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Most Neglected Land

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  • Most Neglected Land

    Is Main Street becoming a Disney mall?? Is Adventureland too crowded?? Is New Orleans Square too packed with pirate fans?? Is Frontierland not themed well enough?? Is Critter Country cheaped down without CBJ?? Is Fantasyland in need of expansion?? Is ToonTown better off as a Fantasyland/Tomorrowland expansion?? Is Tomorrowland not futuristic enough??

    IMO, the main concern here is Frontierland. It has western-themed gift shops, but when you walk inside, it's full of Disney pins and Tinkerbell T-shirts. Big Thunder Mountain has moldy pennies littered all over the queue. Also, BTM is the only E-ticket in Frontierland... Tom Sawyer Island is Sparrow-fied, and that's ok, but it should become a part of New Orleans Square (or is it? I see it's still on the Frontierland side). Rivers of America has the Mark Twain (Frontierland-style), and Canoes paddling past it (Critter Country-style), which clashes the look of any theming. Also, the Nature's Wonderland tunnel is right there! They could re-build a portion of it, and it could fit into the space of Big Thunder Ranch and Festival of Fools, and maybe underground for a cave sequence!!

    The other lands are ok, but I'm worried about Frontierland. The only reason I go there is for Big Thunder, if that wasn't there, WHO would actually pay a visit there?

    Which land do you think is the most neglected? (This isn't a negative "DL is ruined" thread, I guess I brought this up because I'm worried for Frontierland)
    I am a rabid Disney fan. Possible future Imagineer (already designing rides for it)... I've only been to Disneyland. I'm hoping to go to Disney World this summer for the first time, and TDR might be possible in 3 years.

    First DL trip - 1997

    First WDW trip - N/A

    # of Times I've Been on Tower of Terror (DCA): 68

    # of Times I've Been on Finding Nemo Subs:
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    Re: Most Neglected Land

    I was going to say Fantasyland, but the more I read about what you had to say, the more I agree with you.

    You know what made me really sad? When they started taking out some of the "wilderness" details. I am thinking of things like the Twin Sister falls on the Rivers of America and the Wonderland caves that have been slowly closed and covered over the last few years. The shuttered festival arena (though I am happy to see the animals back!). And then you start putting in pin carts, frozen lemonade stands, and the McDonalds conastoga...

    At least the textured mud-looking ground is better than the old concrete and slurry coat that used to be there...


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      Re: Most Neglected Land

      Have you seen ToonTown lately? It's a nightmare. I think Frontierland is already getting what it needs and Tomorrowland will. I say Fantasyland/ToonTown.
      -Jack :geek:
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        Re: Most Neglected Land

        I personaly don't much like Toon Town, it's mostly just for little kids, not for familys like Disneyland's supposed to be about.


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          Re: Most Neglected Land

          You know, it's funny- with every land problem you mention, I agree. There is no one land that needs work, they all have problems.

          The question of theming getting muddled is a big thing.

          Main Street is losing all the cute things you read about. I love 20th Century Music, but the kiosks are gone and they keep putting more books. Make up your mind! It is not in as dire straits as Frontierland perhaps, but it certainly is not in a "hey-day" period when you look past the new and beautiful paint jobs.

          Adventureland is to crowded and there is ABSOLUTELY no room for attraction improvement. Yet, they waster space on Aladdin storytelling! The theming has SO much potential and what little there is is so great to me. It really is a positive sense of "Disney-izing" a theme.

          New Orleans needs to STOP turning into Pirate and Nightmare before Christmas (as much as I love both). The little places in back with little winding streets are so unique to any Disney park. No ehere else has A New Orleans Square. Be happy for it!

          Frontierland, I agree, is in tremendous need. The Emporium is on the way Out. I really think the stores in lands other than Main Street need to be switched over to themed stores. If you want a little section for generic Disneyland stuff, that's fine. I mean, the variety in theme is what makes Disneyland great. And over the years, there is a substantial decrease in utilizing that. Along with Tom Sawyer Island being (as my mother put it) "raped" into Pirate slavery, Frontierland is disappearing. It should never have become Pirate Island merely for the fact the Frontierland is suffering and this is not a long-term fix, by any means.

          Critter Country, I also feel, is suffering. I mean, the theme is "similar" to Frontierland for those tourists who don't really want to think about it, so it's like Frontierland's annex. Along with Pooh (who belongs in Fantasyland) it just feels like it should be named "We didn't have room in other lands" land.

          Fantasyland probably is in the best shape, in my opinion. The problem is it can't expand. It will be okay for now, but not for long.

          Toontown is in about as pathetic a shape as Frontierland. It was just neglected from the beginning. It either needs to be scraped to make more Fantasyland room, or it needs to get a serious look.

