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random wondering about Club 33 waitlist


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  • random wondering about Club 33 waitlist

    My boyfriend asked me this and I gave him a definite answer because I was embarrassed that I didn't know. I don't know if any of you are likely to know more...but I guess a lot of people on these boards are in the know about random stuff, especially as related to things like Club 33.

    Do you think there's anyone famous enough that they could bypass the waiting list for Club 33 membership? I said no...but what if Arnold Schwarzenegger or Bill Clinton or George W Bush or someone similarly world-famous wanted to come to DL and go to Club 33? It would be a sweet photo op to have the Governator in the park - would they let him in and not give him a membership? What if he was really keen to have a membership and willing to pay the money? Would he still have to wait several years?

    How do waiting rules apply to corporations? I'd assume companies such as the sponsors of Innoventions, as well as Coca-Cola, McDonalds, and so on have corporate memberships, right? Did they have to wait on the list, or would Disney bend over backwards for their sponsoring companies (seems like the latter would make more sense financially, but it spoils a little of the romance)?

    I guess what I'm asking is how strict the rules about waiting lists are, and who the Club 33 people would be willing to bend them for. I'd like to imagine that if Bill Gates came up and said he'd build a new ride on his own dime, they'd still make him put his name at the bottom of the queue...but somehow I don't think so. I'm just wondering how famous I'll have to be before I can go up to Guest Services, demand a membership, and get it that day. Like, Britney Spears famous (although she was a Mouseketeer ), or Paul McCartney famous? Or would both of them have to wait?

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    I'm sure that special Club 33 "invites" go out to all the famous folks that enter the park. My cousin has a corp membership through Wells Fargo, but I want my own.

    I have been waiting for three and a half years since I first requested to be put on the list. It has been two years since my last "are you still interested in joining" letter. I hope that they haven't forgotten me!!! :confused:


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      the waiting list is about 7 years right now for a "civilian." Depending on WHO wants a membership, things can be done to *significantly* shorten that time frame.
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