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  • Happiest Haunts Tour

    Last Saturday, I had the great pleasure of going on the Happiest Haunts Tour. I had no idea what it would be like. It turned out to be a hoot.
    We met at the Tower of Terror and were escorted onto the ride. Afterwards we were met be our 'Ghost Host'. We were then given our 'rememberance' which was a glowing lanyard with a key from Ghost Relations on it, which served to mark who was on the tour.
    Our host told us all sorts of tall tales and legends. Many of them about how the 'villians' were misunderstood. We walked through the Parks listening to great stories. We rode on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and then finished the evening with a ride on Haunted Mansion. After which, our ghost host bid us fairwell while floating, ghostlike (you think) in the yard of the Mansion.

    The tour is difficult to truely discribe. I can tell you, however, that I had a blast and our host was fantastic.
    Has anyone else been on the tour? I'd like to hear your experiences.

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    Re: Happiest Haunts Tour

    Hooray! I've been DYING to hear reviews (either way) of the tour. One of the downsides of being a guide for it is that you don't get to really say goodnight to your guests. Glad you had fun!
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      Re: Happiest Haunts Tour

      Of course, the poor host had to deal with me and I was just off of my season of performing improv at Reniassance Faire. He let me play with his stories and I tried not to step on his gig. I was wearing my t shirt from the play 'Wicked' and at a couple of points he told the group to 'follow the wicked woman' while he dealt with our members who were in scooters.
      Again, it was a wonderful evening.


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        Re: Happiest Haunts Tour

        You are the first I've read about concerning the new tour. I've been waiting to hear. Thanks! Glad you had so much fun.
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          Re: Happiest Haunts Tour

          I saw a tour group end one night last week and I saw them Wave "goodbye" to a character outside the haunted mansion.

          Glad you had fun!
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            Re: Happiest Haunts Tour

            I just took the tour myself. I will put the details within a spoiler box in case someone is taking the tour and does not want to read the details about it yet.


            We started at the Tower of Terror with a plaid Disney guide. It was still daylight, unfortunately. This tour REALLY needs to be given in the dark. With the park closing early, and the Halloween Treat party at DCA we had to start in the daylight. (It's too bad they couldn't incorporate that party a bit into this tour with their stories that were told to us.)

            Outside of the TOT ride, our "ghost host" joined us. Our plaid guide gave us the really cool lanyards. They light up 3 different ways. There is a gold key that has "Disney's Happiest Haunts Tour" on one side and "Disney Relations" on the other with a D on it. Our plaid guide said goodbye and our Ghost Host began. We head over to Disneyland. Stopped on Main Street for stories, and then to the castle for more. From there, we walked through Fantasyland and walked up the stairs where the old skyway is. At this point we were excited that maybe we were walking all the way to see it upclose, but we didn't. We then walked behind Big Thunder Mountain where we heard more stories and then on to the ride. Then, we rode POTC. I thought it was strange, but they had us wait in the regular line. It went fast though. Because the boat was full, yes we got wet, but of course fun! From there, we ended up at the Haunted Mansion where we met up with our plaid guide and said goodbye to our ghost host. We rode the ride. Upon exiting, our guide told us goodbye, but wanted us to turn around and say goodbye to our ghost host. She was waving from above the pet cemetary with a light on her and in costume.

            I had high hopes for this tour, but it didn't come through as much as I thought it would. I do think the Guides did a great job. We did not receive a picture from Tower of Terror. I was surprised they did not add it as a gift along with the lanyard. I think, too, it depends on the group. We had a few people bad mouthing every now and then. That's uncomfortable. I guess there is a bunch they can do to improve. Back to the note about it needing to be at night....It just has to be to take it in and enjoy it as it's meant to be.


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