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Will The Disney Gallery ever come back?


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  • Will The Disney Gallery ever come back?

    What are they going to do with this stupid Dreams Suite after the Year of a Million Dreams is over? Will they move the Disney Gallery back? They are going to have no use for it after the dumb promotion is over. I already miss the gallery and don't look forward to seeing it reserved only for promotion winners.

    It really ticks me off. I want the Disney Gallery back. Let's hope once this senseless promotion is over that it will once again return.

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    Re: Will The Disney Gallery ever come back?

    Don't count on it.

    After the Year of a Million Dreams is over, I suspect that the Dream Suite will become either a very expensive suite for guests to rent out, or become Club 33 expansion, my money being placed on the latter.

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      Re: Will The Disney Gallery ever come back?

      It may come back in some form on Main Street or something, but I think that will remain a room for rent for quite some time.
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        Re: Will The Disney Gallery ever come back?

        It more then likely will be open for guests who are willing to pay. At WDW they're supposedly renting out the room for around $2,000.


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          Re: Will The Disney Gallery ever come back?

          My money is on what MasterGracey says. I don't think they will spend all the money and time to turn it into a upscale hotel room, just to tear it out after a few months to put some pictures back in. I fear the Gallery, and access to the area is lost to the masses forever.

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            Re: Will The Disney Gallery ever come back?

            Just a reminder, all of us in the "masses" were never supposed to be up there in the first place. It was a private apartment for use by the Disney family. That didn't pan out obviously, so the park used it as a private apartment for executives and corporate sponsors for over 20 years.

            Someone posted a fabulous article on here awhile ago from the early 1970's about it being used as a private reception area for executives of the Insurance of North America company and their execs.

            Then for about ten years from the late 70's through the 80's it was offices for Disneyland management.

            I suspect that after the Dreams promotion ends, the upgraded and refurbished space will be used for fancy parties for sponsors, maybe receptions for government figures hosted by Disneyland execs, and/or perhaps rented out at a premium as lodging on occasion.

            And I'm okay with that. If the Disney Gallery really was making as much money as we all think it was, then it would behoove them to create a new store somewhere else on property with the same merchandise mix. And this time, it will at least be accesible to handicapped people confined to wheelchairs.


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