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An over asked question, but...


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  • An over asked question, but...

    I am sure this has been covered many, many times, but if you could add a new land to DL, what would you add? I would love to see a Narnia land if they do the whole series. I do know it will never happen, but I can imagine!!! ) Love to hear your ideas.....

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      Thanks for the link! I did enjoy reading it. I am a dork and love spending time thinking of this kind of stuff instead of doing the work I need to get done.

      The other rides I would like to see are a Bambi ride in Critter Country, The Black Hole in Tomorrowland, Beauty and the Beast in Fantasyland..I'd love to ride on Phillipe the horse through Belle's adventures, I can even see a princess party ride with all the famous scenes from each movie.

      I hope someday Harry Potter World opens! Can you imagine shopping on Diagon Alley? Hogwarts rides, The Hogwarts express, etc etc. Not Disney though.

      I do think they could mesh Narnia in somewhere. CS Lewis created a pretty full world, which makes imagining the "Land" easier. C.S. Lewis is heavy handed in his religious allegory (and Tolkien and he were good friends, although Tolkien always maintained LOTR was not intentional allegory; anyone interested should read "The Inklings" about their writing club)

      My son wants holiday land!


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