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Disneyland Poster Pins: On The Cheap?


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  • Disneyland Poster Pins: On The Cheap?

    Attention Disneyland Pin collectors... do you collect the Attraction Poster Pin series? My own pin collection is almost exclusively "attractions and adventures" and the Poster Pin offerings have been of unique fascination to me.

    As with other Disneyland pins the Poster Pin set has always had the same high-gloss enamel finish and gleaming, mirror-like detail that have characterized all other pins. That is until the "American Journeys/Tomorrowland" pin was released late last year. This specific pin appeared to be nothing more than a miniaturized color-copy of the original Attraction Poster, laminated onto a pin backing. I thought, hopefully, this was a one-off anomaly.

    Yet, on Sunday, February 6th, Disneyland released five additional entries to the Poster Pin series: Country Bear Jamboree, Art Corner/Tomorrowland, Dumbo, Enchanted Tiki Room and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. And, to my shock, except for the Dumbo elephant character in that particular pin, the entire series now appears to be color-copied laminates. The high-gloss enamel finish and precise detailing are gone. It appears, sadly, that craftsmanship has taken a back seat to a cut costs fetish.

    What is odd and irksome is the further embarassment that these Attraction Poster reproductions are just plain BAD! For example, the lettering is fuzzy and blurry---on the Dumbo pin one cannot even make out the Disneyland logo; on the Country Bear pin the attraction motto is fairly unreadable; The Big Thunder Mountain pin is just a jumbled mess.

    I am imploring... does ANYONE have any information about the decline of these Poster Pins? Can we contact someone? What can we ALL do?

    These once glorious pins that celebrated the historic and magnificent artwork of Disneyland's original Attraction Posters must not be left to their present seediness.

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    I agree with the deterioration of the pins, and not merely the poster pins. I feel that most all the pins have lost that "unique" and special quality it onced possesed. I am fairly a newbie at the collection, only started a few years back. But when I began my search for the perfect pin, it was quite the adventure as ach pin cart possessed different pins. But now, it seems that the pins have overpopulated the park. It is no longer a small special trinket. It has now become mass produced large peices of metal with a backing. The size of each pin and content have really dissapointed me. Who said bigger is better. Not so. Sadly, this has squashed my desire to even collect them anymore. If they ever remember the special qualites to these once special pins, I will then continue my pursuit.

    Good luck on yours, Plainsong.
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      Yeah, the new poster pins are quite poor.


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