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Turtle Talk with Crush!


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  • Turtle Talk with Crush!

    Hey guys, just got back from a KILLER day at the DLR. First I beelined it over to Space Mountain for my first ride on the newly built coaster. Overall, though I was slightly dissapointed in a few things, it was a great ride and I'm glad to have it up and running in top shape.

    Next, since I was in the preview mode I kept an eye out to see if the new Turlte Talk with Crush was going to be previewing and as I was walking in at about 5 today cast members were telling people that they were about to let the first group in for the day.

    My pal and I were the first ones in and we crossed the lobby, which was decorated with coral murals, and faced front and center waiting for the doors to open to the auditorium. When the doors opened our audience group of about I guess 200(?) entered the theater. The first noticable change was that the large 8'x12' "Window" that looked out into the pacific ocean. The first third of the seats in the auditorium have been removed leaving a large area for the young, and young at heart, to sit on the floor in either of 2 designated "Lillypad" areas.

    After the crowd settled the MC greeted everyone and asked if we were ready to talk with Crush. Everyone cheered and Crush swam into view and greeted everyone. Now here is where the magic started. After greeting the audience in the "Human Tank" and saying hi to the MC, Crush then swam to the area of the screen directly in front of my friend and I. Crush called the MC and asked him to hand the mic to the little dude in the red shell. My friend in the red shirt. Crush asked him his name, chatted with him for a second and taught him to say things like "DUDE!" and "TOTALLY".

    Others in the audience participated in a question/answer format interspersed with funny jokes and stories from Crush. The show was very engaging, and a kick to see little kids faces light up when they realized they could have a realtime conversation with a cartoon character. The cool thing is that the adults in the audience were given as much attention as the younger ones and were able to ask questions too. After about 15 minutes of chit chat Crush has to take off. (or so he says.) Everyone clapped and cheered and seemed to receive the show very well.

    When I first heard that this attraction was going to be coming to DCA, I was skeptical. I mean, in EPCOT, Turtle Talk with Crush is in the Living Seas Pavillion which seems like a great fit. But I had my reservations on how well an ocean themed attraction would fit into the animation building, but it does and does it well. The tie here isn't the ocean, but it's what really makes the attraction, and the animation building, magical to begin with. Interaction with animation. It used to be that I would head straight to the Sorcerer's Workshop to dubb my voice into the same tired clips from Disney movies. Now I can have a fresh new experience with animation each time I visit Crush.

    Anyone else go yet? What did you think?
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    Re: Turtle Talk with Crush!

    I saw the show for the first time today. It is well done. It's intresting how Crush can interact with the aduance. He can see the adunce and ask the MC to hold the mick for certen ones. It's a real interactive, and not a scriptied/prompted interactive. As good as it is, I think I can only take so much of the surfer mentality. Too much totaly dude for me. Other then that, it was fine and would go back.
    Let the magic continue.


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      Re: Turtle Talk with Crush!

      I went yesterday with my bf to do space mt. and turtle talk ... we went to do TT around 2 pm and they were down ... I guess we were a few hours too early lol


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        We saw a show on Monday. It was cute, and it was fun to watch the process of how it was done, but the surfer talk got really old by the end of it.


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