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Best Character Experience?


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  • Best Character Experience?

    I keep hearing a lot of negative posts about characters, so I want to ask:what are the best experiences you've had with a character?

    For me, it was meeting Buzz and Woody in Tomorrowland. Toy Story was my favorite movie when it came out, and I was really excited to meet my two favorite characters! I didn't want to leave those two, I could have hung out with them all day. lol. Finally, my dad wanted to go on the rocket ride (when it was still on top of the Peoplemover). To my surprise, Buzz and Woody actually stayed for a while and waved at me as I flew my rocket! After that trip, I used to always run to Tomorrowland and ask the first Cm I saw if they knew where Buzz and Woody was.

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    Re: Best Character Experience?

    never had one, never will. I just avoid


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      Re: Best Character Experience?

      My mom recently moved out of the state. She went to Disneyland in its opening weeks and was a frequent visitor as she was growing up. In turn, she also raised my siblings and I on Disneyland. As we got older, family trips became less and less frequent. It came to a point where she hadn't been in several years. Anyway, we took her for a trip before she moved out of state, and we ate at Ariels Grotto. Princess Aurora has ALWAYS been my favorite Disney princess, and when she came by our table, I had a nice conversation with her about how she was my favorite princess. My mom broke out in tears and started remembering me as a little girl singing "Hail to the princess Alorla (I couldn't say Aurora), and it was just a very touching moment. This was my best Character experience because of how touched my mother became seeing us interact... Disney magic at its finest.
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        Re: Best Character Experience?

        tweedledee (DUM?) Meh.. one of em.. gave me a hug during breakfast once.
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          Re: Best Character Experience?

          I went to Disneyland with my family at a younger point in my life. My brother was young, and it was his first time. We saw Donald, and Dad urged us four kids to go in for a picture. We started to go up to him, and this other kid pushed my brother down to get to Donald first.

          My brother was crying hysterically and refused to get in the photo. So my father took the picture of the three of us girls. Right after, ignoring the crowd around him, Donald marched right up to my brother and gave him a huge hug. He then "asked" Dad if he wanted a pic with my brother. My Dad held up the camera, Donald put his arm around my brother, who had stopped crying at this point, and posed for the photo.

          Made my brother's trip. And the rest of us were so touched. It made my trip too.
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            Re: Best Character Experience?

            My favorite character experience was when I was working the parades. It was at the time they were doing some work on the kings and queen bathroom next to Alice In WOnderland. The parade was making it's way down the parade route. It was just me and my section separated by a big brown wall. Ariel's float come down and she looks at me and start talking asking, "Do you have this?" holding up a fork. Then she complimented me that she liked the sunglasses on my head, Next came down the Ursula float, I sticked out my tongue at one of the pearls and she sticked out her tongue back at me!! LOL!! Lastly, Pluto gave me a high five with my Mickey mitts on. That was the coolest day EVER!!!

            Then, one time, while wporking the parades down by the castle. Prince Charming and Cinderella were heading in to get reay for the parade, and as they walked passed me, I bowed, and Prince Charming thanked me and moved on!!


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              Re: Best Character Experience?

              I've had many unforgettable experiences as a guest, but one of my favorites was on a day I was doing guest control for the parade. It was at the crosswalk between the Hub and Tomorrowland, and the Wonderland float had just completed its showstop. The Five of Hearts walked by and held her hand out to me, and I thought it was just going to be a friendly brush of hands and she would continue on.

              But once she had my hand, she turned around and grabbed onto me with both hands, trying to pull me out onto the parade route, while shouting "COME WITH US!! COME TO WONDERLAND! WE HAVE ALL THE ROSES YOU CAN PAINT!!!" My fellow GCO cast member grabbed my other arm and I found myself in the middle of a tug-of-war, being pulled both ways yelling "SAVE ME, SAVE ME!". Meanwhile everyone in the crowd is watching and probably taking photos. :lol:

              Finally I slipped from the Hearts' hands and "fell back" into the unsuspecting arms of my GCO friend. The Five of Hearts stuck her tongue out at me until the Queen promptly smacked her with the flamingo and she ran shrieking. One of my best days of guest control this summer. ^^

              But I don't want to go among MAD people!


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                Re: Best Character Experience?

                Cannot, for the life of me, remember if I relayed this story previously, but what the hey--

                It was our last day and we were about to head out when we saw some taped up signs for 'Disney Rewards Credit Card members.' Sadly, my first thought was for a free buffet. But there was a queue. We walked and stood in the line a few moments and then asked the CM what this line was for. He said it that it was a private photo session with characters. My partner and I just looked at each other.

                "We don't have kids with us."

                "You think that they only pose with the families with kids?" The CM retorted. "Go on, it's fun and free."

                I have to admit, we rarely do anything with the characters. Too time consuming; too many parents jockeying for position. Just not our thing.

