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Matthew's First DL Visit 10/11 & 10/12


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  • Matthew's First DL Visit 10/11 & 10/12

    Wow! Our 2 day trip came and went quickly. We had so much fun, I finally have my DH looking forward to our next trip. Huzzah!

    I'll try to be quick (and not bore you too much), and I have tons of photos to share. Our group included Matthew, me, my hubby, his brother, our friends who are DINKS and love Matthew, and my mom and her husband (Guuma and Guupa).

    Drove up Wednesday night around 6 p.m., and saw our friends who were meeting us there on the 5 fwy at about the toll road (Laguna Niguel). We saw their blurr as they sped by us while waving out the window. On to the Sheraton Anaheim - pricy, but worth it. My father's wife allowed us to use her numerous Starwood points for our stay.

    We had decided to keep the trip a secret from our 4 year old. He thought we were taking a trip to see some of Mommy's friends that she hadn't seen in 2 years. He was excited to find out who they were.

    Thursday morning I tried to get Matthew to wear his Buzz Lightyear shirt. He absolutely would not since he was saving it for when he went to DL. I packed it in the backpack just in case, and headed down for breakfast. Must say the buffet was quite yummy and gave us a good start. Took the shuttle bus to the entry. Still no hint of DL from my DS.

    As we walked to the main gate, Matthew noticed several characters on the other buses and the banners, but still didn't figure out where he was. THEN the Monorail glided by... and I've got this on tape... Matthew looks up, turns to me and says, "Hey! This is Disneyland!" I asked if he was sure, and he said "Yeah, this is Disneyland!" I told him that was where my friends were that I hadn't seen in 2 years, and we were going to Disneyland. I think he was a little overwhelmed since he didn't completely jump up and down. It could be he really didn't know what it all meant - he soon would!

    At least we weren't last in line

    Pumpkin Pluto

    First Entry to DL

    We stopped at City Hall for Matthew's 1st Vist button and Anniversary buttons for me, my DH, and our friends who we celebrate our October anniversaries with each year.

    Goofy in costume!

    Miss Pumpkin Festival entertained us while we waited for my mom and her hubby to get their scooters. Side note: The scooters were lifesavers for them. They would not have been able to enjoy the parks without them. My mom can't walk for long, and her hubby has a condition that doesn't allow him to stand for periods of time. I honestly think they had just as much fun on the scooters than on any rides!

    Matthew liked the buzz pumpkin at the hub

    Our official DL photo

    Off to Fantasyland through the castle

    I liked this mural inside the castle (Sleeping Beauty is my princess after all)

    Castle moat

    Snow White Grotto - I'm wishing!

    Matthew's first ride at DL - King Arthur Carousel

    2nd ride and first dark ride - Mr. Toad's Wild Ride

    We let Matthew tell us what he wanted to ride. We then went on Peter Pan and he really wasn't sure (a little scared) about the dark rides, so we asked what he wanted to ride. The immediate answer was Autopia! Off we went.

    He wanted Mommy to drive

    Where's Uncle Dick?


    Orange County traffic

    We decided to completely skip Nemo this trip and save it for the future when (hopefully) the lines have died down. From here we got Fastpasses for Buzz Astro Blasters and went on Star Tours. Matthew LOVED this ride, and I have to say, I never get tired of it. Then we caught the DL Railroad to Toontown. What a fun place for little ones! I had never been there.

    Firefighter Matthew

    Where's the fire? This little girl was too cute! She really liked Matthew.

    Chip & Dale! Or is is Dale & Chip?

    Roger Rabbit silliness

    Interesting exposure on Roger Rabbit

    Kim and Matthew checking out the Toontown fountain (I love this pic!)

    We took a break for lunch and to recharge our batteries. Then it's off to the Mark Twain. I asked Matthew if he wanted to help pilot the ship, and the said no. He was getting a little tired at this point. He really liked the big paddle boat, though.

    How many people in the world have this photo in their collection?

    Old Mine Train

    Old Mine Train tracks

    Indian Village

    Paddle wheel

    Have they ever had to use this?

    Matthew surfs the Mark Twain!

    Mark Twain flags

    Davey Crockett / Mike Fink Keel Boat

    On to New Orleans Square to ride Pirates and HMH. Matthew loved both. Smart boy!

