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Counterfeit fastpasses?

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  • Counterfeit fastpasses?

    Hey, I was at Disneyland last week and was getting on Space Mountain with a fastpass, and as I was entering the ride, I overheard the CM taking the fast passes tell the guest behind me that his fastpass was counterfeit. I didn't bother hanging around to see what happened but I was wondering what would they do with someone like that? Have any of the CMs who browse these boards caught a fastpass counterfeiter? I was just curious what disneylands stance on this would be? I would imagine that it's probably a more widespread problem then you would think seeing as the passes look pretty simple to fake.

    I always thought that it would be a much simpler plan if the passes were all digital. Would probably save quite a bit of paper as well, and the functionality is already there. The fastpass machines themselves know if your admission pass currently has an active fastpass associated with it and what ride that fastpass is for. All it would take is giving the CM who checks the passes a scanner to scan your ticket.

    Or they could just get rid of them all together which would be an even simpler solution

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    Re: Counterfeit fastpasses?

    My cousin used a leaf as a fastpass on Indy. Hows that for counterfeit


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      Re: Counterfeit fastpasses?

      Haha... That's funny. I can just picture the CMs reaction.

      CM: "Uh... sir. You realize this is just a leaf dont you?"

      Your cousin: "What are you talking about? It came out of that machine right there. How dare you accuse me of forging a fastpass go over there and check it if you don't believe me you ignorant little.... *continues angrily arguing his innocence"

      CM thinks: "you know what? I get paid minimum wage to stand out here in the blistering sun, getting yelled at by angry guests all day... I just don't care"

      CM: "Just go ahead sir.."

      Your cousin: *continues on, still angrily arguing with himself"


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        Re: Counterfeit fastpasses?

        Actually they let them on with it too.My cousin and her friends were waiting for a train, and just out of stupidity they asked if they could use a leaf for a fastpass, the dude at the train said yes just tell the guy if he doesn't let you then Marty (don't remember if that was his name) will shift his hours. Now I am curious how is it the dude at a train depot has power over a cm at Indy?


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          Re: Counterfeit fastpasses?

          Originally posted by DarthDucky View Post
          Now I am curious how is it the dude at a train depot has power over a cm at Indy?
          Dude, they are just screwing around. They probably know each other and it might have been a slow night and let you on.