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Did GCH steal DCA's theme?


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  • Did GCH steal DCA's theme?

    I LOVE the GCH, always have. I know in some ways it is similar to the Floridian, but it also exhibits various influences from both Arts& Crafts as well as the hunting lodges of the Great Northwest. They spent a lot of time and money planning, designing, and building this magnificent hotel. I equate it to the crown jewel of DCA. Sadly the crown IMO doesn't deserve the jewel. It seems as if all the time, money, and effort were spent on the hotel and that what was left was tossed together and called DCA. So here is my question

    Did the efforts to GCH's theme, and the budget for GCH's construction contribute to the overall lack of showmanship and theme in the initial construction of DCA?
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    Re: Did GCH steal DCA's theme?

    It is very possible. The GCH reminds me more of the Wilderness Lodge in WDW (large open seating area, huge fireplace, bar off to one corner, etc.) than anything else. I think DCA must have had its own budget I would assume.
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      Re: Did GCH steal DCA's theme?

      The GCH is very much in the Craftsman style of California, particularly northern california. I have seen hotels as I have driven through the Redwood forests that look identical to the GCH, only smaller. I think because of the poor conception of DCA, they perhaps spent more money on something they felt could make money like the GCH than they did on the actual park.
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