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Special words for a friend..about to turn 50....


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  • Special words for a friend..about to turn 50....

    Thank You Disneyland!

    I wanted to tell you how wonderful you are,
    how you've inspired me over the years.
    I remember walking through your gates,
    and letting go...of this world...of this reality...

    All my memories...of my youth and my family,
    are one with you...your happiness and your warmth...
    I love you for all that you've given me....

    Thank you Disneyland...I am who I am because of you....
    From a my first my first are my Magic Kingdom...

    Thank you Disneyland.....

    Happy Birthday!!!! You are so special....

    Thank you Walt! You dreamt a fantastic inspired us all...

    :clap: :clap:
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    Re: Special words for a friend..about to turn 50....

    I honestly think that Walt wouldn't be suprized with how many fans of Disneyland there are today. He built it to be special, and I think that Walt might be very humbled at how many sites, and fan communities there are for Disneyland today. Like my Signature says, Walt wanted Disneyland to be 'more than a theme park', and it is. That's what makes it magical, and special, because it was his dream, and his creation.
    -Monorail Man


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