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  • startours 1st TP(no photos)

    Sorry, but I haven't gotten my digital camera repaired yet, but I hope to soon. Anyways I took the OCTA from long beach to Harbor blvd. in about 40mins. Not too bad. I arrived at the park at about 10:00 a.m. and the crowds were already lining up. So I decided to let the disneyland crowds calm down a bit so I headed over to DCA, I went on Soarin which is always a cool ride, then made my way over to Grizly River run. I don't know if it's supposed to be like this, but have you ever noticed the pipes that you go under when you go up the lift? Well those pipes were leaking water and it was spitting water all over the place. If it's not supposed to be like this, then disney better get those fixed. But the rest of the ride was enjoyable. After I was done with those I went over to Disneyland where the enterance calmed down a little. The 50th exibit was still closed for it's refurb, and there was no signs of Mr.Lincon returning. The park was fairly crowded for being 11:30. The first ride I went on was indy, that was a walk on. Next I decided to explore Nemo. I got in line, and 25 mins. later, I couldn't stand anymore, so I got out. I'm very impatient sometimes. I decided to head on over to New Orleans square and check out haunted mansion, as I was headed over there, I stepped on a piece of gum. Do you know how fusterating this is? I was PO'd. But I simply picked it off and continued walking. HM was a walk on as well as Pirates of the carribean. The only thing getting the most attention was either Nemo, or the shows that they had going on at that time. I headed into Downtown Disney, and went off and ate at the ESPN zone. I got the ESPN burger along with a tall Sam Adams Octoberfest.MMMMM.. after that I decided to head upstairs to do some arcading. They finally fixed the hockey game. I played that game, I threw the football, I pitched, I maxed out at 52 miles an hour, I'm weak... I shot hoops, and I raced nascar. ESPN zone is very fun and entertaining. If you haven't been there yet, I sugest you go. After that I headed back into the park and to my suprise Star Tours was an hour wait. Never expected that to happen. As I was walking over to tomarrowland, I ran into a crowd of people who were all surounding a balloon vendor, by the way this vendor was a beautiful girl, she was so hot, anyways, so anyone knows me knows that I'm phobic to balloons and I can't get too close to them, well, I kinda started panicking, like I was going into a panick attack, and everyone was looking at me like "whats this guys problem?", so I quickly made a U-Turn and walked the other way, I was eventually okay, that was just an akward moment to have at disneyland. I think. After that I went and saw billy hill, and I saw a Dapaer Dans show, then I headed over to Nemo one last time. I asked the CM,"I heard a rumor that this attraction was going down for a refurb next month, any truth to that?" and this is what he told me "Why would it go down for a refurb? We just opened this attraction, but I know what your talking about, Iv'e heard that rumor too. And theres no truth to it, we will be open all of next month, and the months after that". So just to clear up that little misscue rumor. I lef the park at 7:00 p.m. I had an enjoyable time. My first time back sence June, so it was a well deserved trip. I'll try to get pix next time, I promise. Until then. Keep reading michty Micechatters

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    Re: startours 1st TP(no photos)

    The pipes on the Grizzy River Run lift hill are suppost to split water. They turn them on on hot days and off on cold.
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      Re: startours 1st TP(no photos)

      Yeah, that's what I first thought too, because when I first rode the ride, it wasn't there and then I was so freaking surprised the next time!


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        Re: startours 1st TP(no photos)

        I'm sorry I saw Star Tours First TP... and I thought they added a bathroom. Nice trip report though.
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