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Fishbulb's 07.15.07 Trip report including Club 33


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  • Fishbulb's 07.15.07 Trip report including Club 33

    Disneyland is truly a magical place. No really. There is a certain feeling a visitor gets walking down Main Street and seeing the relatively small but infinitely magical Sleeping Beauty's Castle in the horizon. One of my favorite parts of the park, New Orleans Square, exists only in Disneyland and is special even more for that very reason. This part of Disneyland holds my two top favorite rides, Pirates and Mansion. It also contains the very exclusive Club 33.

    It is a rare treat to get the chance to visit Club 33. Membership is astronomically pricey and exclusive. However, Dusty, myself , and a few other lucky MC'ers were invited to dine for Sunday Brunch today. We JUMPED at the chance.

    Wanting to make sure we were on time for our 11:15am reservation we arrived at the resort around 10:30. Parking Lot X was closed so we were forced to park in THE STRUCTURE.

    We actually got great spots on Mickey and headed to the trams.

    Oh yeah, this is why we like parking lot X

    My Brand new Cons I bought for this special day

    We got the the Esplanade and through the front gates quickly although it was now a little crowded.

    Security was efficient

    The lines stretched past the Monorail Track

    A beautiful new poster under the bridge

    Entering Town Square


    Hello there!

    Main Street Cinema

    We made our way up Main Street and headed directly to New Orleans Square.

    Monkey Paw in Adventureland

    The stunt show was playing on the Island.

    Dusty trying to find shade

    Dusty and I grabbed some water and decided to relax in the shade somewhere. While Dusty played with his new iPhone, I wandered NOS.

    Purple Salvia in front of French Market

    The NOS/Frontierland Train Station

    I forget what these are called

    Queenie said hello to me and gave me some Beads. She's WONDERFUL

    Alstroemeria in the Court of Angels

    The Crystal Shop

    Spying the Club 33 door from the store

    A closer look

    The Club 33 Balcony

    I ran into Matt Hammand and his wonderful family...

    Along with the beautiful Princess buttercup

    It was about 11:00am and the majority of our party met up with us.

    MtnGirl greeted me with... well, open arms.

    Here's your ticket into Club 33

    Queenie took a pic with us

    Soon 11:15 rolled around and we all gathered near the Magical door to Club 33.

    O-nut and Brian

    Our Group

    We were buzzed in and Suddenly we were in another world.

    The elevator

    Some of our party being escorted out of the elevator while the rest take
    seats in the Trophy Room.

    Our party was seated in the Trophy room and, after our drink and entree orders were taken, we were invited to enjoy the buffet.

    Our Napkins

    The View

    The Bar

    MtnGirl and Maseca returning to the trophy room after a visit to the buffet

    Salad. MMMMMMMM

    When I arrived back at the table my Grey Goose Martini, two olives, up, was waiting for me. Yes, they serve alcohol in Club 33. Yes, IT WAS DIVINE!!!!

    Dusty had a.. um... Blueberry in his brunch champagne

    My meal arrives...

    Then Mickey and Pluto showed up!

    Hollywood1939 and co

    Pluto said HI! MickeyMaxx

    Mtngirl the birthday girl

    I love me some JustJohn

    Time for the dessert buffet!

    Dustysage and Grumpy4


    They're real, and they're spectacular!

    O-nut and Brian coming from the dessert buffet

    Where to begin?

    Brian's Cosmo

    clouds in my coffee

    After eating some of us took a walk around to the balcony above Cafe Orleans. It's so cool to walk around on the balconies that you otherwise only see from a distance.

    MtnGirl and Maseca

    Fishbulb and Mtngirl

    O-nut and MtnGirl

    Brian and O-nut

    Trumpet vine on the balcony

    Lil' birdy



    We looked down at Blue Bayou and saw some familiar faces;
    Anders and Sunnygirl waved hello

    The Main Dining room

    We pooled our money together to pay

    I called Fishmom to share the moment


    Funny sign in the Trophy room

    Well it was time to go. But not before we all selected some C33 Merchandise.

    A small congress of the Cons, Club 33 edition

    HUH?!?! What?!?!?!

    After such a wonderful meal the only thing we could think of doing was ride the best ride in the park.

    While in Line Aladdin was exiting the Disney Gallery and joined us in line. As we were about to board, Dusty called Yo Yo Flamingo and Big Piglet Fan. I had never met YYF and we had plans to ride Haunted Mansion together. They said they would meet us at the exit.

    Mtngirl and H39

    Maseca, MtnGirl and I took front row!

    One of the Pirates had escaped

    Up the waterfall

    How fun to ride my favorite ride with such a sexy lady. Oh and Maseca. Maseca too.

