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Lodging near Disneyland?


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  • Lodging near Disneyland?

    Its been about five years since I was last at DL and myself and family stayed at Howard Johnsons down the street, it was OK but nothing compared to having a rental vacation home for a couple of weeks in Orlando.

    So I have a request and hopefully other readers can get valued advice as well on better places to stay very close to DL, this includes lodging on DL property as well but not farther away than a short trip by shuttle bus, basically within walking distance. Many things have changed in five years I have noticed.

    I would however not be interested in paying more than $150 per night unless the extras were very much worth it. A stay of about 5 days either in may or later around oct-nov.

    Please let me and others know where you stayed at,the value of it and would you return, thanks!
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    I know I might get labeled as cheap or thrifty, but I always stay at the Castle Inn & Suits. Its right across the street, so you dont have to wake up ridiculously early to get to the parks. Also, you can stay out late and not have to worry about walking too far or catching a tram or any of that worry. The rooms area always nice, and if you pay a few tenners extra, you get a whirlpool in the bathroom. The service is very nice, and very responsive. The pool isnt big at all, but its never crowded. The only downside is that because the hotel has a castle theme, there tends to be a lot of kids. They are usually in bed by the time you get back from the parks anyway, so its not a problem. Anyway, that sums it up for my pick.
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      I think I remember seeing it and was wishing we had stayed there instead, the whirlpool sure sounds nice, I'll check it out.
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        I like to stay at the hotels right across the street. (carousel, park vue, tropicanna) they are not expensive and they are right across the street in easy walking distance. My favorite I have ever stayed in was GCH. That one was just so relaxing..


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          The Candy Cane Inn was pretty good. It's in walking distance and is reasonably priced. I have stayed there twice.


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            We tried staying at the Castle a couple of years ago...

            After staying at the Disney Hotel for years, we thought that we might try to go off-property for once. The kids liked the look of it.

            Upon checking in, we found the room "not very clean". Stains of something all over the sofabed and the bathroom had a smell that wouldn't go away.

            After complaining about the room, they switched us to one that was at least a little better.

            After going out for dinner at a local restaurant, we returned to the Castle to find no open parking spaces. When I asked permission to park in a section marked "no parking", I was told that I would have to park at another hotel down the street. Since we had a ground floor room, I left it parked in a safe spot until I heard some other poor soul start up and leave. I immediately filled that stall and was settled in for the night. The next morning there were at least four cars parked in the "no parking" area. I didn't blame them.

            As we checked out, I complained again about them expecting their guests to go park at another hotel, but my complaint fell against deaf ears. We'll never stay there again.

            That was the first (and only) time that I filed a written complaint to AAA about one of their "recommended" hotels.

            We make at least three one week trips a year to the Resort now and we always stay on the property. They always have some type of deal going on so it actually doesn't cost that much more and you have the convenience of being right there.


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              We reserved a couple of rooms at HoJo's for later this year. I have heard mostly good things about it, and the price is great.

              We will be renting a car. How is the parking situation at HoJo's?


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                Originally posted by fkurucz
                We reserved a couple of rooms at HoJo's for later this year. I have heard mostly good things about it, and the price is great.

                We will be renting a car. How is the parking situation at HoJo's?
                HoJo's has plenty of parking , and it is free... (They just reopened the west parking area after a major refurb)

                One of the best places to check for good deals is They have a link to a great HoJo discount, plus many other deals....
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                  The past three years or so it's been Hojo's as well. Next trip it's the Park Inn. Heard good things about it so far. Take a look at for reviews.

                  You can't beat Hojo's location and the amount of parking you have. It's a bit more of a walk then right across the street.


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                    I have to agree with the bad reviews of Castle. We had a very unpleasant stay there. We really like BW Park Place Inn and Hojo's .

                    Since we've started taking the kids in 1996
                    we've done(out of the harbor places)
                    Carousal` :botox:
                    Tropicana (two times)
                    BW Park Place (two times)
                    Desert (two times)
                    We're doing Park Inn in July

                    not on Harbor, we've doneBest Inn (too far away)
                    Embassy (LOVED IT Garden Grove)
                    Desert Palm \

                    and DLH :love: (two times)

                    I think that's it

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                      We have booked 8 nights at the Anaheim Sheraton this June, I got a pretty good deal.

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                          I'm a long time advocate (sp?) of the Tropicanna. didn't have any complaints about it.


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                            My wife and I are big fans of Candy Cane Inn. We have stayed there 5 times the last 2 years and have had a wonderful experiance each time. They have a private shuttle for those times when walking just seems to hard. But is definately in walking distance. The service is great. The free breakfast is great, we don't have to eat untill about 2 or 3 in the afternoon.


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                              What ever you do, Don't stay at Jolly Rogers! It smelled of hairspray and cigar smoke. It was disgusting to say the least. Yuck!
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                                this is another question....didnt they bring back that deal where if you stayed at the disneyland hotel or the GC they would allow you inside earlier.


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                                  I had a bad experience at the Hojo the last time I was there. I got a room facing the freeway. Very noisy at night. Also the doors rattled with the wind. Very hard to sleep...


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                                    The last two times we went down, we stayed a bit further away--the Marriott Courtyards in Cypress and Buena Park.

                                    The Buena Park Courtyard is not too far from Knott''s a superb facility, very clean, nicely maintained, and maybe a 10 minute drive.

                                    The Cypress Courtyard seemed a bit less user friendly--and getting there generally means either a stop and go drive down Katella, or looping all the way around.

                                    Either way, though, you're looking at parking in the world's largest concrete monstrosity (i.e. Mickey and Pals). And the last time I came in by way of Katella, by the time I got to the garage, I felt like a rat in a maze.

                                    This time, we're thinking of trying the Grand Californian, if only so that when my wife wants a break, she can walk back to her room for a rest.


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                                      I'm going to cast yet another vote for HoJo's. We stayed there in December and ended up getting a room on the top floor facing away from the freeway. It was great...the skylights were lovely in the morning and we could see into the park from our room. Make sure you request a room that doesn't face the freeway, though. They were very accommodating when we requested it. Also, we ran into a lot of trouble with our room because there was some communications problem between Expedia and HoJo's. Make sure, if you reserve from someplace other than directly from the hotel, to call them before you get there. It definitely added unnecessary worry to the first day of our trip.

                                      Other than that we had a great time there. Next time my boyfriend wants to spend one day at the parks and one day lounging aound in the hotel. I guess it's obvious which of us is just going to the parks because the other one's totally obsessed


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                                        I always recommend the Candycane Inn. It is an easy to walk to Disneyland and you don't have to cross any major streets. It is kept up well, even though it has that classic '50s motel look.

                                        By the way, I LOVE Dsnylndmom's hotel rating system!
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