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A Weekend Of Disneyland Fun Trip Report


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  • A Weekend Of Disneyland Fun Trip Report

    Day One:

    The day started at 1 PM when I arrived at the park after the rain stopped. It was a nice day!

    The plan was to meet a new MCer and spend a couple of hours in the park.

    Stitch sat comfortably in my makeshift carrier, hehehe!!

    I waited patiently for the tram.

    DL_Lover texted me saying that he will be late and be arriving at 2 PM and still be meeting at the Tiki Bar for some Dole Whip Floats. So, to kill some time, I fast passed Space Mountain and rode Big Thunder.

    We veered to the left to TOT. The line was 20 minutes.

    Upon entering the hotel, it was decorated in Halloween decoration.

    Some random pics


    Some pipes

    A Wall

    The boiler

    Stitch just hanging around TOT.

    Ride photo

    Next it was California Screamin

    Our next destination was to Golden Screeeeeeeeeeaaaaammmmmms!!!

    Out host, Upton Nogood!!

    The handheld mirror decides the winner of the scariest villain!!!

    A new villain is chosen!

    Captain Hook interrupts.

    Next, we exited DCA into DL to go on Space Mountain.

    We headed towards Pirates, but decided to skip it due to the long line. We went on Indy instead with a 15 minute wait.

    Stitch all strapped in comfortably on Indy

    Next stop was the Jungle Cruise!!

    We walk through Fantasyland and saw that Dumbo had a short line, so DL_Lover persuaded me to go on it, and I obliged!

    Stitch buckled in on Dumbo.

    DL_Lover looking back at me!

    Out last ride of the night was Peter Pan with the usual 45 minutes.

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    Re: A Weekend Of Disneyland Fun Trip Report

    Day Two:

    The say started as any Sunday, I woke up around 7AM and made it to the front gates around 8:30 AM. Once the park opened, I heading into TL to Space Mountain, grabbed a fast pass for later and went through the stand by queue.

    Got off, went on Buzz!

    It was just the beginning the day!!

    For some reason, I had this CRAZY urge to ride my old attraction, Astro Orbitor?? Why?? I was out of my mind!!

    View from the top

    Next stop, Big Thunder Mountain

    I decided to go on HMH next to take a picture of doll dressed up as the bride with the red beating heart, but couldn’t get it.

    I then proceeded to the front of the Golden Horseshoe for the first set of the Laughing Stock Co. That is my favorite set.

    Black Jack trying to scare a little girl, but unsuccessful.

    The sheriff spies on them

    The sheriff saying that he will keep an eye on them, Black Jack feels special!

    Black jack is being this close to an idiot………………… so he steps away!

    The sheriff demands respect from them. R – E – S – P – C – T. Respect!

    The robbers seizing the opportunity, robs the audience.

    The robbers are caught red handed!!

    A shootout occurs………..

    The sheriff chases after the robbers……..

    …………… and catches them with the help of audience participation!!!

    After the show, I exited DL, entered to DCA, and headed towards California Screamin’. I rode it with a 5 minute wait. Afterwards, I went to Golden Screams and caughts some villainous villains…….. and grabbed a picture with them!!

    Prince John PUSHED ME!!!

    Cruella made fun of Stitch and called him “pocket sized,” LOL!!!

    From the corner of my eye, who did I see………………. PUSH!!!!

    As I was waiting for my picture to be taken with the Evil Queen from Snow White, the handlar took my picture when I least unexpected, lol!!

    I slowly creeped up to the Evil Queen and she asked him if I was afraid of her, I said, “Yes”, and she said, “Good,” hahaha!! :lol: The evil Queen wanted this picture to be my default on Myspace, hahaha!!!

    Next up, I headed towards the Sunshine Plaza, or now it’s called, the Candy Corn Acres.

    When I exited DCA, it was near the noon meet, so I proceed towards the Hub. When I got there, I spotted ThRocker. We talked and he pointed out that Rafiki was out, so I went after him.

