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Eisner & The Governator to show up 7/17 - thoughts?


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  • Eisner & The Governator to show up 7/17 - thoughts?

    This is from a poster over at who had a few announcements:

    >>They've released a Cast Member Reference Guide for July 17th and it has some surprisingly candid answers in it to the most frequently asked questions.

    The ceremony on the 17th will be in front of the Castle, and it is designed for the media. Just like on the 5th the average Guest won't be able to get near it.

    If you are going on the 17th you will get a free set of mouse ears, a free cupcake, and AP holders get a free pin. And that's all that is happening, aside from the short media ceremony with Art Linkletter, Eisner, Schwarzenegger, etc.

    They will not let anyone camp out overnight on Disney property. As a courtesy, they will open the Pumbaa lot for overnight parking. But Anaheim Police and Disneyland Security will secure Disney property the night before and not let anyone on property until the early morning hours.<<

    Any thoughts on Eisner and the Terminator showing up?

    I'm also not particularly happy they are doing this as a "Media Only" thing. In past major anniversaries .. It seemed ceremonies were (to coin the phrase - "User Friendly") ... Public/Guest Friendly. The DL going crowds were "invited" in .... and not pushed aside for media people.

    I figured ... they did the "Media" thing for May 5th. Which I decided to avoid. Not important to me........... But July 17th is the day that counts .. and for many DL patrons as well.

    So ..... I wish it was Iger .. the new CEO who's replacing Eisner in just a few short months from now.

    I would think .. Eisner (with all the venom toward him) .. would start to be seen less .. and let Iger take the reign. Particularly for this event.

    I understand Eisner was booed on the day of May 5th. And no matter who feels that act was tacky ... makes no difference how many people decide to chime in and say 'oh that's just tacky, that's just tacky.'

    Reality is reality - Eisner has made many loyal Disney fans upset. And if he gets booed ... why be surprised?

    So before anyone says "booing" is tacky .. well .. get ready ..... people are people .. humans are humans ..... and I personally won't be surprised. I won't be booing .. but I also won't be snickering toward anyone, not with Eisner's history of 10 years of company decay.

    So, July 17th will most likely bring in even more faithful and loyal Disneylanders than the May 5th media event.

    And to top it off ....... Schwarzenegger. (1) I'm not a Scharzenegger fan.

    (2) Eisner there .....

    (3) Pushing for an exclusive media thing .. when they already had it ...

    This is one ceremony I'd rather pass on ... and give Asimo my time instead.

    Anyone have any thoughts on this?

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    I wished someone did this on 5/5/05, but someone NEEDS to bring an iPod with a set of small speakers into the park and play the Imperial March when Eisner comes up to speak or whenever he is in sight.
    M-I-C-K-E-Y P-R-I-M-E


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      Originally posted by FigmentJedi
      I wished someone did this on 5/5/05, but someone NEEDS to bring an iPod with a set of small speakers into the park and play the Imperial March when Eisner comes up to speak or whenever he is in sight.
      :lol: :lol: :lol: :clap: :thumbup: :yea: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: ) ) )


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        Anyone hear any rumor of Diane Disney Miller showing up? She will be on property on the 16th. Any chance she might be at the ceremony?
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          It does kind of suck that they are going to do a "media event" again .... but I do kind of understand it in a way as well ... as much as I wish I could be there to be in the THRONGS of billions of people ... I won't ... and besides, the governator isn't that great and he isn't that tall either :P ... but yeah ... DisCo is still a money hungry company with whoever is the CEO or whatever so I'm not shocked.
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            Doing the media tent thing in the Hub on the 17th again is a mistake.
            They HAD a Whole day on May 4th, and then insisted on the 5th, too.

            Eisner making ANOTHER Public appearance is an even Bigger mistake.
            THAT would be rude.

            I can imagine Eisner saying "Even with the Terminator present, NOTHING
            Can stop me now! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"

            Booing Eisner at his introduction on the 17th would not be rude.
            Foghorns DURING his speech would be rude.
            Critter Country's a mess ev'r since the Country Bears were kicked out. Ya can't cover pooh with honey and 'spect people ta like it.
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              Darn!!! I spent all this money from my parents grad gift.. and I get stuck in the noose bleed sections for that day! (Can't find anyone to get me media ticket/clearance... I already paid for the day and hotel room....) oh well... Mini-Rant over...


