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Fishbulb's 10.06.07-10.07.07 Gay Days trip report


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  • Fishbulb's 10.06.07-10.07.07 Gay Days trip report

    authors note: I do apologize for not posting this report sooner as I was pretty much wiped our from the weekend and knew there would already be so many wonderful reports. However, due to AbominableSnowman's prodding, I finally found time to file this report.

    This past weekend at the Disneyland resort was the unofficial Gay Days Weekend in which gays, lesbians and those who support equality are invited to come out for a weekend of fun at the parks and elsewhere. to coincide with the weekends festivities MiceChat concocted a full weekend of crazy fun. Me, personally, I was involved with putting the events together so things were a little hectic.

    Saturday Morning Dusty and I made it to the front gates by 9:45 am just in time to make the 10:00 am meet near the Haunted Mansion at Magnolia Gardens.

    Groggy from the previous night's They Might Be Giants concert at the DTD House of Blues we bumbled our way up Main Street USA. The day was young and already I was seeing red.


    We got to Magnolia Gardens and there were already MC'ers hanging out. A collection of old friends and familliar names were already there. I was particularly excited to finally meet my pal Roo and his partner TIgs.

    A blinky alphabassetgirl, roo719 and Tigs

    My martini friend DisneyTim and VilliansFan

    Larasound and his adorable son at their first meet.

    Disney1978, SirClinksalot and Doom BGI

    My two new friends from Canada. They were just the nicest people

    DLCM and CrazyLegs

    I collected FastPasses for the group and ran over to get FP's for Haunted Mansion Holiday

    The HMH FP machines

    It was time for the 10:30 cruise on the Mark Twain so the group migrated over. As luck had it the boat was loading and ready to go as we stepped on board.

    The rumble seat gang. Sit there some time. It's fun!


    when we returned the dock had gotten even more red!

    Look at the crazy leather jacket. It's like a Gay Matrix! The Gaytrix.

    I heart my alterna-wife SusieP.

    The fabulous boys who put together Gay Days Anaheim

    The Mark Twain set sail bedecked in a wash of red. We MiceCHatters, however, were looking for the redhead. We all set sail for PIrates

    The Mark Twain leaves the dock

    Sunnygirl, DinseylandMom and Stinkerbelle. Too much sexy here. move on

    Pengy and Adelade

    SnowWhiteRaven. Yeah, she is very kissable

    We boarded the boat and devised to give MonorailMan, Adelade and PenguinSoda a special seat up front. LOL

    Surprise MonorailMan, Adelade and PenguinSoda!

    In heavier boats the seas tend to get a little stormy for the front row.

    The redhead

    Being that it was a special weekend and all MiceChat planned noon meets for both Saturday AND Sunday.

    SusieP., LuvsLilo, DisneylandMom and Grumpy4 power walk to the meet

    Olympicnut and Belle greeted us with BIG SMILES to the meet.


    Fishbulb, RonNYC and Dustysage

    CHernabog, CaliforniaAdventurer and Delbert

    My dear friend Shane brought me a belated b-day present. SWEEEEEEET

    Skyway GRL and DisneyBalernia. BFF

    The Forbidden Eye suddenly showed up to the meet too!

    Girl, and we met some new friends too.

    Jamal and his cool shirt


    With the meet out of the way, it was time to head over to DCA for some yummy food at Pacific Wharf and a Margarita.

    along the way we found some apples

    Dusty leads the crew

    Okay, so we get over to the Pacific wharf area and we all split up to get food and drinks and tables and all that. The food was fine but I gotta say; the Margaritas there are total WEAKSAUCE. I caught not a single hint of a buz from the chincy $7.49 margarita I got. My advice? Save your money and hit the Cove Bar, or I mean, the Cover Bar.

    I was ticked so I wandered over tot he Trattoria to grab a Shiraz. After getting my wine I wandered past the outside dining area and spotted some DMCA peeps having lunch.

    I tempted them with my beads.

    We then headed BACK over to Disneyland for the BIG GAY DAYS group pic at the Festival Arena. The line was HUGE. and stretched all of the way past the entrance to Big thunder Mountain!

    end of the line

    Chuck Oberleitner showed up with his trusty camcorder

    the lovely DisneyBalerina

    as the first group left we headed in. Yes, the crowd was so huge they had to take two pics!

    Mama addresses the crowd.

    The photograph was quick and Painless but MonorailMan, and I were very thirsty so we popped into the Villiage Haus (EEEEEK) for a soda. It was packed and we left but not before I noticed a CM exhibiting TERRIBLE SHOW by hanging a keychain from her dress with personal pics dangling from her waist band. AWFUL

    After procuring refreshment we got to the next meet along the parade route at the Small world Mall waiting for the parade. Princess Buttercup went through the group offering wonderful skeleton suckers. She always brings such wonderful little treats to the meets.

    A new MC friend we made

    Sadako and I were BEAT!

    A rare pic of The Forbidden Eye without a hat on.

    A wonderful, happy couple whose shirts advertised their wedding date. They were so sweet!