    I came back and saw Eeyore, and took a picture with him, too!!

    Now, the noon meet:


    The official magnet of the “FishMunkee626Boy Birthday Meet Of DOOM!!!”

    The arrival of the lovable Fishy!




    We got a really large group this week!!!

    Off to lunch at Rancho Del Zocalo!!

    PirateMunkee working on his Birthday present!

    CoheteBoy and his present!

    CoheteBoy feeding his present his churro.

    Stitch Vs. Ewok


    Another present for CoheteBoy

    Afterwards, half of the group split up to go on to Pirates while the rest of us stayed behind. We eventually decided to go on Pirates as well. By the time we neared the end of the ride, Pirates was getting closed up for some odd reason. We exited the ride and waited for the last two remaining of the party. At this point, I was hungry and tired so I decided to call it a night since I went the other day and was pretty much burned out.

    THE END!
    Last edited by Dan - Tasmic!; 09-23-2007, 10:16 PM. Reason: Deleted double picture and enlarged, "THE END!"


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      Re: A Weekend Of Disneyland Fun Trip Report

      Awesome!!! Thanks for sharing your pics for those of us who couldn't be there today!

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        Re: A Weekend Of Disneyland Fun Trip Report

        Great pics Dan! That Golden Screams looks like a good show. I'll have to go check it out! Thanks for sharing.
        Home away from Home.


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          Re: A Weekend Of Disneyland Fun Trip Report

          Nice Dan. Keep up those pictures. Great TR!


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            Re: A Weekend Of Disneyland Fun Trip Report

            Originally posted by royaldisneyfan View Post
            "That Golden Screams looks like a good show. I'll have to go check it out."
            Annikin Skywalker says...

            The contest is fixed, I tell ya, FIXED! Vince McMahon wrote this!


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              Re: A Weekend Of Disneyland Fun Trip Report

              Originally posted by Dan - Tasmic! View Post

              Dude, don't take a picture of me eating!!! HA HA! Just kidding. Great photos, Dan.

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                Re: A Weekend Of Disneyland Fun Trip Report

                Yay! Another picture of me eating my Mickey pretzel with cheese! I especially loved your picture with Rafiki, to think if I had gotten there a bit earlier I could have gotten one too.


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                  Re: A Weekend Of Disneyland Fun Trip Report

                  dan, you always make me giggle and smile.

                  i really love the random shots.

                  thanks for sharing your two day extravaganza with us.

                  kingdom hearts <3er


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                    Re: A Weekend Of Disneyland Fun Trip Report

                    I like the candy corn decor. Very cute.

                    Nice trip report!
                    Code Lee-Oh-Co (Or Jessica, if you want)


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                      Re: A Weekend Of Disneyland Fun Trip Report

                      Is it my imagination, or on the shot of the postcards and stamps on Small World, (green stamp) do the circles make a Hidden Mickey??



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                        Re: A Weekend Of Disneyland Fun Trip Report

                        Very fun pictures and a great trip report! Thanks for getting it posted so quickly! I loved the photo of the kids running around in circles by the Space Mountain queue. That picture was oozing fun. LOL. Thanks again!


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                            Re: A Weekend Of Disneyland Fun Trip Report

                            Halloweentime spoilers?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
                            I need to pay more attention to the tags on these trip reports!
                            It's ok, I will count your pictures as a preview.
                            It's actually "Cars Land", not "Carsland".


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                              Re: A Weekend Of Disneyland Fun Trip Report

                              Haha, I knew it!! I thought it was just me. Maybe I entered my e-mail wrong, but I tried it again, and nothing!!! So, I am glad that it is not me. usually I get it when I check my e-mail.

                              My shirt is "I <3 GC" which stands for "I love Guest Control", parades, Fantasmic!, fireworks, etc........... the people wving those bright, bright flashlights and yelling, "Stay to you right!", "Keep moving", and "YOU ARE GOING THE WRONG WAY!!!"


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