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New Brer Fox out in Disneyland?


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  • New Brer Fox out in Disneyland?

    some one at Laughingplace said they saw Brer Fox out around Splash mountain and that he has been redesigned.

    anyone here see him out?
    look out for him and take a picture if you can . then post it here

  • #2
    Oh wow, he has changed? How so? I bet Darkbeer might have photos or might get some soon. Or RU42 or Evil Minion or Anders or....... anyone?


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      didn't see him over near Splash this week at all when I have been there, will look this weekend. Saw Brer Bear not too long ago and he had seen better days.

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        Originally posted by Anders
        didn't see him over near Splash this week at all when I have been there, will look this weekend. Saw Brer Bear not too long ago and he had seen better days.
        oooh... take pictures!!! please? I want to see if he looks the same as he did when I was 3.


        • #5
          I've heard he's been out at WDW, too, but I have yet to see pics...

          Someone make a photo run, please!
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          • #6
            When I went to WDW back in Aug. of 03 I seen both Brer Bear and Brer Rabbit. If I remember right it looked like Brer Rabbit had seen better days. I have pictures but they are already in a scrapbook so I am not sure if I could scan them into the computer or not (I did not have a digital camera back then :bang: )


            • #7
              I oly recently read somewhere else that people saw a redesigned Fox at WDW's exit...

              Nothing on DL.. maybe they don't need them yet??


              • #8
                Well, here is the new Brer Fox:



                • #9
                  I guess at WDW, they also have the tick tock croc? never seen him before



                  • #10
                    Wow that only took five years! He disappeared after the 45th Anniversary and is just now barely resurfacing, that's great!! I hope it doesn't take five for Smee to come back out.. he disappeared about two years ago!
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                      Re: New Brer Fox out in Disneyland?

                      Oh man, that Tic Toc Croc looks.... interesting...
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                        Re: New Brer Fox out in Disneyland?

                        Brer Fox looks like a female!
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                          Re: New Brer Fox out in Disneyland?

                          Yeah, Tic Toc looks like he's missing a few springs if you know what I mean


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                            Re: New Brer Fox out in Disneyland?

                            Yea he looks A little freaky Deaky? :blink:
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                              Re: New Brer Fox out in Disneyland?

                              A new brer fox at WDW doesn't mean a new one at DisneyLand. They have all sorts of characters over there that we just don't see here in California (and Japan has even more!). I was elated just to see Donald Duck out in the park again the past few visits!

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