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Halloween Treat, 10/12/07 with Pics.


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  • Halloween Treat, 10/12/07 with Pics.

    My girlfriend used her cast discount and we bought tickets to Halloween Treat '07 for October 12th. After spending a day at Disneyland in which I forgot my camera (grrrr) we headed back to the car to change into our costumes. She was a very good-looking pirate while I was intending to be generic renaissance guy, but since everyone mistook me for a pirate, that's what I ended up being.

    Laura, preparing for the upcoming night of piracy.

    Laura wonders why Mickey is dead and floating above us. It's just not right.

    These glowy floaty things were everywhere. They're pretty nifty, actually.

    For our first activity we decided to head over to the Pacific Pirate Wharf.

    My girlfriend is an alien pirate. Nice banner, though.

    I don't think he can see anything with no eyes.

    Who's this handsome devil? Why it's a giant skull! And standing in front of the handsome devil is me.

    She really is a pirate.

    My buddy and I. Yeah. We're hangin' out.

    STABBY!!! Is it just me or a lot of these set pieces left over from the Pirates 3 premiere?

    The fiercest pirate duck ever to sail the Paradise Pier lagoon!

    Stede Bonnet, Edward "Blackbeard" Teach, and Christopher Condent put in an appearance. I'm not sure, but I think this was a game that wasn't operating.

    We had to go out for a minute to get something. She tried to rob the Resort of its giant candy corn. Then she figured out they were made of plastic.

    More to come after we re-enter in a while.
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    Re: Halloween Treat, 10/12/07 with Pics.

    loved the pics and costumes! thanks for the tr


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      Re: Halloween Treat, 10/12/07 with Pics.

      :clap: Yeah!!! Great shots so far!! Just sorry we went on different days. Next year we'll have to plan it better. :lol:

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        Re: Halloween Treat, 10/12/07 with Pics.

        I was there on Friday too, it was fun except the cavalcade didn't perform the show stop because of the rain.


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