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Tomorrowland E-Ticket Idea:Mission to Halo


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  • Tomorrowland E-Ticket Idea:Mission to Halo

    Heres my suggestion to a New E-Ticket ride in Tomorrowland that would replace INNOVENTIONS, well, the que would be innoventions, but the show building would be outside the berm like pirates/haunted/ and indy

    A brand new E-ticket. I know You guys will hate this. But........

    HAve the ride based on the last level of the video game called HALO:Combat evolved. I know excatly what your thinking. FLUCK THAT! well, heres how it goes:

    You are the master cheif, and in the que/preshow you disable the fusion cores inside the innoventions building, (making the que interactive) making the space ship you are on "pillar of autumn" blow up. Now you have to escape.
    So you get in your 4 person warthog, and travel thru the pillar of autumn, and at the very end, your warthog stops, you unload, and you get in a flight simulater similar to star tours, which takes you off of the Halo ring, and with really cool effects have it blow up and make it super realistic. Then you go back to an earth space station where Halo 2 starts off........

    I thought it had potential. What do you think?
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    I think it would be pretty cool, if they were to turn the innoventions building into the que for a big new $100 million doller e-ticket ride. And you could even put in a few things to remind the guests of the older days....back when the carousel of progress was in tomorrowland. It's safe to say its never going to return, because what would WDW do with there carousel building? They cant do innoventions since it is right there at epcot. I would like to see it return, but in all instances, it most probably will not, since the DIsney company is too cheap to BUILD A SECOND SET for the new ride. Jeez if they're going to put the matterhorn in epcot there probably going to take OUR mountain and install it there.

    But this Halo ride, would have to be called Halo: The Maw. The preshow would have things that would tell the story of halo, up to the point where YOU blow it up. It could have Covenant audio animatronics as well as Flood animatronics.....And they could re-build the peoplemover/Rocket rod track to go right thru the middle of it instead of around it THAT way when your on the ride you look up and can see whatever vehicles they plan on putting on the track chugging along. It's kind of like two rides in one, and it would be complicated to get everybody out of the "warthog" ride vehicle, and into the flight simulator within good time. But if it was done right, and if the imagineers had an adequate budget, they could produce a NEW classic ride that will be a new part of, TOMORROWLAND


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      the entire Innoventions building as a que? I thought rocket Rods had a rediculously long que Innoventions would be a huge que

      also there isn't much room outside the berm (if that room is usable at all)

      the Tomorrowland area of the park was basicaly designed so you could see the buildings, it's pretty well boxed in

      if you wanted to built outside the berm of say WDW's Magic Kingdom that would be totaly possible

      I don't quite think the Halo fangroup sinks up will with Disney's audience at all though and the licesnsing would be a nightmare

      the idea of using different ride systems has been brought up by Disney before when designing Indy but I can't help but feel that it would develope some sort of odd bottleneck in the system

      I'd imagine a Halo ride to be something more like Indy meats Buzz in style

      aka shooting at targets but being on an offroading bouncy vehicle type deal don't know about liablity though, hopefully a guest doesn't smack his face on the warthog's giant gun and sue

      all this talk about rings makes me think of stargate

      I wouldn't mind Disney doing a stargate attraction in MGM studios since MGM helped create stargate I believe? (or at least the name appears in the credits) of course Stargate's too modern
      "We all have sparks, imagination! it's how our minds... create creations!"


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        I kinda envisioned it as a buzz-meets indy too! Maybe it could be, a little bit interactive, where there could be like three different paths that you can take, and in the drivers seat you could decide, I dunno.

        But who would have thought that Disney would make a ride based on Star wars or indiana jones? And who would have thought how good they turned out to be? If they did it right, a Halo ride could be interesting and just what tomorrowland needs. Then we can give DCA Innoventions or something


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          One little bit of a problem...

          Disney cannot do Halo, why?

          Because Halo and the complete story of the MC from Fall of Reach forward has no kiddie story unless you want Disney guests to know how the MC was developed, the training, the cybernetic enchancements etc.

          And then there is the complicated story of what is Halo, its possible christian reference of the "Ark" would have many religious groups howling.

          Plus all the grunt-gore shooting thats so much fun now takes a 180 degree turn as MC fights alongside Elites for the prevention of intersteller annialation if the rings are fully activated to eradicate the flood and ALL sentient life beings in the galaxy.

