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Hi! Thanks! and a question about the GC

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  • Hi! Thanks! and a question about the GC

    Hi Everyone, I'm a long time reader, new poster. Many of you have given me valuable information and I really appreciate it.

    DD and I will be going to the park on Sept 26th. Since there is a fantastic AP rate we've decided to spend the night of the 25th at the GC. We live close enough that we've never stayed before. Where do you park for the GC and can we leave the car there and pick it up when we leave on the 26th? Or do we have to move to a different area?

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    Re: Hi! Thanks! and a question about the GC

    You can leave your car and have them store your bags for you until you leave. As for the location of the lot I'm not sure, I'm always dealing with my kids so I valet my car. Sorry.

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      Re: Hi! Thanks! and a question about the GC

      Thanks for the info dsnylndmom. We could always valet and not have to think about where to park :-)


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        Re: Hi! Thanks! and a question about the GC

        The self parking at the GC is kind of far from the hotel so leave your bags with a bell hop before you park the car. When you drive up to the hotel to check in just tell the staff that come out to greet you that you want to self park and they will give you directions. I did self park there once about 3 years ago and now I valet. It is much easier for me. You should be able to leave your car in the self park even after you check out. I think there is a charge for self park, it is just not as expensive as valet. I know that when I self parked there was a fee and they just charged it to my room bill. I was charged for each day I parked. So you will probably get charged for two days of parking.


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          Re: Hi! Thanks! and a question about the GC

          I almost always stay at the GCH and was there in Dec '06 and last month. Pull your car up in front of the hotel and you will be able to leave it there while you check in. You have to leave the keys in the car in case valet needs to move it. When you check in make sure to ask for a self park slip to keep in the car. There is no additional charge to self park, it is one of those hidden room fees that you are automatically charged (along with internet, weekday paper, gym use, local calls and calling card access). The parking lot is directly across the street from the hotel. After you park in the lot it will take 2 minutes tops to get back to the hotel. If you prefer to have the valet park for you there is an additional valet fee. I don't know what it is off the top of my head but my brain is recalling either $12 or $16 per night. Don't quote me on that price, though.


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            Re: Hi! Thanks! and a question about the GC

            Good luck finding the GCH self parking! ) The most confusing weway to go, not good signage and unhelpful CMS... bad experience!!

            You have to go back out to the road and straight across... the parking lot is the one on the right. And the helpful CMs there will be able to guide you
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              Re: Hi! Thanks! and a question about the GC

              The lot is located across the street, basically behind the AMC theaters.

              Here is a marked map...


              It will require you to use 2 crosswalks to cross at a traffic light.

              Not the best setup, especially for the price you pay.
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