    Aladdin said goodbye

    We exited Pitrates and to the left, across from Cafe Orleans was BigPigletFan and YoYoFlamingo and Bill!

    YoYoFlamingo, Fishbulb, BigPigletFan, Dustysage, Bill

    more to come...
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    Re: Fishbulb's 07.15.07 Trip report including Club 33

    Hurry! Let's go on Mansion!!!

    We walked right up and entered the Mansion that Constance the killer bride called home.


    VillainsFan caught singing a Village People song

    The stretching room

    YYF, BPF and myself crammed into one Doom buggy. Lots of cuddling.

    Such a great ride. I sure hope WDW's is brought up to this standard or better. It certainly has the potential.

    It was now time to get outta dodge, so to speak.

    Dusty and I said our long, protracted goodbyes...

    took a few more pictures...

    and finally took off.

    Today was a beautiful day at the park. We had a wonderful brunch at Club 33, got to ride two world class attractions, and see friends we love to spend time with. A VERY SPECIAL thanks to the one who extended the invite to us. This was a wonderful time. Dusty and I did feel a bit bad about missing the noon meet as we wanted to see our MC friends there today, but, I am sure they would understand. At least I hope.

    A Dreamless planter out front

    As we exitied the tram to get to Mickey we were dropped off at the first available stop. This time the barriers were set up so that people dissembarking from the trams could actually get through them. GREAT JOB!!! Has someone from Transportation been reading my stuff? LOL

    Thanks you guys! This is much easier!

    THE END!!!
    "All my life I've had one dream, to achieve my many goals.
    Homer Jay Simpson


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      Re: Fishbulb's 07.15.07 Trip report including Club 33

      Great job, Norm. I'm glad you guys got into Club 33.

      But I have a question: How much is membership?

      Anyway, sorry I couldn't be there today. I was with my parents; we went to go see "Ratatouille" over at the Irvine Spectrum.

      The desserts look really good. You guysare making me want to eat there.

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        Re: Fishbulb's 07.15.07 Trip report including Club 33

        How fun for all of you! Glad to see Piglet and Yoyo made it there safely!!!
        Will trade husband for Disneyland and DCA Pins!


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          Re: Fishbulb's 07.15.07 Trip report including Club 33

          Was the food as good as they say. Love the photos, but you need to send the photos of me and mom when We visited. Love yeah.

          P.S those flowers look so glamorous.


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            Re: Fishbulb's 07.15.07 Trip report including Club 33

            Wow. So frickin' jealous! Glad you had a good time!
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              Re: Fishbulb's 07.15.07 Trip report including Club 33

              excelent Trip report. Thanks for sharing the pictures of club 33, HM, and POTC. Looked like a lot of fun.

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                Re: Fishbulb's 07.15.07 Trip report including Club 33

                Great report. Great photos. Do I need to say more?


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                  Re: Fishbulb's 07.15.07 Trip report including Club 33

                  Great trip report!

                  Club 33 is the best "get out of meet free" card you can use. Thanks for letting us join the fun with your awesome pictures. What an experiance! Of all Disneyland fans, I'm glad you and Dusty got to go there.

                  Glad you had a great time!

                  Chad & Aaron


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                    Re: Fishbulb's 07.15.07 Trip report including Club 33

                    I am green with envy. Glad everyone had a great time! It looks like it was so much fun. Nice to see the mouse, himself, welcomed you.


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                      Re: Fishbulb's 07.15.07 Trip report including Club 33

                      The yellow furry flowers we call kangaroo paw and I think the other flower yellow petals with a lage dark center is a black eye susan.

                      thank you for the trip report. I loved the pictures.


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                        Re: Fishbulb's 07.15.07 Trip report including Club 33

                        Awesome trip report Fishy! And you got it posted here so quickly! How do you do that? Anyway, I think your photography skills have reached new heights with this report. Wow. I could look at these pictures over and over again. They're beautiful! Thanks again for sharing your report with us!!!



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                          Re: Fishbulb's 07.15.07 Trip report including Club 33

                          Same server we had in November at Club 33!

                          Isn't it FABULOUS? I loved Club 33 and hope to return!!! Looks like you all had a wonderful time. I hated having to leave. We all went out on the balcony to take photos. It was Christmas decor time, so, it was gorgeous with the giant ornaments hanging from the balconies!!!

                          Loved the photos!!!!!


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                            Re: Fishbulb's 07.15.07 Trip report including Club 33

                            Wow! That was awsome! How did you guys get invitations into Club 33?

                            Awsome trip report!
                            Code Lee-Oh-Co (Or Jessica, if you want)


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                              Re: Fishbulb's 07.15.07 Trip report including Club 33

                              Yeah! Some of my favorite ladies (and men). :ghug:

                              Isn't the food and service amazing?

                              Thank you Mr. Bulb!
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