          Tomorrowland is in a bad way, but it is getting the attention is needs.

          Sorry, I write so long-winded. I don't even mean to.
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            Re: Most Neglected Land

            Originally posted by sorceress1986 View Post
            The little places in back with little winding streets are so unique to any Disney park. Nowhere else has a New Orleans Square. Be happy for it!
            Not quite. Tokyo Disneyland has a New Orleans Square, but it's not classified as its own land; it's more of an accompaniment to Adventureland. Here are some pictures:

            ~ Tokyo DisneySea’s Arabian Coast at nighttime ~


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              Re: Most Neglected Land

              Oh, my apologies! I didn't even know that!

              I gotta try to go to Tokyo Disneyland after I go to WDW

              *feeling sheepish*
              My mind won't rest
              and I don't sleep
              Not even in my dreams...
              -"If You Ever Did Believe"
              written by Stevie Nicks

              Chasen Matthew Pacheco


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                Re: Most Neglected Land

                I would also say Frontierland as the most neglected. Toon Town has big problems and could be saved with some proper attention, but Frontierland seems like it's just there collecting mold. There really hasn't been any additions or improvements in recent times (and I don't count Pirate's Lair part of Frontierland) and nothing seems to be on the horizon for it either.

                For the most part, I just see it as a connector of Fantasyland to New Orleans Square. Other than Big Thunder, I don't spend any quality time in Frontierland because there isn't anything to keep me there. It's a shame, really.


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                  Re: Most Neglected Land

                  Disneyland , without a doubt Frontierland...

                  WDW... Fantasyland...

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                    Re: Most Neglected Land

                    Fronteirland by far. There should be more attractions.
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                      Re: Most Neglected Land

                      Toontown is the most neglected/worst maintained.
                      NOTHING has been added to this land since it opened
                      back in the early '90's. In fact, Chip and Dale's
                      Treehouse closed the acorn crawl shortly after TT
                      opened. Tigger would be ashamed that Goofy's House
                      has lost it's bounce.

                      Jay R., as he is slowly but surely becoming the newest
                      real life Disney Villain. He insisted on tearing up Goofy's
                      yard and installing an infant shopping center type crawl
                      around area ~ where it would get way too hot for anyone
                      to play on.

                      The Jolly Trolley is seldom seen, and when it is, the "Jolly"
                      doesn't return with it.

                      Gaget's Go Coaster still goes, but inspite of the clever
                      sight gags, it really not that great of an attraction.

                      The only Bright spot in this land is Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin.
                      Thankfully this is just as fun as ever. And it has the 2nd best
                      queue in all of DL (2nd only to Indy).

                      But with the years of neglect, often faded hills, and slowly
                      disappearing attractions, in a land that was so limited to begin
                      with. TOONTOWN is without a doubt the most neglected land.
                      ALL other lands have received more attention than Toontown
                      since 2000. Look at the other lands

                      Tomorrowland ~ although still FAR away from it's heyday's in the
                      70's and 80's, BUT in just the last couple of years it's has seen
                      the addtion of Buzz Astroblasters, Space Mt rebuilt, and Subs
                      rechristened for Nemo. It's on the right track but still needs so
                      many neglected attractions revived.

                      Frontierland ~ Yes, this land still needs some more life brought to
                      it, BUT just this past year the Mark Twain was FINALLY given some
                      long needed attention and refurbishment. Big Thunder, thankfully is
                      being maintained in a proper manner and being operated safely ~ a
                      big improvement considering the accident there, as well as on the
                      dock of the Columbia, ~ those are some things that don't necessarily
                      show up as improvements but need to be considered. Of couse there
                      has been additional attention to the land by utilizing Big Thunder Ranch
                      for both Woody's Halloween Round Up and Santa's Reindeer Round Up.
                      The biggest attention to FL has been the additions to Tom Sawyer's
                      Island earlier this year, with additional improvements scheduled for
                      next year. This land has not been neglected anymore.

                      New Orleans Square, with Pirates looting everywhere, Capt Jack,
                      Barbossa, and Davy Jones added. Haunted Mansion now has Jack's
                      Holiday version, and during the rest of the year, Leota now floats
                      and Constance has revealed herself to us. This land would be
                      fairing the best, except for the blatant disregard of Disney management
                      by closing the Disney Gallery. This has been the most contemptable
                      action on DL by the current management. It's a complete disregard
                      and direspect of ALL DL guests. The Gallery has been a place where
                      every single guest could be the closest to visiting Walt himself. There
                      is a special significance of this space, as Walt had this area designed
                      specifically for his family. It is immediately nest to Club 33. It is
                      the only place that regular guests could view the Rivers of America
                      from the 2nd floor ~ a beautiful view of Frontierland and New Orleans
                      Square ~ which is no longer available to ANY GUEST! Of course the
                      few prividged might get a chance to ride the Lilly Belle, dine at Club 33,
                      or on a rare special occassion visit Walt's Apartement above the Fire
                      Station on Main Street. BUT the only place the one ordinary guest could
                      visit such a special place whenever they would choose, was the Disney
                      Gallery. Unfornately, at this time, this no longer appears to be the case
                      at anytime in the future ~ it is truely sad that Management thinks so little
                      of the guests who know and value the visits to this secluded extremely
                      special area of DL.

