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The Roos' TR Gay Days, 2007


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  • The Roos' TR Gay Days, 2007

    Okay, here it goes.

    For the two years I've been on these boards I've read trip reports from the mountains of Utah to the winters in Paris. I neverr felt compelled to put pen to paper until now. It seems you all had the wit and charm enough that nothing I could ever write could top all of you!

    If I have the guts to write. See, words are limiting. As soon as I say something is blue, you all will take my words for granted, you trusted readers, and I'll be doing the object blue an injustice. It might not have been blue. It might have been cerulean or even navy. I hope I can do fairness to all of you I encountered on this trip. I have no, I'm truly sorry--I deeply respect you all.

    But I cannot keep quiet about this most recent trip to Disneyland, California. I mean, I feel like the tykes behind me wailing away. I, too, find myself a bit sad about this last leg of my journey home. My heart aches slightly.

    No, no one is sitting on my chest either.

    I am going to go against Onut's suggestion (I met him on this trip, by the way, a cute man; a great guy--I recommend chatting with him) and bring up the "pain in my elbow." Onut asked, and I wholly concur, not to keep returning to the same aggravtions and dredging them across the boards. In this instance, however, I cannot. My grandfather passed away. And in that moment, this pre-planned vacation to my personal holyland became more then a break from work, it became a rite. A moment in time to cleanse the soul of it's harbours; a moment to see the world from my new place. Now, an entire genertation of my family has been put to rest, the roles of matricarch and patriarch have to realigned. I'm am being swept up, and am still. I've no choice.

    Yeah, personal heavy crap. You could have skipped that whole paragraph without my knowledge and it would not have changed a thing on this report.

    But all this 'heavy' hung over me like pall when I boarded the plan last Thursday. It took a leisure vacation and made it something more.

    We arrived at my mother's on Wednesday without a hitch. She made my partnera steak dinner for his birthday; my dog found the cage-crate we leave for her and snuggled in for a few days.

    We were ready to leave.

    And we were literally blindsided upon arrival.

    Blindsided is a good thing.

    See, my partner and I rarely go out in groups. Not that we don't like them, per se, but we've had each other. There has never been a reason to do so. Or Saturday nights are filled with an evening's decent repast; perhaps some gaming. For those of you in a coupling, you know what I mean. We love to visit with others, but it's rare that we seek such things.

    I believe the term is private. We are very private.

    Let's just say, we've never attended our employers' holiday parties.

    But from Friday night onwards--we were brought up that we were part of something bigger and better.

    Perhaps I'll dare to use the word "family?"

    Ever single person we greeted was warm and acted like we had been attending meets for years. Hugs abounded, smiles warmed.

    And the kid seated behind me, closer, here on the plane has joined the chorus of screams. I'm not being a "child hater." I'm being a "child is screaming and making it hard to type" detester.

    There is a difference.

    I'll go ahead and cut to the chase. I'll quip some tales together and hopefully not limit this wonderful experience that we had. I'm too afraid I won't have the capacity to capture the wonderments.

    First the pics:

    Waitin' a DIA

    Please note the nametag! I had to, ya know, put it on, just in case!

    I probably should have mentioned...we're not used to taking pictures! So there's a jump here. Now it's Saturday and Lu, just gave me a jingle while we're on the train to let us know he was at the gate. Strangely, we couldn't see him from this angle.

    Villains Fan, MickeyMaxx, Rixster, FlyBoyHi (sans chaps) at the meet.

    I hope to goodness I get this correctly. PenguinSoda, Alphabassettgrrl, Disneyland1978, Anders, DisneyTim, TarzanTrashCan, Matt Hamand, Judimouse

    Rixster looking like he's in deep thoughts.

    Flyboyhi, Skywaygirl and DisneyIPresume

    Okay, that's part one...let's see if I can keep this going!

    The tales, I promise, will be soon.

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    Re: The Roos' TR Gay Days, 2007

    I'm on the edge of my seat! More pics and story please. Your words are very poetic in nature. Keep writing!


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      Re: The Roos' TR Gay Days, 2007

      great pics and TR!

      Orlando doing good
      Princess of Randomness


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        Re: The Roos' TR Gay Days, 2007

        The pix continue....and then the short tales...

        I see a Clink, Aladdin, Monorail Man and FISHBULB.

