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  • Grizzly Peak

    So Grizzly Peak tends to be the meeting place for a lot of people. I was recently in Disneyland and met a LOT of people that I'm still freinds with on the mountain. ANyone else?

    And if anyone has it, since it's on my mind, I'm looking for the original legend of Grizzly Peak's creation. I've looke high and low on the internet for an hour and I'm still unsuccessful.

    Thanks, and share!

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    Re: Grizzly Peak

    Should help

    "The centerpiece of this section is Grizzly River Run, a Disney-engineered water ride about a creaky old gold mine that the owners have turned into a river-rapids expedition outfit."

    Also had some interesting facts about the area

    Thanks for the challenge.

    Also from the DCA website

    "The "Wetter the Better" is the motto of this thrilling raft adventure that sends you roaring down an abandoned mine and rushing on a river through the scenic foothills of the Sierra Nevada. It's one of our tallest, longest, fastest rapids ride yet! Charge down a churning California river through:
    • Whitewater rapids
    • Mountain caverns
    • Thundering waterfalls
    • Heart-pounding drops into river gorges!"
    Personally I expected a more detailed account of the theme on the DCA website but it goes back to the debate that theme in DCA is a lost cause.
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      Re: Grizzly Peak

      You met people on the mountain....never been up it.
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        Re: Grizzly Peak

        Originally posted by drownedprocess View Post
        And if anyone has it, since it's on my mind, I'm looking for the original legend of Grizzly Peak's creation. I've looke high and low on the internet for an hour and I'm still unsuccessful.
        Are you looking for the backstory or the legend that's carved into a rock near the attraction?

        According to Disney legend, German emigrant Jakob Probst discovered gold at Grizzly Peak in the mid-1800s. But far from being a genius, Probst's discovery was by pure chance. Frustrated at failing to get his mule across Grizzly River, Probst threw his hat into the river and trampled it. Picking it up and putting it back on his head, he discovered a one-pound gold nugget had fallen inside. Probst immediately staked a claim he later sold for millions to the Eureka Gold & Timber Company.

        Nicknamed "The Pride of the Sierra," the Company was a successful business throughout the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Gold was extracted from the mountain and shipped to San Francisco. A company office and adjoining store were built right next door as well. But by the early 1950s the mine was tapped and Eureka Gold & Timber closed down. The structures stood empty for years - only the office and company store remained in use - converted to an outdoor supply store.

        The land itself was sold to the government to create the Grizzly Peak Recreation Area. Over the next few decades the land was reborn with trees growing back and rivers clearing up. Eventually, California's rafting enthusiasts discovered the whitewater thrills of Grizzly River and the word got out about the crystal-clear waters and Class V rapids there. By the 1980s, that hobby had grown into a business with several companies offering guided raft trips to customers. One of those companies was run by a savvy young group of entrepreneurs. They purchased the old mining structures to use as their base of operations. The Grizzly River Rafting Company was born.
        Long ago, Ah-ha-le, the Coyote met Oo-soo-ma-te, the Grizzly Bear on top of the mountain. Seeing that the Grizzly was a powerful being, Coyote asked him to always watch over and protect the land. Then one day, people cam and tried to chase Oo-soo ma-te from the mountain. But Grizzly was strong and held his ground. When Coyote saw the brave bear standing alone against so many, he turned Oo-soo-ma-te into stone so he could never be driven away. To this day, people claim they can hear the great bear spirit in the wind that roars through the caverns and trees of Grizzly Peak.
        Photos and such available at

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          Re: Grizzly Peak



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