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  • Best Cast Member Experience

    Last year I learned how you could go to Main Street and register a compliment with Town Hall. I feel bad beacuse I registered my first compliment a month ago, but I have had great CM experiences everytime I have gone.

    What is your greatest CM experience?
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    I cant remember a particular experience, but I hear Maynard is fantastic, and I have made it my goal to track him down in May when I go.
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      Hands down, the honor goes to Shelly, a Main Street CM.

      The kids and I had spent an exhausting day at Disneyland after their official first meet. My son was crying because he didn't want to leave Dsineyland, even though the three of us were clearly ready to make the trek home. We were in the picnic area getting our stuff from the MA potluck out of the locker. Brian was beside himself in the back of the stroller.

      Shelly noticed him being upset and my obvious dismay trying to get finished clearing out the locker so I could get the kids to the car. She came over, started talking to Brian, and magically calmed him down.

      For the next few months, Brian asked if we could visit Shelly on Main Street. We finally started running into her on an infrequent basis, but we always make the time to stop to at least say hello to her. The last time we saw her was in Gibson Girl a couple days before this past Christmas.
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        My absolute favorite CM moment.

        On a Main St bench, the very popular Mickey Mouse set aside ten minutes of personal time with a five year old child in a wheelchair. A CM with him actually held back several hyper rugrats for the duration of the encounter. The child looked like she was burdened with MS but the expression on her face read otherwise. It was the look of sheer joy. Mickey sat the child on his lap as the child sang to him the Mickey Mouse Club song. It sounds like pure Cheese Whiz, but for ten minutes I truly believed in the Disney Magic. The child's mother and I stood there watching all teary eyed...


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          I love talking to Rod while he's playing the piano. I was surprised that he remembered me the last time I was there, as it had been over a year in between my visits, but he did.
          "Do it for me then. Your gaming buddies are going to be there too. It will be good for you kids to go out and blow the stink off yourselves for one night."

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            Certainly not the woman selling Mint Juleps in New Orleans Square. She just looked bored and angry with her job. I recall one trip where a CM let a little boy help her set up the stage by the French Market (he pressed a button but it was very exciting for him) and rewarded him and his family with a set of beads. It might not seem like much but it made me smile (unlike Ms. Mint Julep)
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