        Lunch at the Pacific Wharf. For all of these people? Old hat. For my partner and I? Wonderment!

        MtnGirl! No, she insisted, she wasn't ignoring us.

        I just gotta say this...and I hope it doesn't get me thrown off the boards..but, well, Dusty is cute in person. Just thought I'd mention that!

        DisneyBallerina--I hope I spelled that correctly--not only has perfect teeth, but, well, pretty much is a perfect person. The only thing not perfect? I couldn't visit with her more this busy trip.

        In fact, I couldn't visit with many of you as much as I would have. But I guess that could fate playing her would mean I would have to return. Now...some quick tales, in no order--

        Grumpy4 screaming "You're ROO!" as I checked my fly coming from the bathroom to the hub.

        My partner also finding solace at this trip. He met a fellow gamer from City of Heroes for coffee over at La Brea. The two had teamed together for the past year and had never met. Nor had they known each other's names.

        Meeting Lu and Rick for the first time. 'Nuff said.

        Seeing the Fearless Leader DustySage (I now know his real name) and FishBulb in action. Folks, we're talking movie star status. And they were here before me. I almost felt unworthy!

        Finding out what Sir Clinksalot really means on the queue for the POTC.

        Did you know where the altitude for Magnolia park is?

        PenquinSoda is one of the calmest souls I've ever met.

        Villains Fan is a trip! And she has the same name as I! And she's staying in a room with several other people...and, well, the woman is a walking inneundo.

        Having to work together with SquishieBear, BearRide, Alladdin and really cute gent who was a friend of Ron's!

        CMs who go..."Another MiceChatter?" when getting onto Space Mountain for the third time.

        Bryon from London helping the entire crew onto Haunted Mansion Holiday. Not once did he mention he caught my partner and I doin' stuff the day before just after the loading area. Nice of you, Bri.

        DOOM BGI offering a ride to complete strangers. This is why I like California. "You two make the cutest couple!" he quipped. Thanks, dude.

        DisneyIPresume is a history book. You seriously gotta talk to this guy! His family is from an hour south of us here in da Springs. He taught me the purpose of leaning forward on Pirates... which Princess626 (I think? the wife of PirateMunkee, my hero) elaborated on. She and PixieChick were there when I sank my first boat. Yes, we did the pirate shuffle.

        Meeting Lu and Rick. Meeting Dusty and Fishy.

        We're a bit of a pair of teetotallers, so we skipped out on the drinkin' and headed back to lay down for a bit. We returned to see the fireworks. But they were cancelled. Gave us more time to meet with Flyboyhi, Princess Buttercup, Wesley, Matt Hamand and quiltmaker (? can't remember her online name!). Apparently, they had an exciting announcement, but they told us before they told you all! See? Get to know me! It ended up to be something of an evening of just chatting and ridin' the rides. Memories, folks, memories.

        Wolfy and Wolfette were in a three point stance during the Quest. I just think they needed shoulder-ma-pads to get the whole competative thing going well.

        TarzanTrashCan and Disneyland1978 asking where was my kilt. The first MiceChatter I met in the park. He's made an awesome video on his thread that really motivated me to post. You rock as well.

        Vanessa and, oh dang it, now the memories fade! NO! She had the Wisconsin Engineering teeshirt! I thought she was going to kill to get the last answer on the quest! We chatted for a bit before the final segment of the meet. Her friend was dyin' of allegeries! Who were you! I must know!

        Aashee was bummed about the Angels. I was bummed about leaving. I know the feeling. Hang in there man. Gives you another year to celebrate when they do win.

        I know I'm forgetting some of you. I'm not doing you any justice. As the memories come, I'll post more.

        FINAL THOUGHT--That sitcom, Cheers, had a great tag line: "Where everybody knows your name." It really does. I felt like all my woes had been removed for a short moment. Everyone knew me, I pretty much knew all of you.

        And I cannot thank you enough for this brief opportunity.

        Peace, my brothers and sisters, peace, love, and yeah, maybe some hair grease!
        Roo (and I'm sure Tigs will agree...but he's making din-din)
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          Re: The Roos' TR Gay Days, 2007

          WAIT A MINUTE! YOU posted WHILE I was writing!

