rats in the rat scene. Instead of the weird projection of the rat falling on you on the mist screen, there will be a projection of a ghastly skeleton ghost creature grabbing for you. And in the last scene with Indy, the volume of the speaker of his voice will be toned down because it gets too loud sometimes.

            More ideas comming along the way, so stay tuned.
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              Originally posted by Imagineer8689
              Idiana Jones Adventure Version 2.0: When you look into mara's eyes, fire errupts on both sides of the idol. The giant Mara face in the main chamber will shoot lasers from its eyes instead of the light effects.
              But, if no one in the truck looks at the eyes, then the truck returns promptly to the loading dock.


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                Originally posted by sediment
                Why would Disney want to encourage people to stay at non_Disney hotels and motels?
                Good point :o ...........maybe Disney would buy those Hotels first(HoJO could be remodled and turned into the Tomorrowlad Hotel......the Clarion could be themed to the Movie "Defending Your Life:... :lol:
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                  I would bring some of the theme restaurants from WDW (50's Primetime Cafe and Sci Fi) to DCA.


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                    Disneyland needs too really develop the Big Thunder Ranch area. It's wasted space. LOL

                    I'd say, if I was on an unlimited budget, demolish the Disneyland Hotel and the Paradise Pier Hotel, and build some nice new Disney Hotels. Then I'd work on the parking a bit. I'm starting to wonder if moving sidewalks would work at Disneyland Resort like at Universal Orlando...


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                      Originally posted by Bill
                      Disneyland needs too really develop the Big Thunder Ranch area. It's wasted space. LOL

                      Actually, I have a plan for it. The Grand Canyon Diorama will take up some of the space in its new spot as you read in my above posts. But instead, Pooh will be moved here. Why? Because the current one in Critter Country is just bad beyond repair. There's no way to expand it since its in such a little area. But moving it to the big thunder ranch area will be a perfect solution. The enterance will be in the spot of the old sky way station and the ride building will be long big thunder trail and extended a bit into the Big Thunder Ranch area ( the whole ride building will be secluded in the trees of course ). The ride will be sort of like the current version, but with TDL's technology and show quality. The ride viecles will be the trackless EGV viecles like TDL's.

                      The facade enterance will be a giant story book with the boarding area outside like ours currently is. The qeue winds over trickling creeks, empty hunny pots, and through a small little play house the Christopher Robin built. The scenes won't be blacklit, but fully colored and lit up like WDW's version. The sets won't be 2-D, but 3-D deminsional sets. The blustery day scene will be alot longer with more advanced looking animatronics. Your hunny pots wind around Owl's toppling house, Rabbit's ruined garden, and Roo nearly being blown away. Then the viecles move through the flood scene. This one however will be black lit, and once again, longer with better animatronics and cooler special effects. When the rain stops, Tigger tells you to come bouncing with him. The viecles bounce along with Tigger AAs and into Pooh's house where Hephalumps and woozles take over. The viecles dance along with the Hephalumps and Woozles in a Zany black lit room. The viecles then go through a spinning vortex and into Pooh's dream of Hunny with an extremely advanced Pooh animatronic. Then, Pooh wakes up for the birthday party scene.

                      What do you think? Any comments or suggestions?

                      I always thought Pooh was better off in Fantaseyland.

                      As for the old Pooh building, I have more ideas. Stay tuned.
                      Do you fear death? You fear that dark abyss? All your deeds laid bail. All your sins PUNISHED.


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                        Just give us some good places to eat and develop TL. Take the money from DCA and spend it on DL. Go back to shops with themes too!
                        And bring back MSEP.

                        This has been a Filmways presentation dahling.


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