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  • Suites (Princess and Pirate)

    My first post =)

    I have a question regarding the DLH's princess diaries suite. I have read about it in several different online press releases and wanted to try and book it for a night in our upcoming visit but when I called the usual number the person I was speaking with had no idea what I was talking about and said they didn't have this room, and likewise with the pirates room.

    Anyone ever book these, know the cost, what Im supposed to ask for etc?

    Or any other suite in either the DLH or GCH?

    I am particularly interested in so called "named" suites or "themed" suites (but info on other suites would also be great) because this will be an extra-special trip, so any info at all would be wonderful!!

    Pictures and/or prices would also be great!!

    Thanks so much!
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    you can also do a google search and include the word disneyland in your search.

    I hear the pirate suite is something like $2000 a night...

    if you make it there, take pictures and post them here on micechat!

    good luck!


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      Re: Suites (Princess and Pirate)

      You can find a trip report here, thanks to our esteemed dsnylndmom! Lucky!

      And welcome to MiceChat!
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        Re: Suites (Princess and Pirate)

        thanks for the quick responses!

        wow it looks amazing - and hard to get and expensive!!

        maybe for this trip will stick to the more "ordinary" suites.

        Any tips for those?

        Thanks again!


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          Re: Suites (Princess and Pirate)

          I wonder how much this costs? What an amazing room! What hotel is this in?


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            Re: Suites (Princess and Pirate)

            The Pirates suite is still there. We did a walk through of it a couple of months ago. It was really very nice, except the view of the neighborhood across Walnut. But I loved the dining room table.


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              Re: Suites (Princess and Pirate)

              Originally posted by flyinshirer View Post
              What an amazing room! What hotel is this in?
              It's in the Disneyland Hotel, the Sierra Tower. The trip report that SusieP. quoted was from the very last weekend in June of this year.

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