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  • Help Photo pass

    First off I am a terrible photographer ( take lousy pics , family joke , did she get our heads in the picture?) My hubby forgets to take pics of our family we have photos of every ride / attraction at the park but very little of our family, dd too busy with kids to take pics ( carries camera for decroration), I am jealous off all the pics posted on Micechat by fantastic photographers!!! I want some good memorable pictures of my family at DL. Is photo pass the answer? where do I sign up? I understand you pick and pay for pics later but where do they take the pictures? All over? certain locations? I need photo help!

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    Re: Help Photo pass

    With a Photo Pass, they give you a card so that you can take a look at them later, either in the Photo Supply or at home. You can take a look at them and if you like it, you can buy them.


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      Re: Help Photo pass

      But the photopass pictures are more expensive. I don't know what they charge if you pick them up in the park but online the smallest you can get is a 5 X 7 for $12.95 and I think the photo CD is $124. And the photopass photogs don't always get the greatest shots either.

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        Re: Help Photo pass

        PhotoPass Cast member will have a card on he or she. after take the Picture they will give you the card

        two was you can get the photo is go to Photo place or go to the web site
        there is no Charge for 30 on the web site after 30 you need buy them or pay fee to keep on disney web site.

        CM will at move main View area like castle or cal Scranmin walk way.
        I wish that disneyland Photo pass CM are with the disney characters
        but sadly they do not do it.

        If you go to WDW Photo pass CM are every where and characters.

        I hope this help you.

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          Re: Help Photo pass

          Also, you can ask CM's to take your picture for you, if that would help.
          You can even ask a photopass CM to take a picture for you with your camera but you should be polite about it and allow them to take a photopass version first.


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            Re: Help Photo pass

            You'll get better results by learning to take better photos yourself. It's not an incurable malady.

            * Study the manual and the camera itself. Learn how YOUR camera works and develop a pretty clear understanding of what buttons do what, and practice to the point where you don't have to spend five minutes thinking about each control.
            * Make sure your fingers aren't covering the lens.
            * Understand the value of checking your photos on the display screen and then deleting/retaking bad ones.
            * Try to keep your hands steady. Don't hold the camera way far away; keep it close to your body and if possible, support your arms against something else.
            * Know how to turn the flash on and off.
            * Know when to use the flash.
            * When you're framing the shot, make sure all the heads are in frame (), make sure the autofocus goes for the faces instead of the background, and press the button. Then evaluate the shot on the screen, decide if you want to retake, and then go for it. It's really not that hard as long as you keep consciously thinking about what you're doing; don't go onto autopilot. EDIT: If you want to get technical about artistic merits of a good photo, there's something called the Rule of Thirds. Basically, think of your photo as a box that you cut into three parts, vertically and horizontally. The edges that cut along are good places to put stuff. Centered shots are boring; try putting all the faces a third away from the top. If you're taking a shot of Space Mountain, try putting it a third from the right side. And so on and so forth.

            If you'd rather your husband does the shooting, remind him to take family shots! I fall victim to the same thing. While I'm there, all I want to shoot is the environment, but when I get home, I want to see some people photos, too. If you see a great photo op but don't feel comfortable taking it yourself, ask him! It's okay. And remember that it's all right to ask other people to take the photos for you so everyone can get in the shot. Just don't single out people who seem hurried, agitated, or incapable of speaking English.


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              Re: Help Photo pass

              Sometimes I am not sure my Dh understands and speaks english. It seems like photo pass is a bit limited at DL . I have read the camera manual, sort of... and I went thru all the buttons on the camera...sunset..doucument..portrait..etc to see what they did . I always try to keep the settings on "auto" for anything thats allowed focus..flash...Instead of taking a good guilty pleasure book to bed I think I will take the camera manual. I am thinking photo pass is not the answer. For that price per picture maybe I could hire the photographer from dd wedding at DL to come with us and take pictures.


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                Re: Help Photo pass

                "I wish that disneyland Photo pass CM are with the disney characters
                but sadly they do not do it.

                If you go to WDW Photo pass CM are every where and characters. "

                I hope this help you.[/quote]

                I think having a photopass photographer tagging along with each idividual character would kinda ruin the spotaniety/fun that happens when you meet your favorite disney character(just my 2 cents). Can I get everyone elses opinion on this?


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