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Improve Pooh??


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  • Improve Pooh??

    Everybody's probably going to laugh, but... looking at Tokyo and EVEN Disney World, we look at DL's Pooh and laugh. They don't even have OWL on the ride, so they put a treehouse in line the size of a finch-house!! (finch-house meaning those tiny birds that go inside tiny houses) So... I was thinking about a way to improve Pooh over here.

    Imagine Tokyo's Hunny Hunt crossed with DL's Alice in Wonderland. The hunny pots spin like Tokyo's version, they roam freely around the room, AND they go up an elevator (exterior looks like a hunny pot, interior looks like Pooh heaven) to a SECOND floor, much how Alice in Wonderland dark ride does. Except when you're at the location of Pooh, and on a second or even third floor, you're able to see Rivers of America at the top (I think, if it's high enough). I've been thinking about this idea all summer... good or no?

    If you want me to explain in more details, here's what I don't know: the storyline for this one in order to make it different from the other Pooh dark rides. But I do know what kind of scenes would be cool... I just don't know the scene order. For example: the giant hunny pot elevator would of course have bees flying around, and Pooh eating honey. Do you think it'd take up too much space? Not if the entire theater (remember it once was CBJ) was double- or triple-decked.
    I am a rabid Disney fan. Possible future Imagineer (already designing rides for it)... I've only been to Disneyland. I'm hoping to go to Disney World this summer for the first time, and TDR might be possible in 3 years.

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    Re: Improve Pooh??

    Yikes. Id be scared to have a trackless moving vehicle on a second story OUTSIDE...just my opinion on that...

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      Re: Improve Pooh??

      original pooh rox though!


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        Re: Improve Pooh??

        Owl's on the ride. He's in the birthday scene and I think in the rain scene as well. He specifically says "Happy Birthday" and "I hope you like my present".


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          Re: Improve Pooh??

          Oh, and by the way. Just because Owl is on the ride doesn't make it a good ride.



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            Re: Improve Pooh??

            My main problem with Pooh has always been the scenes and how they are presented. We have two massive rooms and most of the ride takes place within. You see everything before you pass it and the 'fun' of it disappears. The other dark rides give you scene after scene after scene. You never know just what's around the corner. Pooh (and monsters inc) also use vehicles so large that 1mph speed feels slower yet.

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              Re: Improve Pooh??

              I am surprised no one said to eat more fiber. :ap:

              But, the problem I have is that the order of the scenes make no sense. In the WDW version, there are logical sequences and a flow from one scene to the next, where here it's just a mishmash.

              That to me is the first problem with the attraction.
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                Re: Improve Pooh??

                Hey, at least they improved the walk-around Pooh characters over the years...

                ...patience young graze-hopper....


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                  Re: Improve Pooh??

                  Have them tear out the interior. Then you could put something
                  inside that is more technically advanced, make a couple smaller
                  theaters out of the interior building themed rustic and wood-like.

                  This would be a great place for a show where people could get
                  out of the heat in the summer, (or out of the rain, if it's raining)
                  or just sit down and relax for a family friendly show of some sort.
                  Have a great sound system and have something happening all
                  around, not just on the front stage.

                  DL hasn't had a large amount of audio-animatronic in a new show
                  in quite a while, and you would want it kept in the "Critter Country"
                  theme, so you could have critters do the show. Give the animals
                  different personalities, dress them to match their personality. Oh,
                  the perfect idea, Since Build-a-Bear is so popular, and Teddy Bears
                  are one of the most favorite toys, Have the Whole Show Run by
                  Life size Bears! Don't make them look too realistic, they could sing
                  different songs, even do different "shows"! You could have bears
                  do it all! Have Bear be the M.C., and introduce other bears, have them
                  play pianos, even a whole Bear Band. You could have a bear that
                  sings an Elvis type song, and have him dress like Elvis, even make him
                  look a like Elvis. You could have a "sexy" bear that comes down from
                  the ceiling on a swing, and have her flirt with the Bear M.C,

                  Have them have the audience sing along with a couple songs. OH!
                  Over some of the Doors, you could have a mounted head of different
                  animals (Deer and Buffalo for example) and have them be "part of
                  the audience". They could even talk to the real audience before the
                  bears appear, and even move their heads around during the bear show,
                  even talk during the show a couple times!

                  Really, the only audio animatronic show DL has right now is the
                  Tiki room. DL could certainly use another great audio animatronic
                  Critter Country's a mess ev'r since the Country Bears were kicked out. Ya can't cover pooh with honey and 'spect people ta like it.
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                    Re: Improve Pooh??

                    I think Pooh is okay right now compared to say Pinochio....:/ Am I right?


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                      Re: Improve Pooh??

                      Pinochio is 10x better than pooh

                      don't even get me started

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                        Re: Improve Pooh??

                        Make it like Tokyo's, and we're in business.


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                          Re: Improve Pooh??

                          Pooh is okay, but improvements are welcome!

                          I've noticed how out of sequence the ride is comared to Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day. Floriday, Hong Kong, and Tokyo's all follow it more or less while we have the Floody Place near the beginning.

                          I'll have to search for it now, but I remember seeing somewhere concept art where our version of Pooh would have been a gentle attraction on water (more along the lines of the Floody Place) that would have used round Hunny Pots that move similar to the rafts on Grizzly River Run.


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                            Re: Improve Pooh??

                            Originally posted by sprouselover005 View Post
                            original pooh rox though!
                            off subject, but why does sprouselover like Dylan over Cody? And why do they have their own show, they can't act.

                            Back on subject:

                            Pooh has great special effects in the beginning...then once you hit the hef's it all goes down hill. Doesn't it go from 3-D shapes to cardboard? If not, that's how it feels.
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                              Re: Improve Pooh??

                              I think Pooh could be improved by redesigning it from the ground up and moving it to Fantasyland. Just a thought.


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