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Raven disses Disneyland at the Disneymania 3 filming at DCA last weekend


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    Oh btw, here is a little vid from the event. Its nothing great at all. The second singer is someone different. I didn't catch who it was but she sounded great!


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      Wow. She threw an offhand remark that someone within earshot caught. Wow. Next thing you know, you'll find Burger King employees at Taco Bell in their uniforms or something.

      Oh, wait.

      I agree with innerSpaceman. I mean, if it was live, I could understand, but she knew that it wouldn't be picked up on cameras or would be edited out, so played it a little more free-form.

      As for DL/WDW confusion, I care even less since 90% of the public does that except for people who care deeply about either Disney, theme parks, or their rides.

      Yes, not everyone who works at Disney has some huge love for the company's history or treats it like something special. However, current leadership have made it into nothing special anymore, so I can't say I blame them. Personally, I don't care for the company pushing teen singers. Didn't care for it with Annette and don't care for it now. They do it because it's easy money.


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        Originally posted by xfkirsten
        Aw, man, brings back memories of gettin' the wooden spoon when I got busted...
        I broke that when my mom gave it to me! :devil:
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            Do we know yet if Disney is actually aware of this comment yet?

            Reminder of last time this happened: That person never worked at Disney again.

            Of course, when Nancy Kerrigan said that she couldn't believe she was doing that and that was the stupidest thing she had ever done, she had a microphone turned on during a live broadcast of the parade for all to hear.

            If this isn't such a widely heard thing and it's kept pretty hush-hush, she'll probably just get nothing more than a slap on the hand and continue churning out the usual.


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              Aren't we just looking for things to get upset about? She's 19, she made a mistake. I don't see what the outcry is over. Unfortunately, she's also correct, nowadays most 19 year olds would prefer to go to Six Flags than Disneyland.

              I was also sick of the big Raven push when it started, but after watching a couple of episodes, it's obvious she is talented. And making fat jokes? That's just out of line. Cut her some slack. She made a mistake.



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                At least Christy Carlson-R. wouldnt do somthing like that .. Shes acually good and loves the Disney brand .. not like Raven =oP gonna leave a bad taste in my mouth now ..
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                  Don't know the specifics, but was she at DCA when she made the comment? If so, wouldn't it make perfect sense to hit up Six Flags?

                  David H
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                    Hey, After Raven gets the boot from Disney maybe she can get a job being the new dancing geek with the bus for the Six Flags ads....


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                      Originally posted by Cuzco-topia
                      You know who needs to to it? Their mom.
                      And their publicists. That rude little tween needs some serious media training, stat.

                      If she didn't want to name a Disney attraction (quelle horreur!
                      ), she should have said something gracious and non-commital such as "Gosh, that's a tough question. I don't think I could possibly choose!" and moved on.


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                        Originally posted by jsmith157
                        Do you think Eisner's gonna have her killed? :devil:
                        He seems to hate DL so much maybe he told her to say that


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                          Um, I'm 19 and still go to Disneyland. I don't know what her problem is.

                          She's always been kind of annoying as an actor.


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                            Yeah... 19 really doesn't have a whole lot to do with it. I know of plenty of people between the ages of 15-25 who'd rather go to a Disney park than to Six Flags -- even if they don't hang out at the Dis boards constantly.

                            As for her acting abilities, she was much better on the Cosby Show and the Dr. Dolittle movies. Now? Seems like all she does is the over-reacting routine.


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                              I have to believe that a lot of these kids (the actors) are simply spoiled brats. they've probably been coddled along, with mommy and daddy doing whatever they can to try to ensure the kids success, meanwhile the kids learn quickly how to behave to manipulate the situation to get what they want. Then you end up with self absorbed spoiled kids that aren't smart enough to avoid bitting the hand that feeds them, and haven't any real appreciation for what they have until its gone, then later we get to read about so-and-so teen actor gone bad in People Magazine.

                              Blame the parents.


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                                OK this is my opinion so please don't flame me in any way.. lol

                                No offense to anyone but I really think some of you are overreacting.

