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9/25 and 9/26 trip report with pics


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  • 9/25 and 9/26 trip report with pics

    We arrived at the park at around 5pm, the crowds were fairly light. But got much heavier when DCA closed at 6PM.

    Halloween Decor was in full bloom

    Our first ride was Autopia

    Then we headed over to get something to eat at the Blue Ribbon Bakery and watch the parade.
    The Grand Marshal for the Parade was a man with a 3 of his friends, they were the winners of the penthouse prize for the day. No nuclear family for the prize this day. The Marine Corp Band from Camp Pendleton started out the parade

    With Ratatouille following a bit later

    The rest of the parade followed

    Main Street is pretty at night

    On 9/26 we were up and over to DL for the opening. The esplanade was pretty empty when we arrived

    We got in and waited for rope drop, then the crowd dispersed

    Goofy was signing autographs

    We were on the first boat out on the Jungle Cruise, the piranhas were working better than last time I was there. The giraffes were hanging out

    We wandered a bit then got lunch and watched the Jedi Training Academy

    After a few more rides we sat near city hall and had a snack before heading home. Here's the crowd level at about 2PM

    We had a nice trip. The lines were short, but we did not try to ride Nemo this time.

    We saw the Dream Squad 4 times. One crew was hanging out near Big Thunder Mountain with their white vests, but no one walked past them, so I don't know what they were giving out. The second squad was heading someplace. The third we came upon while moving from Frontierland to the Castle on one of the side paths. We were given lanyards with pins and were filmed getting them. We saw the forth squad, a HUGE squad too must have been 10-12 of them, as were were headed back to the GC, they were handing out dream ears at the tram at 3:00pm. I like our lanyards, we had gotten fast passes last year when this all first started, but hadn't gotten anything since. We didn't even see any squad members when we were at WDW last spring.

    Thanks for reading!

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    Re: 9/25 and 9/26 trip report with pics

    Wow! Very nice pictures. You are right, Main street looks great at night. Come to think of it, not too shabby in the daytime either.

    Thanks for posting!


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      Re: 9/25 and 9/26 trip report with pics

      Great pictures and thanks for sharing!


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        Re: 9/25 and 9/26 trip report with pics

        Awesome Main Street pics!

        Thank you for sharing with us.


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          Re: 9/25 and 9/26 trip report with pics

          Great shots of Main Street. Thanks for sharing!
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