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If you build it they will come


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  • If you build it they will come

    Reading other people's posts about traveling to Disneyland in the upcoming days and being there for the anniversary, reminds me of the last scene in the movie Field of Dreams.

    You see all the car lights and everyone traveling to the Field. Baseball enthusiasts are to the Field, what Disneyland enthusiasts are to Disneyland.

    Walt Disney built his Disneyland, and people came, they most definitely came.
    They are still coming 50 years later. Driving, flying, walking, taking buses and trains. They are coming in great numbers. They will ask how much, and hand over their money just as James Earl Jones described it, about baseball, in Field of Dreams.

    The passion for baseball.

    THe passion for DIsney.


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    Re: If you build it they will come

    I think you're right. It's a feeling as much as a theme park.

    I think that the outpouring on 5/5/05 proved (and 7/17/05 will reenforce) how true your analogy is.
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