                We finally moved into the front of the line. The CM then stated, "Oh, you'll have to wait, they're switching off to a newer character."

                "Newer character?"

                I had never known I could revert to childhood in such a blasted moment when we turned that corner. My partner and I melted and dealt hugs like it was a mother we had not seen since birth.

                You see, the 'newer character' was good ole Mickey Mouse.

                We tried to hurry but the photographer yelled at us and told us to relax--we didn't want to take the time away from the kids outside waiting--but both her and Mickster wouldn't have it. They posed us and then, here's the cool part, I even taught Mickey to sign.

                It was cooler than snot.

                And here it is, all these months later, and THAT'S what I remember. Not the rides but the brief meeting with the true CEO.

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                  Re: Best Character Experience?

                  Our last trip, we went to Goofy's Kitchen for the very first time. While all the character came to visit our table, our particular memorable moment came when Alice sat with my 9 year old daughter, and started playing games with her, Tic Tac Toe, etc. She would cheat during the games and then acuse my daughter of cheating, etc. She must have spent a good 10-15 minutes with her, and the smile on my daughter face is something I will never forget. It really made her feel special. That is the Disney magic that I think we all love to feel each time we go.


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                    Re: Best Character Experience?

                    My grandson and I ran into the Mad Hatter, Queen of Hearts, Alice, Tweedle Dee, and Tweedle Dum in Fantasyland. We stopped to try and get autographs. When the Queen of Hearts noticed my nametag that said Barbara Ann, she took me over to the Mad Hatter, who could speak. He asked me funny questions, about my name. I had on a Laguna Beach shirt, which prompted more funny questions. My grandson was wearing a shirt with some funny saying on it, and that prompted more funny questions. I hate to say that we monopolized these characters for quite a while. We got a lot of great photos, and autographs. Alice was a real sweetheart. My grandson, and I will always remember that fun encounter. It wasn't a queue, it was just a grandma, and her grandson chatting with the characters from Wonderland. A great memory.

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                      Re: Best Character Experience?

                      On an extremely slow day, it was drizzling rain and the park was perfectly deserted. I was with a group of friends at Coca-Cola Corner and Captain Hook seriously "hung out" with us for about 15 minutes. Some of the girls with us started playing with the sex appeal machine and then gave money for Hook to do it a couple times. That to me is a true Disney Experience.


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                        Re: Best Character Experience?

                        I believe I've already posted them. Goofy being tackled by a little girl in a Jungle boat, and Woody having his legs taken out when a 5yo boy hugged him in mid-step in front of Thunder. Also a memory of Jane kissing me on the cheek...
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                          Re: Best Character Experience?

                          Dude, I'm so glad this thread was brought up. I actually have a few to share.

                          First, it was back in May. I was at the coke stand, and Bert, Wendy, and Peter were about to play musical chairs. Just then, Wendy had noticed me, and asked me "Hello, sir. Are you going to play musical chairs with us?" I thought about it for a moment. I said "All right" and she was very happy about that. I was in the game, Wendy and Peter, what appeared to be a 14 -year old boy, a parent and her child. I didn't win, but I was brought up and treated to a riddle by Bert. First, he asked about what my name was. I responded, and he then treated me to the riddle: What is green and smells like paint? It was green paint. After the game, I got this group photo:

                          Then, another time, I was waiting in line for a photo with Alice and the Queen of Hearts, and Alice noticed me, and she said "Hello, sir. how are you today?" I said I was fine, and I mentioned how Bert got mad because I mentioned Harry Potter, and she asked me if I had read the new book. I explained to her that while the new movie was good, I felt that they had kind of blasted through the story without anything real. She told me that her movie suffered the same fate because it was comprised of two books, compressed into one movie. She was very nice to have held off a little child who was going to go up to her, and she said (very nicely, NEVER RUDE AT ALL!), "Would you wait just one moment? We are having a conversation."She asked me ifI would like a photo, and so I bowed to the Queen, and we took this photo:

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                            Re: Best Character Experience?


                            I guess this would have to be it. :yea:
                            Check out my flickr photos!


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                              Re: Best Character Experience?

                              ORDDU: Well, I was never the sort of witch to kiss and tell...but I must admit I had quite a heavenly experience on Pirates of the Caribbean with Gaston a few years back. He was still on the rebound from Belle at the time or I don't suppose he'd have given me a second look--

                              ORGOCH: --as I recall he didn't even know ya'd sneaked inta the boat with him 'til it was too late, sister! Tanked up as he was--'long with how dang dark it was--I cain't imagine any other reason he would a stayed inside a boat with an old tramp like yerself!

                              ORDDU: (Ahem!) As I was saying, another time I will always remember is when Tarzan gave me swinging lessons through the trees. I don't know when I've EVER seen a vine that long and thick before!!


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