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My experience at Space Mountain today! (Spoilers and pics!)


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  • My experience at Space Mountain today! (Spoilers and pics!)

    I made it to DL with my hubby, around 1:30pm today, after a lovely free lunch at the ESPN Zone using the free vouchers that DARKBEER alerted us all to!!! That was so awesome!!

    When we got there, the line was pretty backed up. They said a 60 minute wait, but we knew better. We made up our minds to wait it out!

    The Line!

    More of The Line!

    This is a shot of the beginning of the line wayyyyyy below us. These poor people are being told, "Sorry, we're down right now." The ride was down for about 20 minutes and people started leaving the line. Then a CM came out and said, "WE'RE UP AGAIN!" Yay!!!!!

    Not a very good pic of the line queue inside. Remember how you used to be able to see the Space Mountain cars go by every once in awhile? That sort of dark window you could peer through? That's all gone now. It's just silver walls covering up everything. Kinda sad.

    Basically the same but the color scheme has changed. Silver and blues mostly. Some new lights off to the side and such.

    These are new. You can't really tell from these camera phone pictures, but the little gate you stand behind while you're waiting to board are lit up behind a clear plexi-glass looking thing. It's kinda nice. Neon pink and blues mostly.

    A little bit of a better picture of the boarding gates.

    Well, as for the ride, I was a little dissapointed. I know I read somewhere that they had changed the beginning of the ride to start off really really fast. Kind of like the coaster at DCA. I think I had my heart set on something REALLY different like that, but it didn't happen. You still go up very slowly, through the rotating stars and a new rotating set of screens that are all around you, that have red glowing lights everywhere. That part was kinda cool.

    Also, I don't know if it's because I haven't been on Space Mountain in such a long time or what, but I felt like they made the ride DARKER. And also, as I looked down around me as I was on the ride, I really noticed more of those star projectors EVERYWHERE! They did a great job because you really lose yourself in the ride. I felt like it was MUCH more darker and the different sizes of stars and the timing of the rotation of them really made for a great ride experience.

    The music: I think it's the same!!! That's probably wrong, but boy, it sure SOUNDED the same.

    The biggest change I noticed was the ending. It's COMPLETLEY disorienting. Hahaha, so watch out for that! You basically make a left turn into this tunnel and it's like a huge disco ball. Different colored lights zooming EVERYWHERE. It almost made me sick!! And then they flash two REALLY bright lights in your face and POOF!

    It's over.


    I enjoyed the ride, but I don't really see any MAJOR changes to it. The track felt a bit smoother, but other than changing the color scheme and a few other things here and there, it's the same old beloved Space Mountain I knew as a kid.

    So...thumbs up I suppose! :bow:

    Thanks for letting me share!!!


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    Sounds like a wonderful ride still. I can't wait - Space Mountain has always been one of my favorites!
    Thanks for the awesome pics. :clap:

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      Yea!!! i was there today too and I had to wait 80 mins and it broke down for like 10 mins but I liked it and I never use to like it. Who knows I probably saw you there.
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        I just got back from the park (and Space Mountain!) I thought the begining and ending were amazing! At the end the tunnel is filled with lights going forward and, as you slow down, they start to move backward! a really neat sensation! But I did not notice much difference in the ride itself, I kind of felt like some of the effects were not working. Why would they spend so much time on the ride and send you out into a field of projected stars a tiny asteroid and a tiny nebula (and I mean tiny - I had to search to find them!) but it was smooth, open and dark!


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          I got there today at 11. I got in an 80 minute line then a cm told us there was mechanical problems and about 10 minutes later he said it's fixed, everyone cheered. After that it was a 60 minutes line, then my last time it was a 30 minute wait.

          OMG, haha, I loved the ride so much. It's so fast and so smooth I loved it I loved I loved.

          Alright I'll shut up now.


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            Rode it tonight. 75 minute wait with a 10 minute breakdown.

            Loved the ride! The beginning is sweet, I've never realized how high you go up. The stars inside the ride are pretty cool. The music is definitely new and seems more fitting for a space ride than the old music (although I loved it too).

            I really felt like we were going fast. Got to see the fireworks show while I was in line. it's a cool view of them, very different from main street.

            The line itself wasn't that different. Nothing huge was changed but it all looks a lot better, much more modern.

            I'm so excited it's back!!!
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              He He I personally didn't think it was much different then the original but what they changed was for the better, but I i never have been and still am not a huge fan of space mountain.
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