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Stupid pose on Splash Mountain

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    Re: Stupid pose on Splash Mountain

    Originally posted by BellhopPrincess View Post
    ....I go on Tower a lot.
    Yes. Yes you do. But I had fun going 13 times. With a 100+ degree fever. Oy. I'm dumb.

    Originally posted by TrojanSkippa View Post
    That's the best time to do an awkward pose. On Splash Mt. I usually do the typical theme park Log ride pose.

    To achieve this put out either your right or left arm, point at something off in the distance. Have your mouth and eyes open wide as it you are seeing the most incredible thing in the Universe. You are now the random wierdo on someone's vacation picture.
    Must... resist.... temptation... Oh who am I kidding? Next time I'm there alone that's what I'm doing.

    Anyway, I will occasionally pull out the cell phone and look like I'm having a conversation. I'll do the rock fingers sometimes. I don't really have something I do all the time. I like to mix it up.
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      Re: Stupid pose on Splash Mountain

      Originally posted by Experiment626 View Post
      Must be nice playing God on those photos. :botox:
      Quote of the day!
      I flashed splash and they washed my photo away =0 !!


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        Re: Stupid pose on Splash Mountain

        Originally posted by Dan - Tasmic! View Post
        That means that someone wasn't paying attention. That was suppose to be deleted. Same thing happened to me and my friend on California Screamin'. This teenagers were flipping off the camera behind us. Someone must of missed it. Luckily, the CM could crop it so that it didn't show up in our picture.
        No, it was deleted. The girls were mad because the picture was "lost in space".
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