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Haunted Mansion Refurb?


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    Re: Haunted Mansion Refurb?

    I think some people are greatly over guessing the changes made at the Magic Kingdom. The audio changes, especially the movement of the Ghost Host, are incredibly well done. Everything at the Magic Kingdom seems to be the logical extension of all of the upgrades that have been slowly happening at Disneyland. If you can take the changes to the attic, the changes at the Magic Kingdom should be greatly welcomed.

    Originally posted by DisneyIPresume View Post
    Since Pope Benedict declared last year that limbo no longer exists I don't know what it is.
    Reaffirmed. It has never existed in Catholic doctrine. Limbo is different from Purgatory.


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      Re: Haunted Mansion Refurb?

      Originally posted by KrItTeR View Post
      Thanks alot! I love the night time pictures!
      You are welcome, I am glad you enjoyed them.

      Favorite TDL Typo:

      Originally posted by TDLFAN
      I think it will give more pipping pervs the reason needed to go parasailing
      on Bay Lake.


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        Re: Haunted Mansion Refurb?

        Originally posted by Pressler69 View Post
        The Haunted Mansion is fine. Leave it alone.

        I am also a staunch supporter of keeping the separate Disney parks different enough to warrant visiting even if you live in Orlando or Anaheim or whatever. I don't like cloning attractions and that goes for upgrades and makeovers too.
        Friend, here, I agree.
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          Re: Haunted Mansion Refurb?

          Any upgrade to the Haunted Mansion is a good upgrade, so long as it doesn't directly take away from the experience. Too many people gab and act dumb during the spiel these days, so a little extra loud thunder to keep 'em quiet is a great idea in my book.
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            Re: Haunted Mansion Refurb?

            Originally posted by EmeralineDragon View Post
            Then why ask the question, if there's not supposed to be some "mystery" to it?
            you've already seen it before so.. who cares? The ghost host is just kind of taunting you(you should know by then that the room is stretching even as a guest that's never seen it before) and plus,he has to some how say that the room is streching to narrate it while making it sound casual.(by saying it as a question sarcasticly)


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