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RedStep's 10/10-14 Thing! (HalloweenTreat,Remember!,TheKitchenSink)


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  • RedStep's 10/10-14 Thing! (HalloweenTreat,Remember!,TheKitchenSink)

    Another day(s), another last-minute excursion to the park(s). Decided to finally catch the Halloween madness, instead of just experiencing it vicariously. Comments heard included, "this is is busier than New Year's!". I can't account for the accuracy of that comment, but take it as you will.

    Also, this is the first time I got to break out my new Canon 40D, so there was more experimenting done. That thing is a powerful beast, but difficult to tame.

    As always, less report and more pictures, because a picture is worth a thousand words, so it seems more time-economical to just do it that way. Everybody else, take heed of my wisdom.

    I'll post a link to the Flickr album when they're up, which has more pictures and bigger ones too!

    Dateline: Wednesday, October 10, 2007

    This was the least-busy In-N-Out I've ever seen. Here in NorCal, there's usually one line out the door, and one around the parking lot.

    Always remember to take your vitamins! Or, have someone on hand that will force you (as pictured below).

    Probably the pinnacle of the trip, the Hollywood & Highland parking garage.

    This was flashing...

    ...then this showed up outside. I think the two events are related.

    Vista de la El Capitan.

    Dateline: Thursday, October 11, 2007

    Our hotel was right next to the entrance! Too bad it was the wrong entrance...

    The Haunted Mansion was also busier than I've seen it. This picture does not illustrate that, but I like it anyway.

    Holiday Jack picks his nose.

    This pirate poured Rum on us. I seemed to be the only person not bothered by that.

    PC Pirate Pursuit! (He took her stuff, it's justified!)

    The pirate on the left creeps me out. On the right, not as much.

    Cafe Orleans delights and entertains.

    This dog seems very pleased with himself. But, he's dead, so... he couldn't have been that great.

    No joke, this moment was followed by kids crying in surround-sound.

    Somebody needs to invest in a Webster.

    [Insert comment here]

    Zero doesn't share well.

    This guy is in about 6 scenes, and Jack is not. I call shenanigans.

    Jack has a lot of presents, but refuses to share as well.

    Cool snow-pumpkin mountain thing.

    Singing pumpkins are in this season. Busts are out.

    This guy really lost his head! Get it? Wait, that doesn't make sense...

    Oogie, on the other hand, did share his gifts...

    ...but they sucked.

    This pumpkin looked very freaked out to be on the bottom shelf. Maybe he's afraid of getting kicked.

    Non-consensual coitus. In front of children. This is not a family park, if they can't control their employees.

    "Where are my carrots?"

    The closest we'll come to getting the Jamboree back.

    Fantasyland, as it once was.

    "Hey, get out of the way, you're ruining my picture!"

    Halloween Treat!


    Halloween Treat = Rave for kids.

    HTH's nice decor.


    The Orange Stinger is covered in webs as well.

    Pretty Colors!

    What happens when you're not prepared for Mickey running past:

    Not a fan of the half-crouch going on here, but what can you do?

    Mickey's Halloween Parade:

    This dinosaur was trying to break in to somewhere.

    Cowboys (and their horses) do not belong at raves!

    An eerie mist creeps about...


    Very creepy Cabbage-Patch Tink-thing.

    More irony.

    Dateline: Friday, October 12, 2007

    Line leader!

    Obligatory Nemo Shot

    Hands and Arms Inside the Vehicle!

    Good Skip.

    Oh no, Davy Jones!

    Finally got these on film (ish)!

    Monorail Station, pathway to Downtown Disney.

    Not really sure what's going on between Rabbit and Eeyore here...

    Downtown Disney is full of insanity.

    Remember! Dreams Come TURE!

    That's it for Part One: The Journey Begins!

    I'm afraid of an IE crash or something, so I'll post Part Two: The Journey Continues!, in a bit.

    Thanks for looking!
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    Re: RedStep's 10/10-14 Thing! (HalloweenTreat,Remember!,TheKitchenSink)

    WOW your fireworks shots are amazing!

    A little piece of heaven


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      Re: RedStep's 10/10-14 Thing! (HalloweenTreat,Remember!,TheKitchenSink)

      Awesome so far!

      Thanks for posting.


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        Re: RedStep's 10/10-14 Thing! (HalloweenTreat,Remember!,TheKitchenSink)

        Originally posted by RedStep View Post

        This guy is in about 6 scenes, and Jack is not. I call shenanigans.

        Yeah for Scary Teddy, AKA Vampie, pictures! He is a favorite of my kids. Amazing fireworks shots also!


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          Re: RedStep's 10/10-14 Thing! (HalloweenTreat,Remember!,TheKitchenSink)

          I really enjoy the Fireworks pictures - great report and anxiously awaiting the rest.


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            Re: RedStep's 10/10-14 Thing! (HalloweenTreat,Remember!,TheKitchenSink)

            Beautiful shots!!! Thanks for sharing
            HEARTS CLUB !!