          Now if I was very very wealthy (calling Bill Gates! ) I would create an Imax movie of Halo and also have at selected cities big screen team playing rooms where for a club fee you join up and compete very much as online but instead in a theatre with full sound surround, I know there are in reality many areas around the US that really do this on a much smaller scale but on a 60' screen?
          Unfortunately it also looks like halo 3 may be the final episode so there isn't much room for future movies or changes,

          Send the idea to Universal.....
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            no kiddy story? What about TOT, or Pirates of the Caribbean? Disney does NOT mean kiddie. Disney (or used to) means quality entertainment for teh whole family. And as I said, the beginning que could tell you the story


            • #7
              The whole story of Halo, the Flood would be counter to Buzz Lightyear and the little geen creatures of Buzz, kids would try to connect them to the Flood thus the contradiction. Not to forget how recently the razzmatazz of Stitch recently...

              Besides Eisner wants to evolve the parks into Pixar/Stitch themes as these have been shown to make money the only thing that motivates Eisner.

              Look for heavy emphasis on The Incredibles and Cars in the near future.
              Micechat member # 98

              "Time And Relative Dimension In Space."


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                I agree, Halo isn't really a kids game. Being that the rating of the game is "M" to begin with, it doesn't put itself out there as "kid friendly". The heavy fanbase for Halo, as Jspider mentioned. is not at all in sync with the general Disney population.

                This particular attraction would most likely flourish at Six Flags or Universal Studios where the target demographic for this game would likely visit.
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                  I dunno that Eisner would do kiddy/pixar only but yeah the markets don't quite match

                  Halo really isn't that violent though at least it's pretty dry as far as blood goes from what I've seen, ask nintendo or any other gaming company, they can tell you that some games end up being rated E even though they problably shouldn't and then other games get T or even M for the dumbest reasons (see Smash Bros getting T this time around dispite the fact that it's silly animated violence like say the Looney toons or something, it's even stranger when you consider the origional game got a rating of E and the sequal doesn't add anything else in the way of violence) yeah our rating system is screwy

                  It doesn't quite match up with the feel or design of Tomorrowland for other reasons though besides this whole character thing

                  I'd suggest that Bill Gates do his own theme park but Bill Gates doesn't own Halo Bungee does (and Bungee is trying to get away from any Halo realted projects for the time being) plus Microsoft doesn't own a diverse enough character portfolio

                  so far I haven't seen anyone make a Disney quality park that's aimed at t33ns, mostly because lets face it t33ns are perfectly happy with their Six Flags coasters (yeah it annoys me too)
                  "We all have sparks, imagination! it's how our minds... create creations!"


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                    Halo.....really. :confused: just for the record, halo doesn't do anything new that any other game hasn't done. it's just a fad.


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                      Originally posted by The Mad Hatter
                      Halo.....really. :confused: just for the record, halo doesn't do anything new that any other game hasn't done. it's just a fad.
                      well basicaly Halo is one of the few good console shooters out there, it's nice in that it works really well for a controler and the dual analog really turned out nice

                      the only other console shooter I can think of that I actualy like would be GoldenEye (the one Rare made not the um waste matter EA throws out every year) and Perfect Dark was alright

                      in the world of PC shooters though Halo will always be relativliy margional
                      "We all have sparks, imagination! it's how our minds... create creations!"


                      • #12
                        Halo as a ride??

                        not bad idea.. thought you would have to work with "microsoft" to do it... and dont forget licensing....


                        • #13
                          Originally posted by figment1986
                          Halo as a ride??

                          not bad idea.. thought you would have to work with "microsoft" to do it... and dont forget licensing....
                          Microsoft doesn't control Halo, Bungee does, I'm not sure what kinda exclusive rights deal Microsoft made with them on it but it probably doesn't cover theme park rides (it also probably expires in a few years)
                          "We all have sparks, imagination! it's how our minds... create creations!"


                          • #14
                            I would rather the continuing trend of the pixar-ization of DL. if new rides are based off games, then that is proof that imagination is dead. because we all know that video game plots are the worst things ever written (including the final fantasy series...yes i've played many of them).


                            • #15
                              Oh... bother....

                              Taking the general attendance of DL - you are talking about a very limited audience.
                              I have played Halo a few times, and welll I got bored very fast..


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