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Condor Flats Loop


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  • Condor Flats Loop

    One of my favorite things about DCA is the Condor Flats atmosphere music. Does anyone know what songs are in that lopp or where I can go to find a list?

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    Re: Condor Flats Loop




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      Re: Condor Flats Loop

      I am familiar with one and that is Liberty Fanfare. I remember playing that in 9th grade. Great song.
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        Re: Condor Flats Loop


        I found the list.

        I couldn't find the loop.

        Condor Flats Area Music.

        [Track Number. CD - Song Title (Composer/Performing Group)]

        01. The Last Starfighter - Main Title (Craif Safan)
        02. I Love a Parade - Midway March (Boston Pops)
        03. Air Force One - The Parachutes (Jerry Goldsmith)
        04. Air Force One - Welcome Aboard Sir (Jerry Goldsmith)
        05. I Love a Parade - Pops on the March (Boston Pops)
        06. American Jubilee - Liberty Fanfare (Cincinnati Pops)
        07. The Guns of Navarone - 633 Squadron (London Festival Orchestra)
        08. The Last Starfighter - Big Victory March: Alex Returns (Craig Safan)
        09. Masters Film Music - The Blue Max Suite (Jerry Goldsmith)
        10. Star Tracks II - Space Camp (Cincinnati Pops)
        11. The Planets - Jupiter (Berlin Philharmonic)
        12. The Right Stuff/North and South - Yeager's Triumph (London Symphonie)
        13. The Guns of Navarone - The Guns of Navarone (London Festival Orchestra)
        Total Run Time: 45:15

        I'm not sure of the The Guns of Navarone - 633 Squadron (London Festival Orchestra).

        It sounds like the movie theme, and the 633 Squadron movie, I believe, was earlier than The Guns of Navarone movie. It could be from a compilation of movie themes from the London Festival Orchestra.

        I hope this helps,

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          Re: Condor Flats Loop

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            Re: Condor Flats Loop

            And I thought you were going to talk about them adding a loop to Condor Flats....

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              Re: Condor Flats Loop

              I don't want the lists, I want the music!


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                Re: Condor Flats Loop

                yhea i thought this was a thread about 'loop' jokes


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