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"Disney Parks" Commercials


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  • "Disney Parks" Commercials

    Okay so I was curious on what everyone here though about the recent "Disney Parks" Commercials...I do enjoy the commercials, they do portray the Disney parks good, but they can be misleading to many...For instance, the recent one I saw was regarding the Suits inside the Disney Gallery and Cinderella Castle...One who doesn't frequent the parks often could assume Cinderella's Castle is at Disneyland...They show clips of both WDW and DL which is pretty confusing to many...I had my parents both come into my room and announce to me that people can stay in the Castle at Disneyland now! Personally I miss the seperate Disneyland / WDW Commercials....Comming from a corporate view I see how they're cutting down on cost by having one generic commercial for all parks though...Any opinions here?

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    Re: "Disney Parks" Commercials

    Don't get me started. Each resort has something unique to offer and these commercials only make them seem all the same. Not to mention, they are completely Disney World-biased. Why would you call them Disney Parks? I know that is what they are, but advertising them as such robs them of their uniqueness.

    Then there is how they cut and paste everything. They have a commercial for Disneyland Paris, but they have Disneyland CA's Main Street in it. They have a commercial for the Paris Tower of Terror, but they use both CA's and FL's. How lazy. Then they have one for all parks, but it uses Anaheim's Main Street with Cinderella Castle at the end. No sense as to why they do this? Film the commercial in the proper park for goodness sake. It is all misleading because you are basically watching false advertising.

    I hate this entire generalization of Disney theme parks. They even have the nerve to slap the DisneyPARKS logo on everything so they can ship it to all the parks without even having to put the specific logo on it. How hard is it to do that? They might as well change the names of all the resorts to DisneyPARKS. I am not at a DisneyPark, I am at Disneyland for goodness sakes.

    I remember at the beginning of the promotion they started stocking the shelves with DisneyParks merchandise and NO ONE bought it. It was ugly and cheap. Then they tried printing the locations of the parks on the shirts under the logo and no one bought it still. Then this year around Easter, I found a bundle of merchandise at Disneyland that had Walt Disney World tags on it! Why the hell would they do that? That was the worst example of how careless this DisneyParks structure really is. I am NOT at Disney World, I am at Disneyland. It is all very frustrating.

    The main reason is because Jay Rasulo thinks everything can be run, done, and advertised the same way. It is how he has this entire theme park structure set up. Everything is essentially fueled out of Walt Disney World. Disneyland is much different than Disney World. Disneyland Paris is much different than Disneyland. Globalization DOES NOT work Jay Rasulo!!!

    Now I know why Tokyo Disney stays out of his messes. They aren't even participating in his second round of Million Dreams. They are too original.
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      Re: "Disney Parks" Commercials

      I agree with Zeus in that the commercials portray the parks well, yet they don't give the best information which can be troubling. I also agree with Disney Mickey that they should have a commerical for each park because each one has something special and unique to offer.
      "behind the orange curtain it's not so bad"


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        Re: "Disney Parks" Commercials

        Pshaw. The parks are all the same. No one will notice the minute details. And besides, it's too expensive to create two different commercials.
        Don't tell us how to market our one set of American Parks.



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