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getting to the resort insanely early...parking question

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  • getting to the resort insanely early...parking question

    Say I wanted to get to the resort insanely early... like 5am.
    Where should I park? I'd be about an hour or less.

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    Re: getting to the resort insanely early...parking question

    The main Downtown Disney lot, it is open 24 hours a day, and the toll booths are staffed from around 11 AM until 3 AM, depending on the day and what events are going on. If they are not manned, then the gate arms are up and everyone is free to leave without paying. They expect only staff and folks delivering to the stores to be there in the early hours, and won't stay more than 3 hours, so no need to staff the booths. The closing hour is mainly based on the House of Blues and if they have a major concert that night, if so, expect a 3 AM closing, if not, then maybe earlier. They are trying to maximize profits, and no need to staff a booth that isn't collecting money, on the other hand, a major event will have a lot of folks leaving late, and usually having to pay, since they stayed more than 3 hours.
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