                                Seriously, Raven can decide whether to state her own opinion or not. It's not affecting anyone TOO MUCH. Yeah Raven should've been a little more "Disney-Like" when answering these questions instead of being herself but I just see it as a matter of opinion. Some people are taking her answer into their own minds and turning it around into a "Raven Hates Disney and is ignorant" because she didn't answer with an expected one. They totally blow it out of proportion when really it's not that big of a deal. It probaly is to some people on this board because it's obviously a Disney fan site. I mean sure, I'm not really happy with her answer either but... it's not like I'm starting to hate her because of somethign she said.

                                Another Disney Channel star was not so happy to be there as well. Lizzie McGuire's Lalaine was also very rude I hear. She yelled at crew. She complained about her feet and offered to trade shoes with someone in the audience only if they were "Chucks" from Converse. She also warned children of the evils of coffee. She kept on yelling at the director referring to him as "The Man" when he asked that she do another take or repeat something. She snapped at one of her own back-up dancers and later at Downtown Disney she tried to disguise herself from fans that apparently weren't there by wearing a big hat and sunglasses at night while being lead around by a Disney CM and a security guard
                                Yeah YOU'VE HEARD but is it true? Obviously we don't know so please don't be so judgemental. That could've been started by some person who is racist to Filipinos or just basically hates her. By saying such an unreliable comment, you've started a whole chain of haters on Lalaine.

                                It's just ridiculous to me how people are EXTREMELY judgemental on a prominent idol like Raven from one comment. It's not like she WANTED to insult Disney. I mean, I can't say that she wanted to or not but, people are thinking that she did and basing it own their own opinion. Then they start bashing on her acting skills because she "insulted" Disney in their mind. How can you know if she wanted to if you don't even know her? It was shown as a disrespectable answer to many of us but to her, it was probaly seen as just answering a fan's question without meaning to cause harm.
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                                  I think "prominent idol" is a bit of a stretch, but I agree that she should be able to be as tactless and ungracious as any other teenager. Should the company she was working for at the time decide she isn't the right spokesperson for them, that is their right as well.

                                  Having said that, I think she is a cute, somewhat talented girl who needs a reality check.

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                                    Ugh!! Disney needs to drop that girl!! I hope she doesn't make it BIG!!! Spoiled little rich girl!!
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                                      I don't know about Raven, but can you tell me where you got the Lalaine information from? Was this one person's impression of her behavior. In all her performances I've never heard anyone refer to her as rude before. Usually she get points for being extra approachable, down to earth and friendly. The Radio Disney people love her. She's normally a loud person so maybe part of her joking around can come off as yelling. One of her backup dancers was a friend who was filling in for her, so if she snapped at him I wouldn't see it as such a big deal. I snap at my friends sometimes. As for the director, referring to him as "The Man" seems more like a joke then something someone would do as a serious insult.

                                      Someone who was there also told me they ran into her and her group while eating and they weren't going to approach her, but she called them over and chatted with them for a bit, gave autographs, pictures. That doesn't sound like hiding from fans to me. In the pictures, the hat is a trucker type cap. She isn't wearing her shades, but the outfit doesn't look much like a disguise.

                                      I'm also not sure why warning kids of the dangers of coffee, which again was probably done jokingly, is such a bad thing. Now I'm not denying the possibility that Lalaine could have been rude or acting diva-ish, but most of the reports I hear are more along the lines of this:


                                      And while we're going there, I love Christy Romano but I was also heard she when approached for autographs, her guard or whoever that was with her said she wasn't signing that day.
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                                        To all curious minds, I got the information about Lalaine's performance from my sister. She went especially to see Lalaine because she was a fan. She is neither racist nor judgemental. She went with the intent to see someone she admired but that all changed when she saw her that day and she left before the taping was over. It was later at Downtown Disney where she saw her once again acting in a way she couldn't believe. Now I hope that clears things up as I am not one to go around spreading rumors. For all of you that have had good experiences with her great, but she's 0 for 2 with my sister.
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                                          That's cool. That's completely your sister's opinion. I am in no way telling her what she did or didn't see. It is just the first time I have ever heard of a fan coming away with such a reaction to Lalaine, so I was a little shocked. You know how sometimes there are people you normally hear mostly good things about, well when you hear something different it's a little odd.


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