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Disney's business IS emotion


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  • Disney's business IS emotion

    From the new Wall Street Journal article on DCA's remake:

    >>Jay Rasulo, who inherited California Adventure when he became president of the parks in 2002, says the park has had some success in extending the time visitors spend at the resort as a whole and does have some popular rides. But he concedes: "Guests have told us that when they stand in California Adventure, they don't have an emotional connection to it." Mr. Rasulo declined to comment on the investment Disney is making.<<

    For all the wanna-be MBA-holes out there, who often argue the "rational" reasons for low quality and bottom-line creative expression - - and mock those with an emotional connection to the Disney material - - I have have often asserted that Disney is IN the business of "emotion" and that is what sells to the general public, not just to fans - - and only artists can provide that kind of product in the Walt Disney tradition.

    Here, even Jay Rasulo concides the point, not a minor issue at the Walt Disney Company.

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    Re: Disney's business IS emotion

    It's all good. But at the same time I have to opinion what I've opinioned for years about the Walt Disney Company:

    When times are good they try to distance themselves from "Walt"...believing that their product design and marketing will do the trick. But the minute there is any trouble or bad press...they immediately thaw Walt out and wheel him about to parade before the public. Suddenly it's touted as all about Walt and heritage and tradition. Almost a knee-jerk "Back to Walt" reaction.

    They've done this dozens if not hundreds of times.

    The question is: Do they really believe it this time? Or are they only doing this because their calculators currently tell them this might work better than what they've been doing?

    I admit I'm being a bit of a skeptic. But then again...I've seen this dog-and-pony show before. And later they went right back to their old ways.


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      Re: Disney's business IS emotion

      True. The only difference this time is that I know John Lasseter and the Pixar guys sincerely believe in Walt and the Walt ways - - and perhaps their influence will carry through.

      I hope so!


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