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What year was your first visit?


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  • What year was your first visit?

    My first visit to Disneyland was summer 1973. I was six years old and all I can remember of the trip is that the taller costumed characters -- Br'er Bear, J. Worthington Foulfellow, et al. -- scared the living hell out of me.

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    Re: What year was your first visit?

    I think mine was 93,I remember as we were leaving I was on my dad shoulders crying and screaming and reaching for it.I was screaming "I DONT WANNA LEAVE, I DONT WANNA"
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      Re: What year was your first visit?

      89 for DLR, 72 for WDW
      "Search the boat...."
      First works spoken by Captain Nemo (James Mason) in the Disney classic - 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea

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        Re: What year was your first visit?

        My first visit was the spring of 74!

        The first visit I remember was the summer of 76, and I only remember getting a necklace. That's all I remember.


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          Re: What year was your first visit?

          Hmmm...I would guess mid to late 80's


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            Re: What year was your first visit?

            Mine was in 1981. I was two and don't remember squat. The first one I remember was... probably 1983... i think. I remember being scared to death of just about everything, and my dad forcing me to go on everything we could. no kiddie rides for us thank you very much. I was tall and could ride EVERYTHING even though I didn't want to. He made me and now I'm glad he did. Now no ride or other scary stunt (like bungee jumping for example) scares me bad enough not to do it.
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              Re: What year was your first visit?

              1955. I was five and remember very little.
              "Yesterday, a man walked up to me and said, 'Isn't it a shame that Walt Disney couldn't be here to see this?' and I said, "He did see this, that's why it's here."
              -Art Linkletter July 17, 2005-

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                Re: What year was your first visit?

                Summer of '76, I was almost 9. I remember being afraid to go on HM. Those gigantic headed characters in America on Parade freaked me out a little too. I wouldn't eat at the pirate ship in Fantasyland because if had tuna - yuck! The inside of Matterhorn was all open and had silver lined insulation all over.
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                  Re: What year was your first visit?

                  1965. I was 3 and bonding with the piggies even then.


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                    Re: What year was your first visit?

                    I have no idea. I know I must have been VERY small though, because I still remember things like Motorboat Cruise pre-Gummies, Star Tours soft opening, etc.

                    So my guess would be that I was probably to DL at least once (probably more, like annually) in the 70's. Definitely annually in the 80's.

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                      Re: What year was your first visit?

                      Mine was 1970ish...yeah, I'm old! Never wanted to leave, even when I was asleep in my Dad's arms! I loved the old pirate ship and had to have a tuna sandwich everyday...we also loved the Welches grape juice stand in had a mural from Fantasia on the back wall and I always wanted it painted in my room! :gladsad:
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                      - Skipper Mike


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                        Re: What year was your first visit?

                        1995 I was 7 or 8.
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                          Re: What year was your first visit?

                          July of 1967 - 4 years old

                          I remember Jungle Cruise, Pirates and RR to Natures Wonderland most vividly. I came home with a giant map - I have been hooked ever since!
                          The Mur
                          Two different worlds.....we live in two different worlds


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                            Re: What year was your first visit?

                            I was born in '67, so first trip was probably '68 or '69. FIrst trips I have memories of were like '71, '72 when I was 4-5ish. Then couple times a year pretty much every year after that until '89 when the U.S. Navy sent me to live in Hawaii for 4 years.... then I moved to Colorado for a decade in which I only visited 3 times.

                            First trip to WDW was '78 when it was just MK, lots of hotels and a VERY long monorail ride.


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                              Re: What year was your first visit?

                              1979.......I was 12........

                              1st ride.............Monorail*
                              2nd ride............Submarine Voyage*
                              3rd ride.............PeopleMover
                              4th ride.............Circle Vision
                              5th ride.............Matterhorn Bobsleds*
                              6th ride.............Motor Boat Cruise
                              7th ride.............It's a Small World
                              8th ride.............Horse Drawn St. Car
                              9th ride.............Disneyland Railroad*
                              10th ride...........Pirates of the Caribean*
                              11th ride...........The Haunted Mansion
                              12th ride...........Mark Twain
                              13th ride...........Adventure thru Innerspace
                              14th ride...........Space Mountain
                              15th ride...........Stroy Book Land Canal Boats
                              16th ride...........Dumbo
                              17th ride...........Casey Jr. Circus Train
                              18th ride...........Sky Way to Tomorrowland
                              19th ride...........Tomorrowland Autopia
                              20th ride...........Jungle Cruise*
                              21st ride...........Swiss Family Treehouse
                              22nd ride..........Rafts to Tom Sawyers Island

                              *Went on more then once


                              1st Restaurant...Mazies Pantry(Disneyland Hotel)
                              2nd Restaurant...French Market
                              3rd Restaurant...American Egg House
                              4th Restaurant...Hungry Bear
                              5th Restaurant...Plaza Pavillion
                              6th Restaurant..Captain Hooks Galley
                              7th Restaurant..A steakhouse at the Disneyland Hotel(not sure of name)


                              My first trip to Disneyland also included a side trip to the now long gone Marineland

                              Waiting for Godot


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