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Family guy looking for advice for the 17th


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  • Family guy looking for advice for the 17th


    A while back I made plans through AAA to visit Disneyland on the 17th and 18th. I knew that it being the summer, things would be nuts, but I had no idea about the 50th Anniversary celebration at the time. D'oh! I have been to DisneyWorld in FL a bunch of times, but this will be our first visit to DL. We're staying at the Anaheim La Quinta Inn which is a Good Neighbor hotel and is supposed to be pretty close to the park. I will be going to the park with my wife, my 8 year old son and my 15 year old brother-in-law. Now that I know about the 50th anniversay thing, we're trying to do our best to prepare for it.

    How early do us normal (non-super fans) folks need to get to the park in order to be relatively sure we'll get in? There's no way we can do 2AM, but we can get there earlier than opening for sure.

    Is there any chance we'll get to ride any rides at all?

    Can you walk to the park from the La Quinta?

    Will the parks be much less crowded on Monday? Or just about the same?

    I'm hoping that between Sunday and Monday we'll be able to have a good time without going completely insane. Can you set my fears to rest?

    Thanks for any help/advice/words of encouragement!!

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    Re: Family guy looking for advice for the 17th

    I would assume you're safe as long as you arrive by 10, but to be sure, at least get there at 8.

    Bring your patience, the place is going to be PACKED on Sunday (18th will be much better, I think)

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      Re: Family guy looking for advice for the 17th

      The last time I was there on a high capacity day, the lines for everything were huge (meaning, absolutely nothing under an hour). That being said, I think that many of the super fans, as you called us (I like it!) are going to be expecting not to ride anything, so you'll find large numbers of people grabbing a desirable spot and staying there for the rest of the day. That's what I observed on May 5th, and the result was that we ended up riding nearly everything that we wanted to. Of course, we also got screwed for seating for the fireworks and the parade. Since you're there for two days, I would suggest completely bypassing these crowd-pleasers on Sunday, since the best seats will have been staked out far in advance. You'll find shorter lines for the rides, and you'll be able to get much better seats on Monday. Since they're putting in a third showing of Fantasmic!, you should be able to get decent seats for that. (Personally, I'd suggest riding Big Thunder during the fireworks. There are no lines, and it's an experience unlike anything I've ever done.)

      With 80,000 people in the park, you're probably not going to get to ride much on Sunday, unless you ride during the big shows or manage to get some Fastpasses before they disappear. Monday should be much less crowded, so you should probably plan on doing most of your riding then. For Sunday, just go with the flow.

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        Re: Family guy looking for advice for the 17th

        I can't not say this: every time I see this thread title, I keep thinking, "Wicked sweet, hehhehhehhehheh!"

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