          Okay, that's too fast. I think I got whiplash!

          husband, petowner, wordsmith, imagineer, martialist, playwright, traveller, ardent, wit, critic, barista, Taoist, superhero, fortuneteller, reader, fidget, teacher, dreamer, author, blogger, ghosthunter, voter, patient, bear, gourmand, Floridian, friend


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            Re: The Roos' TR Gay Days, 2007

            So far so good ... and you were able to get everyone's names right! I have to agree and say that the friendly atmosphere amongst MiceChatters is what keeps me coming back. Now, I can't wait to read the rest of your report!


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              Re: The Roos' TR Gay Days, 2007

              You guys, it was such an honor to finally have met you both. Roo, I really wish we'd have spent more time together. Big meets seem to have a craziness about them. Come back on a quieter, less crazy weekend and we'll hang out kay? Kay


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                Re: The Roos' TR Gay Days, 2007

                Originally posted by Roo719 View Post
                PenquinSoda is one of the calmest souls I've ever met.
                :lmao: You haven't seen me when I get after people with my mommy stick!!!

                But I agree with O-nut... you guys have got to come back again someday on a not major event! I'm so glad I got a chance to meet you guys and spend a little bit of time talking to you, but hopefully we'll have another chance again someday without all the rush and madness (as much fun as it was)!

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                  Re: The Roos' TR Gay Days, 2007

                  The Wolfette and I weren't that competitive.....were we?

                  Nice meeting the both of you, next time, more time!
                  Mom, remember, it's not what a person is like on the outside that counts,
                  it's what they are like in their HEART!

                  - Wolfette


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                    Re: The Roos' TR Gay Days, 2007

                    What no pic's of your better half?


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                      Re: The Roos' TR Gay Days, 2007

                      Roo, your pictures are great and your tales even better. Thank you for a very different trip report. It was a real pleasure meeting you and Tigs this weekend. Come back soon.


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                        Re: The Roos' TR Gay Days, 2007

                        I've got pics of both halves at Dinner on Friday night.

                        It was a pleasure meeting both of you and actually being able to spend some time with you. The weekend went by WAY too quickly but I really am glad we had a chance to meet.

                        You guys are awesome!!!


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                          Re: The Roos' TR Gay Days, 2007

                          I'm so glad you and Tigs could come to the park! I'm so glad to meet you! I agree- come back on a non-crazy weekend.

                          Words fail me at the moment.
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                            Re: The Roos' TR Gay Days, 2007

                            Roo and Tig, it was so awesome seeing you guys this weekend. I'm honored that I got to be your first in-park Mcer. You guys totally rock. Thanks for the kind words and the great times. I really hope we get to see each other again sooner rather than later.

                            Are you telling me that you built a theme park.. out of a vinery and a bear shaped mountain?!!?..
                            - WestsideCM99


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                              Re: The Roos' TR Gay Days, 2007

                              Beautiful trip report! It was awesome to read! And I'm so impressed at how many names and faces you know after just one meet!

                              I am so glad you and your partner decided to join is for this meet! We all loved you guys!:love:


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                                Re: The Roos' TR Gay Days, 2007

                                I'm so very glad that I met you and Tigs at Gay Days this year. Meeting such cool people as yourselves was one of the highlights of my weekend.


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                                  Re: The Roos' TR Gay Days, 2007

                                  Great to meet you both.
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                                    Re: The Roos' TR Gay Days, 2007

                                    What a wonderful trip report!!! I'm so sad that I didn't get to meet the two of you It sounds like you had a faulous trip and I hope you take Onut's advice and come back during a less busy time period!

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                                      Re: The Roos' TR Gay Days, 2007

                                      Absolutely, positively, :love: these men. Every time I told somebody that Roo and Tigs wold be here for the weekend, to a person, they did a happy dance. Me thinks the folks from Colorado had no idea what a built-in fan club they had! Thanks for everything, guys!
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                                        Re: The Roos' TR Gay Days, 2007

                                        I just remembered something kind of funny about the time Ken and I spent with Roo and Tigs. It was really noisy in the park of course and Tigs said something along the lines of "We're from the part of Colorado that's most likely to get bombed" and I said something like "Cool!" Then I said "Wait, what did you just say?" because he was looking at me with this puzzled look like "Why would that be cool?" :lol:

                                        You guys were great! Oh and I loved Tigs' name necklace. I couldn't stop looking at it!


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