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Rainy days?


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  • Rainy days?

    Just got an annual premium pass saturday!!! It'll pay for itself very quickly I'm sure. Saturday 8/11 was super busy and I was glad to know that the busy season will soon be ending.

    Now, to get to my point, I was researching the least busy days for the park. I found out some people have written online that thier favorite days were the rainy ones during the slow season. I read stories about how fun it was and how there was hardly anyone at the park with hardly any wait times for the rides. I'm definitely looking forward to some rainy day where I can just put on a poncho and head to the park.

    Who has done this before? Is it all it's cracked up to be?

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    Re: Rainy days?

    rainy days are fantastic!! rain in so cal is rarely very cold (at least to me being used to the snow up here) but it sure send fairweather tourists running for their hotel rooms...leaving the parks in glorious uncrowded splendor for the rest of us.

    during our trip last december it rained in the afternoon...and the park emptied, we waited in line for NOTHING....and got to ride BTMRR twice in the pouring rain...with our hoodies pulled firmly over our was THE BEST ride we've had on BT

    now if only we lived closer so we could do the parks on MORE rainy days, hehe
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      Re: Rainy days?

      What rainy days? it's actually rained??!?!? and I missed it! Oh man.


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        Re: Rainy days?

        I'll never forget the image of a young girl and her father trudging up Katella as we waited outside our hotel to be picked up for the airport. We didn't get one scrap of rain for the entire trip (the US turned out some nice weather for us - thanks!), but as we were leaving it BUCKETED down.

        So there we are, huddled until the driveway of the Radisson Maingate and watching this little girl and (presumably) her father wearing ponchos and moving an inch at a time through the driving rain as they headed towards Disneyland. It was a bit heartbreaking really. I liked to imagine that they had made their first trip to the park and were going in, come hell or high water!

        To quote the Mighty Boosh: "It’s impossible to be unhappy in a poncho. I’m gonna get a sombrero as well. Imagine that! A poncho sombrero combo."

        Sorry, that was just a randomly related story.
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          Re: Rainy days?

          One other note. If it rains and PoD is cancelled, they run what is called "The Rainy Day Cavalcade" where the characters ride on the Main Street USA vehicles on the parade route.


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            Re: Rainy days?

            I'm a big fan of rainy days at Disneyland, but keep in mind that rain doesn't always mean the crowds will stay away. This is the line at 10 am in front of Pirates:

            Granted, this was taken a couple of weeks after Easter, but it I was shocked to see how many people came out in the rain. If you shoot for mid week in October or late January, early February, you should be in pretty good shape regardless of rain. Of course, it won't open until 10 am and eight I think?


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              Re: Rainy days?

              In the rain... that's fun. BUT, when there's driving winds, too? Let me just say that it's not all that fun. Or warm. We had this happen to us when I took my dad during the 2-fer promo. Sure, there were harldy any people at either park. But it was not that comfortable. If you can go on a rainy, non-windy day, then I'm sure it's great! (not that you could control the weather)


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                Re: Rainy days?

                Trust me, you are not the only one who has the idea- "hey it's raining so that means Disneyland is empty!"

                With thousands and thousands of local AP holders, a lot jump at the thought of going to the park when it rains. Plus other guests who've paid a lot to vacation at the park they won't just go home when it rains. They want to get their money's worth to.

                (WDW is the same way since it can rain A LOT during some parts of the year.)
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                  Re: Rainy days?

                  I was at the park once in the rain. I was with my high school marching band in January of 1983 and the day started out cool, but the rain started to kick in at about 5 in the afternoon or so. But once it started it absolutely poured. We are locals so this didn't ruin any trip -- the thrill for us was simply getting to march down Main Street.

                  Disneyland is nice in the rain in that the crowds do lighten up a bit, and there is a certain magic that comes out.

                  But keep in mind that it was built a long time ago and their drainage system is not the best. And there can be huge puddles several inches deep in various places. Also rainstorms in California, including Southern California, can often be quite cold because the majority of California's storms actually originate in and around the Gulf of Alaska. It is very common for temperatures even near Disneyland to not go above 55 - 60 when it is raining. Combine that with wet conditions and it can be quite uncomfortable.

                  If you can handle the above conditions that is great but as others have mentioned I would avoid the rainy season as much as possible and go during months that are less crowded and less likely to be rainy.


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                    Re: Rainy days?

                    Rainy days are good. I almost forgot what rain is. But remember they close down a LOT of stuff when it rains. The Teacups I remember for sure close and sometimes Screamin'. I can't remember what else. Have fun.

                    And please we need rain. I am so tired of watering my plants. Get this summer over with already!

                    Aprille :-)


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                      Re: Rainy days?

                      I love rainy days at DL, but we get so few of them. It's one of my favorite times to go to the park.
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                        Re: Rainy days?

                        Congratulations on your AP, I am sure this will be a very memorable year for you, you will find your own tempo and learn how to enjoy it all, even the crowds bring an element of excitement to the experience.

                        Regarding the rain, the park is much less crowded in the rain, I have been in DL 10 NYE running, and the least crowded are always the rainy days, even if it only rains for a brief few minutes in the morning, with not a spot the rest of the day, the locals tend to stay away! Believe it or not that was the case on Millenium NYE, it rained in the morning, and the crowds were very light that day, what a treat


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                          Re: Rainy days?

                          Rainy days can be entertaining too!

                          And not just from the Disney stuff!

                          While we were enjoying a rainy day strolling down Main St, we heard some commotion from behind us. We turned around to look at what was going on and we were just in time to see this asian guy running full steam through folks, bumping into some, and then he hit the floor in front of the toy store with a large display of Mickey and friends soft plush's. When he hit the store floor, which I'm sure was waxed, he went into a wild skid. He crashed into the pile of plush's and knocked down about 20 to 30 of them. All right in front of about 20 or so guests and a few CM's.

                          After he came to his senses, he looked up at us looking down at him and shouted some words in his own language. I don't know how many of us understood him, but I know we didn't. He picked himself up, looked around and took off running down the sidewalk again.

                          It was HILARIOUS!!!

                          Other fun sights to see are the folks that don't realize how deep the rainwater can get on Main St. Due to the poor drainage, it can get DEEP.

                          We enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and a cinnamon roll as we sit on the Porch on Main St. No doubt, folks will walk along the sidewalk but in the street to avoid the crowds. Sure enough, they step into a deep puddle and soak themselves. Sadly, their kids do too. Too funny!

                          On a brighter note, we also enjoy watching the folks, both young and old, enjoying the rain (and the Park) by walking hand in hand with their loved ones.

                          Rainy days at DL. Yep, they're a 10 too!


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                            Re: Rainy days?

                            Rainy days at DL are so much fun! My birthday trip in March a few years back had rain for us most of the weekend! It would drizzle then pour then drizzle again. We finally broke down and bought some umbrellas and wound our way around the park happily skipping in the puddles! The rain really did clear out the crowds and made for a more enjoyable time! Of course, we did have to go back to the hotel room to change our clothes and use their dryer!

                            Yay for rainy days in the park!
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                              Re: Rainy days?

                              I like all the responses about how fun it is! I was on a divie team in the San Francisco area. Pretty much half the season was was foggy and rainy which definitely helped me get used to the cold wet weather. I can't wait for the rainy season...

                              When it's rainy and cold I'm sure I'll say I cant wait for more sun...


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