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              Re: RedStep's 10/10-14 Thing! (HalloweenTreat,Remember!,TheKitchenSink)

              Wow. Very detailed shots. Wonderful. I loved the RDCT castle shots. Can't wait for more!
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                Re: RedStep's 10/10-14 Thing! (HalloweenTreat,Remember!,TheKitchenSink)

                Part Two: The Journey Continues!

                I had this almost typed out, then I accidentally hit "Home" in IE, and lost it all... oh well, maybe it will rise from the ashes like a Phoenix, stronger, faster, and firey-er than before!

                Dateline: Friday, October 13, 2007 (still)

                While waiting in line for Fantasmic! at about 10:20, it started to rain. Hearts sank, in anticipation of a cancellation announcement. However, they started it early instead! How unusual! See rain below.

                Kaa had no problem with the moisture.

                Mad Monkey(s)!

                Peter contemplates his next move.

                Wendy disapproves.

                Princesses! (and Princes!)

                Mickey expresses fear, in his own smiley way.

                Maleficent Rises.

                And burns things.

                Why are there sprays of water in the fire?

                Mickey vs. Dragon, One Night Only!

                Guess who wins?

                Time for the Victory (ribbon) Dance!

                Mickey explodes, again.

                This guy is scary!

                Lightning strike = Lucky shot.

                Play it again, Scary.

                This is why they taught us not to eat lightbulbs.

                The long walk home (why didn't I drive?).

                Dateline: Saturday, October 13, 2007

                A nice rainy EE morning.

                Followed by a nice Blue Bayou lunch.

                Next Stop: Aladdin. I hadn't seen it in a while (year[s]), so that was fun.

                A First: BugLand! I'd never even looked in there before. Kind of forgot about it...

                Round and Round...

                The ladybugs are powerful!

                The Chew-Chew Train was fun too.

                It kind of looks like the Animal Crackers are burning alive...

                Saturday Night Swing!

                Fantasmic, from the FAR side.

                Next-to-last Call: It's a Small World.

                Another view of the Fantasmale (FANTASMic finALE... see what I did there?):

                The miracles of tea-cupping:

                Last Call: Casey Jr.?

                Exit, Front.


                Last one:

                Going Home: The Essentials

                Okay, that's all I've got (it's not, but I imagine it's exhausting enough at its current length). Thanks everyone for looking, soak it up while you can, because I won't be back at the park(s) for almost a year... I know, I know. But, there are plenty of other reports to read, right?


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                  Re: RedStep's 10/10-14 Thing! (HalloweenTreat,Remember!,TheKitchenSink)

                  gr8 pics!
                  :smart: :music: :vogue: :razz: :wave:


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                    Re: RedStep's 10/10-14 Thing! (HalloweenTreat,Remember!,TheKitchenSink)

                    Great pictures thanks for sharing.


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                      Re: RedStep's 10/10-14 Thing! (HalloweenTreat,Remember!,TheKitchenSink)

                      Wow - perfect shots all the way around! I love the commentary also!


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                        Re: RedStep's 10/10-14 Thing! (HalloweenTreat,Remember!,TheKitchenSink)

                        Your firework shots are amazing! Thanks for sharing.


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                          Re: RedStep's 10/10-14 Thing! (HalloweenTreat,Remember!,TheKitchenSink)

                          You got some beautiful shots of the park. Thanks for sharing.
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                            Re: RedStep's 10/10-14 Thing! (HalloweenTreat,Remember!,TheKitchenSink)

                            Wonderful trip report! Great shot of the mickey firework, you nailed it!



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                              Re: RedStep's 10/10-14 Thing! (HalloweenTreat,Remember!,TheKitchenSink)

                              Beautiful pics. Loved the comments!!


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                                Re: RedStep's 10/10-14 Thing! (HalloweenTreat,Remember!,TheKitchenSink)

                                Wonderful TR. I always love the Fantasmic pics! I've never experienced it in the rain though. Must've rained lightly considering they went on with the show.
                                Home away from Home.


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                                  Re: RedStep's 10/10-14 Thing! (HalloweenTreat,Remember!,TheKitchenSink)

                                  Wow, awesome report and beautiful pics! The fireworks and Fantasmic shots really stand out.


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                                    Re: RedStep's 10/10-14 Thing! (HalloweenTreat,Remember!,TheKitchenSink)

                                    Great photos, thanks for sharing them.
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                                      Re: RedStep's 10/10-14 Thing! (HalloweenTreat,Remember!,TheKitchenSink)

                                      Fantastic shots!! Love the captions, hahaha!!


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                                        Re: RedStep's 10/10-14 Thing! (HalloweenTreat,Remember!,TheKitchenSink)

                                        Originally posted by kennygman77 View Post
                                        Great photos, thanks for sharing them.

                                        Also, on the rain, it was more like... a heavy mist. No big drops, just millions of tiny ones. The kind where you don't really notice it much, and then you check and you're soaking.


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