                      Critter Country ~ abused, but unfortunately not neglected ~ the
                      former cheap @** ******** assaulted and made homeless the
                      lovable Country Bears ~ PP Poohed all over this previously fun
                      Playhouse, and torn out a true Disney original, for something
                      that was less technologically advanced and a much worse show.
                      Shame on the previous management team! This land would have
                      been better off without the attention. Gimmee some Country Bears

                      Adventureland ~ the Jungle Cruise received some great updates,
                      with the Pirahna and the Gorilla Attack, the unmasked Trader Sam
                      and Ellie, just in time for the 50th, oh AND a brand new Schweitzter
                      Falls! The Tiki Room was completely overhauled, all the Birds and
                      Flowers were all attended. (Although it had to literally start falling
                      apart before it was attended to.) And the Swiss Family Treehouse
                      which was also falling apart did get attention, although the
                      questionable conversion to the Tarzan theme was not done properly,
                      which made further attention necessary a couple months ago.
                      Indy also got some attention a couple years ago with a new Snake.
                      Yes, Aladdin's Oasis is certainly not using that space to it's full
                      potential ~ and this deserves a high degree of attention to bring
                      some sort of dinner show experience again. And the Fast Pass
                      for Indy needs to be eliminated desperately, in order to relieve
                      the mass crowding at the entrance to this attraction. The
                      Bengal BBQ also needs to remain, and even be increased in size
                      when this building is redone ~ it can certainly push into some of the
                      Frontieland side, as the Frontierland restaurant would be adding a
                      2nd floor.

                      Famtasyland, the Carousel was COMPLETELY overhauled, as most of
                      the horses resided in the old Circlevision building during the refurb.
                      Some new effects were added in Alice, the Matterhorn is lovinging
                      being cared for unde an extensive long term program. However the
                      motorboat area continues to be off limits to guest. The Castle
                      walk thru has also been off limits, but thankfully there is some word
                      going around that Tony Baxter may be attending to getting this
                      opened with some new special effects. Fanstasyland's lack of
                      new attractions may make it seem like it's being neglected. And
                      with the Theater turned into a Princess meet and greet, it certainly
                      is not getting the full proper attention it deserves.

                      Finally, Main Street ~ this is still doing relatively well. It has not
                      been neglected, thanks primarily to Matt Ouimett making sure that
                      the Main Street Buildings would be in pristine condition for the 50th.
                      ALL of the building fronts got major refurbishment. We did get a
                      great film for DL's 50th in the opera house ~ but many are still
                      waiting for Lincoln to return. And of couse the display of BOTH
                      of Walt's Offices continue to be blocked off from view. One office
                      which was moved "temporarily" to WDW and the other office has
                      an unknown status. Very disturbing to have something so close
                      to Walt removed from DL's Main Street ~ and definitely a blatent
                      disregard to the guests. Some positive attention brough to
                      Main Street is the Halloweentime decorations, allong with some
                      cast members adding to the festivities. And of Course
                      Christmas is a continuing tradtion which brings much attention,
                      as well as the holiday Fireworks, and the "snow"
                      Critter Country's a mess ev'r since the Country Bears were kicked out. Ya can't cover pooh with honey and 'spect people ta like it.
                      An Adventurers It's Time to Put the Spotlight Back on Bring Back the REAL Disney Gallery
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                        Re: Most Neglected Land

                        I would like to see Main Street return to it's former glory. I miss all the unique little shops and merchandise. It is just a giant Disney store now. But I agree that FL needs some TLC a few more attractions would give this land a much needed bustamonte'.

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                          Re: Most Neglected Land

                          Tough question...Probably fronteirland
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                            Re: Most Neglected Land

                            Originally posted by hollywood1939 View Post
                            Have you seen ToonTown lately? It's a nightmare. I think Frontierland is already getting what it needs and Tomorrowland will. I say Fantasyland/ToonTown.
                            Besides maintenance on what little it still retains, what exactly is Frontierland 'getting'?


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                              Re: Most Neglected Land

                              My two cents: Toon Town and Fantasyland.