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10 Things I Miss About Disneyland - (merged)


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  • 10 Things I Miss About Disneyland - (merged)

    I see this article has poped up on,, and just thought to share it

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    Re: 10 Things I Miss About Disneyland article

    I just finished reading that and was going to post something about it (great minds think alike ). It was a really nice article. I actually remembered a few of those things.
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    In serious need of a Disneyland trip
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      Re: 10 Things I Miss About Disneyland article

      Good catch!
      Stupid me just started a thread and accidentally put it in the Entertainment section here............

      Ignore mine everyone!


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        Re: 10 Things I Miss About Disneyland article

        I'm glad someone else posted about this. I agree with some of it, mostly just about the roaming characters. I do feel like a stalker now when I try to find them, and frantically try to take a picture before they disapear.
        I never got a chance to see some of the things in the artical, they were gone before my time, but I found it interesting.
        Most often found at a theme park


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          Re: 10 Things I Miss About Disneyland article

          What a great article. I totally agree on most counts. It's not just us geeks who care...

          Thanks for posting the link. awesomeman.


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            Re: 10 Things I Miss About Disneyland article


            Perhaps a slasher-movie take on “It’s a Small World,” as Chuckie of “Child’s Play” fame takes a troupe of ethnically diverse dolls on a terrifying yet ultimately heart-warming rampage.


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              Re: 10 Things I Miss About Disneyland article

              The author's top ten things he misses about Disneyland:

              10. Flight to the Moon/Mission to Mars
              9. House of the Future
              8. Adventure Thru Inner Space
              7. Carousel of Progress/America Sings
              6. Country Bear Jamboree
              5. Indian Village
              4. Pack Mules
              3. Skyway
              2. Swiss Family Treehouse
              1. Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln/America the Beautiful

              Personally, I would replace Flight to the Moon, Carousel of Progress, Pack Mules and Indian Village with Golden Horseshoe Revue, Tahitian Terrace, Sleeping Beauty Castle Diorama and Captain Hook's Pirate Ship/Skull Rock - - but a great list nonetheless, espcially Swiss Family Robinson, Skyway and Adventure Thru Inner Space.


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                Re: 10 Things I Miss About Disneyland article

                Yes! Bring back skull rock!


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                  Re: 10 Things I Miss About Disneyland article

                  of course now I would be sure to put up the Original Disney Gallery too.


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                    10 Things I Miss About Disneyland -

                    MSN reporter Rick Vanderknyff has done a fun article about our beloved park, and the top 10 attractions he misses. The attractions are:

                    Rocket to the Moon / Mission to Mars

                    Monsanto's House of the Future

                    Adventure Thru Inner Space

                    Carousel of Progress / America Sings

                    Country Bear Jamboree

                    The Indian Village

                    Rainbow Ridge Pack Mules

                    The Skyway

                    Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse

                    Great Moments with Mr Lincoln / America The Beautiful

                    He also has something to say about the lack of 'free-range' characters wandering around the park, where you didn't have to get into a queue just to have your picture taken with them. To read the article, please go to
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                    Growing up is however, optional


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                      Re: 10 Things I Miss About Disneyland - (merged)

                      Leave it to Disneyland to turn Snow White into the preschool version of Paris Hilton, kids into celebrity stalkers and parents into slightly disgruntled paparazzi.
                      My new favorite line ever.
                      "Remember 'Old Yeller'? We shot the dog." - Roy E. Disney


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                        Just thought you guys would like to see what was on my MSN splash page when I logged in today.


                        Looks like someone has been reading Yesterland.....

                        EDIT: Well, guess my thread got mertged with this one. Teach me to read the boards before I post....
                        SEMPER ABSURDA


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                          Re: 10 Things I Miss About Disneyland - (merged)

                          I was impressed with the article. It was refreshing to read something from someone who is a big fan of the park, obviously informed and not afraid to talk about faults he finds with the park. It was a nice change of pace from the usual sugar-coated "Disney is the greatest and most perfect place ever!" articles that one usually sees. I'm also glad this one didn't have a picture of Cinderella Castle.


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                            Re: 10 Things I Miss About Disneyland - (merged)

                            How could anyone find Indian Village offensive?


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                              Re: 10 Things I Miss About Disneyland - (merged)

                              Originally posted by PragmaticIdealist View Post
                              How could anyone find Indian Village offensive?
                              Because as a group, if you can prove something offended you, your constituants may be in for a monetary bonus to pay for the obvious pain and suffering.



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