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                I tell ya .... if I brave these two clowns .... you won't find me booing them .. but I'll be encouraging those around me to go FULL STEAM!!

                I forgot they had a media thing on May 4th. So .. the 5th was a second array huh? Why not something for the park patrons. Disneyland does not revolve around media people. Heck, they probably don't even pay to get in.

                Anyhow ......... July 17th is the day that counts in the eyes of many long time and short time loyal Disneyland fans.

                SO BUCKLE UP ......... and with the heaviest fans showing up .....

                GET READY FOR THE SAME BOOING X 100!

                And watch Eisner humiliate himself because he wanted the glory of being there - For all the media to see.


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                  Someone boo Eisner for me. I can take the heat!

                  This has been a Filmways presentation dahling.


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                    Originally posted by Aladdin
                    Doing the media tent thing in the Hub on the 17th again is a mistake.
                    They HAD a Whole day on May 4th, and then insisted on the 5th, too.
                    Well, I do agree. However the media is LOVING the coverage of this entire celebration from news-oriented articles to reminisce articles to travel tips articles. And for Disney and their parks-- this means GREAT advertising. That is why there is another media event.

                    It is good to hear the clarification of the ears, cake and now a pin for APs. :clap: However can anyone give me a definition of "early morning hours"?

                    As for Eisner... he did get booed before and didn't know how to dress on the last media day. Hoepfully he can figure it out this time around? As much as I would rather have Igner there if one were to be there maybe we can just be happy that the CEO realizes that Disneyland is important too?

                    As far as Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger I am glad he will be there. Despite what you all may think of him as a political leader (I was not found of Jesse Ventura here in Minnesota) I am glad he will be a part of it. Many political figures have graced the streets of Disneyland, especially for large occasions such as this so I am glad this tradition continues. I look at it that way.


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                      didn't he say "he'll be Back" LOL


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                        One thing I will say for Cynthia Harrisssss (and it may be the only thing you'll ever hear me say for her) is that she understood that you could do media promotions AND INCLUDE the paying guest, yes even the annual passholder. Look at when the whole "Keep the paying guest at arms length during ceremonies" started at Disneyland... immediately after Paul Pressler and Cynthia Harrisssss were replaced. During her tenure at the parks, the guests were pretty much invited front and center, but as soon as Matt Ouimet came in, even the joke of a 49th birthday "celebration" was for media only. Even the recent Schwarzenegger "Governor's council on Physical Fitness and Sports" kick off in DCA was a crowd control joke. We were kept a good 200 feet away and to the extreme sides of the stage and the suits were the only ones allowed front and center.


                        I don't think it's right to bring up the whole "booing vs. not booing" argument in this thread. Start another thread about it, but threads should be about one thing, not multiple things.

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                          As of July 17, 2005 Michael Eisner will still be CEO. Whether you like him or not, it's his right to be there. (If you were him, would you stay away?) And... like him or not, Arnold is the governor of California. It is an honor for him to take part in Disneyland's celebration. BTW: July 17, 1955 was a media-only day too. John Q. Public's first day was July 18. The 50th is just mirroring history.

                          Perhaps it could've / should've been different. Well, it won't be.

                          I have also heard a rumor involving a reading of Walt's original opening speech. I've lost the original referrence and haven't been able to confirm it.
                          "Yesterday, a man walked up to me and said, 'Isn't it a shame that Walt Disney couldn't be here to see this?' and I said, "He did see this, that's why it's here."
                          -Art Linkletter July 17, 2005-

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                            I like the idea of Arnold being there. As stated above by BigPigletFan, he is, whether you like it or not, a political figure, and an iconic figure as well. I don't know much about his policies, but...I do like the word "governator".

                            I agree that Iger should be surfacing more. Some sort of a "welcoming in" type thing.

                            Doesn't suprise me that Eisner will be there. He'll be standing smug like he's done everything great for the park until the very end. Let's just hope he doesn't come in pajamas :blink:


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                              Hmmm... when will the media event be? It won't effect park hours/when people can enter, right? Also, can someone exlpain this "overnight parking" thing? I'm a bit confused. Anyway, it's a bummer they're not doing more. However I'm just super glad to be there :yea:
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