    Center of DL? Just wanted to add that this survey marker is in NOS on the path that runs near the river towards HM. This is NOT the one always mentioned in Fantasyland as the "center" of DL.

    Someday! Both Kim and Guuma have been - b**chs.

    Saw these guys cavorting the streets of NOS. Yo ho, yo ho, a pirates life for me!

    Daddy and Matthew catch a few zzz's in the lobby of the Blue Bayou while waiting for our table.

    Always love the atmosphere. Food was good, not fantastic. Might try for lunch next time to pig out on the Monte Cristo. Yummmm...

    Said goodbye to Guuma and Guupa for the night, then headed to Buzz to use our Fastpasses. This wound up being Matthew's favorite ride by far and the only one he wanted to ride again.

    Larry gives Matthew a boost at Buzz

    Daddy & Matthew - where's Matthew?

    Mommy & Uncle Dick - I know my score is cr*p - I've never done well on Buzz

    Before the park closed for the night, me, Kim, and Larry wanted to ride Space Mountain. It broke down for about 20 minutes, but we stayed in line. We were able to get on quickly when it came up again. Never get tired of SM either. Too much fun!

    Then we headed back to the hotel for some well deserved sleep. Part 2 (CA Adventure) to come.

    Goodnight Sleeping Beauty Castle

    Goodnight Main Street

    Goodnight pumpkin Buzz

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    Re: Matthew's First DL Visit 10/11 & 10/12

    Cute report. Your son is too precious. It's always nice to see a family spending time together in the park
    <3 Chloe


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      Re: Matthew's First DL Visit 10/11 &amp; 10/12

      Nice! I wish I did something like that for my kids' first visits.


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        Re: Matthew's First DL Visit 10/11 &amp; 10/12

        Originally posted by DebiTasha View Post
        Chip & Dale! Or is is Dale & Chip?

        You're right, Chip is the one with the chocolate "CHIP" nose!

        Looks like you r son had a fun time!! Nice trip report!!


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          Re: Matthew's First DL Visit 10/11 &amp; 10/12

          beautiful pics, thanks for the detailed trip report!


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            Re: Matthew's First DL Visit 10/11 &amp; 10/12

            Very nice TR Matt! Hope you had fun!!!
            Home away from Home.


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              Re: Matthew's First DL Visit 10/11 &amp; 10/12

              :clap: What a great report! Looks like it was a perfect day to spend some time with family and friends in the park! I love how it was Matthew's first visit, that makes it extra special! And don't feel bad about your score on Buzz.... the best I've ever done myself is Level 3. :blush:

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                Re: Matthew's First DL Visit 10/11 &amp; 10/12

                Doh! Forgot this pic of Matthew near Pooh's corner. No pics of DS with characters. He loves to see and wave to them, but not pose with them.

                Day 2, Friday October 12th.

                Matthew decided of the two Mickey shirts I brought for him, he wanted to wear the 50th Anniversary blue one I bought him when I went 2 years ago. It's still a little big on him. Off we went to the buffet breakfast. Must say the French Toast and bacon are by far the best I've had from a hotel buffet.

                Today we concentrated on California Adventure. Again the weather was amazing! God was looking out for us. Matthew loves trains and it was all we could do to keep him out of the shops!

                Off to Soarin'. On the way saw these characters.


                Matthew thought Lightning McQueen was too loud!

                At Soarin', the wait said 30 minutes, but the CM announced it was really over an hour, so... Fastpasses in hand we mosey over to Redwood Creek Challenge Trail. I had not been here, either.

                Had to stop to take a silly picture in front of the plane

                Matthew and the rest of group had a blast on the trail! This was a good alternative for us since we weren't able to make it to Tom Sawyer's, oops, I mean Pirates Lair.

                On the rope bridge

                Look out below!

                Guuma and Guupa cruise the Trail

                Tree slide

                Sleeping Bear Rock

                Guupa shoots the fallen tree!

                We head over to Sunshine Plaza where Matthew rides his first rollercoaster - Mulholland Madness. We told him it was a car ride. He LOVED it!

                Uncle Dick and Matthew wait for their GIANT corn dogs

                My friends have a pic of Matthew with the corn dog. It was as big as his head, no joke!

