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Does Anybody Know??


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  • Does Anybody Know??

    ok, so this is probably posted somewhere else, if so don't yell at me

    but, does anybody know what time DCA opens sunday morning . . . like for sure?? cuz i've heard everywhere from 1am to 3am . . . i just wanna make sure im on time. . . .

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    Re: Does Anybody Know??

    3 is the time that seems to be firming up from all sources in the last few days.


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      Re: Does Anybody Know??

      According to Al Lutz:

      "Die-hard fans who show up late at night on the 16th will be instructed to park their cars in the Pumba parking lot across Harbor Blvd. from Disneyland and wait there. And then at 3 am, the turnstiles will be opened at DCA and those lining up for Disneyland entry will be herded in to the Hollywood section of that Park and be allowed to wait in line there. From 3 am to just after 6 am early arrivals will be sent in to take their place in line inside DCA. And then sometime around 7 am those folks waiting in line in DCA will be asked to quickly move across the Esplanade and allowed entry in to Disneyland for the day. Once the DCA lineup has been shuttled over to Disneyland, then the regular turnstiles will be opened and everyone else arriving at a more civilized hour will be allowed to enter Disneyland via the normal procedures."

      Per Mouse Planet:

      If you do want to camp out here is the setup:

      1. DCA will open at 2:00 am 7/17 for the purpose of holding guests waiting to get into Disneyland. - valid 7/17 DL admission will be required to enter DCA and ticket booths will be open. When guests queue up they will get their commemorative ears and whatever other gifts will be given out on the 17th. The commemorative ears are not the regular ones currently sold in the park, and they can not be embroidered. Limited refreshments will be available for sale inside DCA - Smoozies, Award Wieners (limited menu), ODV. Restrooms will be open. NO entertainment. It's a line, not a party. When guests enter the park they will receive a wristband. If they leave for whatever reason, they will lose that wristband. If they return, they will have to rejoin the line wherever it currently is at that time.
      2. The Timon lot will be open, with tram service, for those who wish to camp out in DCA the morning of 7/17. The Mickey & Friends parking lot will open at 6:00 a.m.
      3. DCA will stop admitting people around 6 a.m. Guests who arrive after that will queue outside of the security checkpoints at either end of the Esplanade.
      4. Disneyland will open at 7:00 a.m. for an "unpublished opening." The DCA crowd will be escorted into Disneyland at that time. The security checkpints will re-open once the DCA crowd is inside Disneyland, bag check's will resume and people will be allowed to go right into Disneyland. It is estimated that it may take as long as an hour to get all of the DCA crowd into Disneyland, so the 8:00 announced opening time might be accurate for those who do not camp inside DCA.
      5. They probably will not do the softer, staggered closes we're familiar with as attendance increases. There is a maximum capacity number, which has not been disclosed, and the park will close when that number is reached. When the gates close, it will be a hard close - NOBODY gets, regardless of their story.
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