To whom it may concern:

On Sunday, October 7th My wife and some of our friends visited your resort, being that all 9 of us are premium pass holders this was not the first time we have been to Disneyland, but this has been the only time we have felt mistreated and really dissapointed with a cast member. I am currently unable to walk because of a fractured ankle so on this particular evening my wife and I rented a wheel chair to make our visit easier. Towards the end of the night the group decided to board Space Mountain. As we are making our way through the handicap entrance, my is having trouble maitaing control of me because we are going downwards through the hallway. At one of the turns my wheelchair slips from my wifes hands and down I go, as I come to a crashing halt at the door way, a cast member by the name of [Removed] jumps over me screaming at the cast member that was handling the handicap line to: "Make them wait 5 more minutes, make them wait 5 more minutes". Then [Removed] proceeds to whisper something in the ear of the other cast member. As we board to cart I ask the cast member what was told to him by [Removed] , and he responds,"[Removed] said you guys were being dumb and to hold you 5 more minutes". When we are finally set on the track [Removed] who is now checking the lap bars, purposely does not check the lap bar from everyone in our group. Our complaint is that [Removed] instead of checking if I was ok after my crash, jumped over me, and treated us like 1st graders by puttinng us on a 5 min time out. Then after doing that, does not check our lap bars not following a Disney procedure that is followed by all the other cast members that have helped us in the past 4 years as pass holders. The Incident was between the time of 10:00 pm and 10:30pm on Saturday October 7th, 2007. The cast members name is [Removed] . Please respond to this issue because I dont want some grumpy cast member to ruin not just our night but the night of future guest to Disneyland.

Thank You so much.