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Believe... In the commodity of your car


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  • Believe... In the commodity of your car

    Well, I was so bummed last year when Believe was gone, that yesterday when I went to see the Fireworks I put the Believe track in my car and turned up the volume... It was great!!!! It coincided perfectly with the Fireworks... and I actually watched it two times!!! Just wanted to share this and see if anybody has ever done this??? BTW I didn't put Remember because I haven't seen it yet (not till the 17th) and I don't want to spoil it

    But it was so good to finally say goodbye to Believe... at least till next year.

    I have a dream
    A song to sing
    To help me cope
    Trough everything

    If you see the wonder
    of a FairyTale
    You can take the future
    even if you fail...

    I believe in Angels
    Something good in everything I see
    I believe in Angels
    When I know the time is right for me...

    I'll cross the stream.... I have a dream

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    Re: Believe... In the commodity of your car

    I used to do this all the time! I would park my car in the lot of that big hotel behind Disneyland (I can't remember the name, but it was across Ball Road), pop the trunk so the sound could get out, and play the Fireworks Soundtrack while I watched the show. Of course, people would always gather and that made it even more fun. :blush:
    "George Bush... is only for now."
    Avenue Q

    Just because it's gone doesn't mean I changed my mind! :cwink:


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      Re: Believe... In the commodity of your car

      I just want to say that I love the Remember Dreams Come True show, but the Wishes soundtrack leave a lot to be desired. To me it is flat and uninspired. I wish that they had written a whole new soundtrack for the new show.

      BTW, I believe you will LOVE the new fireworks show!
      Jiminy Cricket Fan

      Love Disneyland and Walt Disney World!


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        Re: Believe... In the commodity of your car

        I wish I had the soundtracks to the other shows you guys always talk about. I don't remember how Believe sounded at all. Or Wishes. I love Remember. Even though I've seen it like 15 times already, haha. I love the beginning: "Star light, staaaarrr bright..."


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          Re: Believe... In the commodity of your car

          I watched parts of Remember from Angels stadium and brought my ipod to sync the music up. That was pretty fun =D. Went back to the game after pirates though so I could watch the Angels pull off a 5 run 9th inning rally =D


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