                Dinosaur in glasses - I love clouds!

                The Evil Queen doesn't look too happy

                On the way back to Soarin' to use our Fastpasses, Kim and I peeled off the group to get Fastpasses on California Screamin'. Back on Soarin', I love to kick the kyakers' heads. I wonder if they ever notice... Matthew recognized when we were over San Diego, especially since we were just downtown for Fleet Week.

                Matthew liked the Candy Corn pumpkins

                I loved how the sun was shining off of the... well... sun - and more pretty clouds

                On to Monsters, Inc.! I love the film and enjoyed the ride. - probably more than DS did.

                Report a human child immediately to the CDA!

                From here 1/2 of our group decided to give HTH a go while the rest rested. The CM's were great with Guupa and his scooter. We teased him that they strap it in for the ride. Apparently he had fun!

                We're front row left...

                Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl!

                Matthew is going as Dash for Halloween.

                We then split up again. The 4 more adventurous of the group headed to Screamin' while the rest took Matthew to Bug's Life. Apparently they forgot to take pics, but here's us on Screamin' We rode twice in a row since we had everyone's Fastpasses. Worked out great. Just as we were getting off, they announced CA Adventure was closing for the trick-or-treating that night.

                Sunset at CA Adventure

                Uncle Dick gives Matthew a lift by the Golden Gate as the Monorail sails by

                We said goodnight to Guuma and Guupa who headed home, and we headed back to DL. Oh my gosh! Was it crowded! But, we promised Matthew we would ride Buzz one more time. So about an hour later, we did. Cripes! So endeth our magical trip. Matthew came home with 3 more "Cars" cars and the Buzz riding Astro Blasters car. Did I mention he likes cars? Oh, and he wanted a Pirates of the Carribean shirt. That's my boy!

                Thanks Walt!

                P.S. Wanted to thank everyone on this board for their wonderful suggestions. I'm looking forward to convincing my DH that we need AP's for future visits. It's not a bad drive if you know you don't have to get it all in in only 2 days.

                Peace out.


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                  Re: Matthew's First DL Visit 10/11 &amp; 10/12

                  Very nice trip report! Matthew is just as cute as can be, and just seeing the expressions on his face shows how much fun he's having. You have some wonderful family pictures! Looking forward to seeing your DCA report.


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                    Re: Matthew's First DL Visit 10/11 &amp; 10/12

                    Wow lovely pictures there. Glad you guys had fun.


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                      Re: Matthew's First DL Visit 10/11 &amp; 10/12

                      Thank you for the great trip report!


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                        Re: Matthew's First DL Visit 10/11 &amp; 10/12


                        i LOVE the pic of father and son sleeping on the benches inside the blue bayou waiting room.

                        fantastic TR!!!

                        kingdom hearts <3er


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                          Re: Matthew's First DL Visit 10/11 &amp; 10/12

                          Great report, looks like you all got a lot done even though the park was very crowded! Your son is too cute!

                          A little piece of heaven


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                            Re: Matthew's First DL Visit 10/11 &amp; 10/12

                            Great trip report, looks like the whole family had a great time at the resort!


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                              Re: Matthew's First DL Visit 10/11 &amp; 10/12

                              Great report and amazing photos! I'm glad you guys had fun and the little guy got to go. Good man loving Pirates and HM.

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                                Re: Matthew's First DL Visit 10/11 &amp; 10/12

                                Loved your trip report Your son is such a cutie!
                                HEARTS CLUB !!


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                                  Re: Matthew's First DL Visit 10/11 &amp; 10/12

                                  Great trip report and fantastic pictures! Thanks for sharing!


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                                    Re: Matthew's First DL Visit 10/11 &amp; 10/12

                                    OH, NO!! It's a drive-by!!


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                                      Re: Matthew's First DL Visit 10/11 &amp; 10/12

                                      I liked your trip report! Good job! Looks like everyone, especially Matthew, enjoyed themselves!


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                                        Re: Matthew's First DL Visit 10/11 &amp; 10/12

                                        Originally posted by aashee View Post
                                        Nice! I wish I did something like that for my kids' first visits.
                                        I wish I had known about the "My First Visit" button when I took my Matthew there two years ago!

                                        Again; a great trip report, DebiTasha!!


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