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    It's all well and good to love Pirates or Splash nowadays, but what was your number one when you were a lil tyke? Likely one of the Fantasyland offereings, our favorite rides as a kid still tend to make us feel that Disney magic to this day. What was your favorite Disneyland attraction as a child? *Other childhood DL memories welcome!*
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    I loved Autopia. It was the freedom of driving my own car. Knowing my parents were in the passenger seat.

    I still love it to this day!
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      Mr. Toad's Wild Ride and Peter Pan's Flight

      I am concerned that Mr. Toad's Wild Ride has not had as long of lines as I remember. I am glad that Disneyland (the original) still have it.
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        Peter Pan's Flight...I was awe-struck when I first saw it!


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          Adventure Thru Innerspace
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            Flying over London in Peter Pan's Flight for the first time was pretty amazing
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              Peter Pan
              Alice in Wonderland
              Haunted Mansion
              Pirates of the Caribbean
              Adventure thru Inner Space
              Swiss Family Treehouse

              (guess I haven't changed much...)
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                Haunted Mansion
                Pirates of the Caribbean
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                  Hmm... tough to remember. I always remember loving Space Mountain as an older kid (it used to make me tremble because I nearly lost a shoe on it when I was 6. I know that's silly, but there you are.) But as a younger kid? My favorite? Hmm... Well I remember being fond of "The incredible shrinking machine" (aka ATIS)

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                    I was terrified of the flumes on Pirates, which made me want to ride it more and more. I loved It's a Small World, and Bear County Jamboree.

                    I miss Big Al! Stupid Pooh!


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                      oh as a little kid I loved so many things at disneyland.
                      I love peter pan...i was such a dumb kid, when we would fly over london and i would see the cars on the streets I thought that it was my dad out on the, i was such a dummy!
                      I loved the baskets in the sky....sorry forgot their names. I loved looking at everybody from up on top and when you are little it just seemed like you were up so high
                      Oh i miss those days.


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                        The Carousel of Progress. Hands down, no doubt about it. I was crushed to learn that it had been closed.

                        Knowing that the show was put on by a bunch of robots (as my brother put it) and that the entire theater rotated was mind-blowing. I was a nut for electronic stuff as it was, even at the tender age of 6, so seeing this GE-sponsored attraction was without question the highlight of my first trip.
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                          Having fun with the CM while my parents rode space mountain. She was awesome!
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                            Deffinitly Peter Pan... that was deffinitly great for me!


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                              I could not get enough of Mr. Toad's Wild ride... You got to drive a car & create havoc - what little boy wouldn't love that!


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                                I also remember a time when my grandparents went on Space Mountian thinking it was Star Tours. I wish I was there when it happened, we met up later in the day and then went on Star Tours.
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                                  I really don't remember this but we used to go every month when I was a little tyke (Since my grandfather help build the park and my dad was head of the art dept.) My mother told me that I used to love the Tiki Room and would sing along to every song. She said people would stop watching the show and would start watching me smiling and such. She also said I loved Carousel of Progress and would laugh out loud every the dog laying at the feet of the man in the rocking chair would bark

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                                    1. The Motorboat Cruise
                                    2. Peoplemover
                                    3. Casey Jr. Train

                                    Sad that 2 of 3 are long gone.
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                                      I used to love going on the skyway as a little kid although I used to be terrified of going through the Matterhorn where you can see the abominable snowman. It would give me nightmares. Other childhood favorites were the peoplemover and the submarine voyage. OOOHHHH Captain EO too. Gosh, all the attractions I loved as a kid are all gone now :_-(

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                                        I loved loved Pirates when I was small. I still love it now. When I was young, I wanted to live in the house in the Blue Bayou area. I thought it would be so sweet to live there.


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