    The Gays love a parade

    Tigs and Flyboyhi

    MiceEars Crew member LocalDisneyFan

    Hollywood1939 doing his thing

    The parade was wonderful. We decided it was time to make with the Haunted Mansion Holiday passes we got earlier so all 35 of us hit the Fast Pass line of HMH. The CM's did a wonderful job.

    I wore my prismacolor 3-d glasses to see what HMH looked like with them on.

    Okay now it was time for a drink. Off to the Cove bar. Noone will be there right? Not during Gay Days.

    Westley leads the thirsty group forward

    As we passed Town Square the flag retreat ceremony was going on. Being that Flyboyhi is in the military he was obligated to stop and show respect. We followed his example and all stood quietly

    We got to the Cove bar and...

    It was PACKED


    We got there and lowe, it was packed too! We did find a nice little spot outside that was perfect for our group though and we ordered drinks and brought them out there. We also ran into a former cast member who used to play Bert. What a nice guy.

    Westley, Quiltmaker and Penguinsoda

    Front to back; Adelade, Pezzlighyear, SHowardCPA and Shane

    Dustysage and Fishbulb as the booze began to flow

    don't take pics while buzzed

    MickeyMaxx and Fishbulb. Martinins. 'nuff said.

    SirClinksalot LOVES me

    Frogberto showed up

    Ooooh that's good Grey Goose

    Me and Belle

    Mmmmmmmm Jenidisneyfer

    Dusty addresses the group and invites all who can to come for dinner at PCH Grill

    on to dinner

    We got to PCH Grill and the welcomed us right away and seated us promptly.

    The service at PCH grill, not to mention their ability to quickly serve a HUGE group of 40 fast, was amazing.

    Our two servers were WONDERFUL!!!!!

    This was a WONDERFUL day at Disneyland, but the next day, with the free quest promsed to have even more surpises. So until I post day two...

    THE END!!!
    Last edited by Fishbulb; 10-10-2007, 12:11 AM.
    "All my life I've had one dream, to achieve my many goals.
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    Re: Fishbulb's 10.06.07-10.07.07 Gay Days trip report

    ty for this amazing trip report


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      Re: Fishbulb's 10.06.07-10.07.07 Gay Days trip report

      Awesome TR Fishbulb! As always, wonderful pictures and thank you for sharing.
      Always looking for new Disney friends.


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        Re: Fishbulb's 10.06.07-10.07.07 Gay Days trip report

        OHHOH WOW! thanks for the trip report, love your tr's and was waiting for this one really bad!


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          Re: Fishbulb's 10.06.07-10.07.07 Gay Days trip report

          Originally posted by Fishbulb View Post
          Originally posted by Fishbulb View Post

          don't take pics while buzzed

          Awesome TR, Fishy!! I always love them!! By the way, is there any reason this pictures is upside down?? LOL :lol: You MUST BE really buzzed, hahaha!!


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            Re: Fishbulb's 10.06.07-10.07.07 Gay Days trip report

            Great report. I've been waiting for this one. Thanks for making it.


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              Re: Fishbulb's 10.06.07-10.07.07 Gay Days trip report

              Fabulous TP!! Fabulous!!!:clap:

              And here I am missing another Gay Day weekend at DLR..

              And Clinks looks so butch in red!!

     and Dustybabe look FAB!

              Originally posted by Fishbulb

              Look at the crazy leather jacket. It's like a Gay Matrix! The Gaytrix.
              What leather jacket? I am momentarily distracted by that orange tanktop....


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                Re: Fishbulb's 10.06.07-10.07.07 Gay Days trip report

                Wow the pictures were great. It so nice to have meet you fishbulb.


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                  Re: Fishbulb's 10.06.07-10.07.07 Gay Days trip report

                  Thanks for such a great TR. You guys must of had a BLAST
                  "behind the orange curtain it's not so bad"


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                    Re: Fishbulb's 10.06.07-10.07.07 Gay Days trip report

                    great pictures!!

                    still bummed i couldnt make it, but the pictures make me feel like i was there


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                      Re: Fishbulb's 10.06.07-10.07.07 Gay Days trip report

                      Great Job Fishy! Really fun photos.
                      1st Amendment-Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.


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                        Re: Fishbulb's 10.06.07-10.07.07 Gay Days trip report

                        Wow! Neat TR Fish! Everybody looked so good in red. Hope everyone had fun at the meet!
                        Home away from Home.


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                          Re: Fishbulb's 10.06.07-10.07.07 Gay Days trip report

                          Awesome report and pictures!!


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                            Re: Fishbulb's 10.06.07-10.07.07 Gay Days trip report

                            Ah, there's the report I knew was coming. WOuldn't be a new week without an FB trip report!

                            How nice it was to meet you this weekend, FB. I'll begin questing for a new pair of Cons for my next visit. It will mean it might be some time before I get there, you know, so I can break them in!

                            Thanks for posting this. Thanks for the great weekend. Thanks for being.

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                              Re: Fishbulb's 10.06.07-10.07.07 Gay Days trip report

                              Heh, gaytrix.
                              Follow me on Twitter: @matthamand


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